Behavioral therapy has helped my son with autism beyond measure. The biomedical treatments to heal his body and brain so that the therapies can work as they should has helped speed up the learning curve and developmental growth.  As a parent of a child diagnosed with autism, you learn quickly that all the discipline, teaching and interacting with your child is not the same as for your neuro-typical child(ren).  ABA therapy helps parents of children with autism to interact, communicate and create parameters for behavior.

Other therapies that my son have undergone are occupational therapy for fine motor skill development and sensory processing. Adaptive P.E. for his gross motor skills and coordination and speech therapy.  Social skills training is a must for children on the spectrum and can be combined within their other therapies as well as individual classes.

Other non-traditional therapies for the treatment of autism and ADHD are neuro-feedback, hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT),  Auditory Integration Therapy (AIT), vision therapy, cranialsacral therapy and NAET.  We are in the process of a neuro-feedback therapy for our son with ADHD and are seeing tremendous gains with emotional, social and cognitive function.

As soon as we win the lottery, (or save up enough money) we will begin HBOT for our son with autism.

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