Vitamin B12: Our Miracle Supplement

When I was pregnant with my second son, I imagined how easy it will be raising this child. After all, I already had a child, and a boy at that. I’ll be a pro at everything! Changing the diaper quickly without getting sprayed. Save time with two in the bathtub each night.  Hand down the toys and clothes I had saved “just in case” child #2 was a boy. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine he would develop autism. Or, that I’d eventually be sticking that sweet little bum with a syringe filled with methyl-B12 while he innocently slept.  Mom’s are capable of a lot when it comes to the health and well-being of their children. I quickly discovered just how much I am capable of doing for him.

During the beginning stages of our biomedical journey, we discovered from lab tests that my son’s biochemical process that utilizes B12 was deficient.  He desperately needed the methyl donor that methyl-B12 provides to help his body detoxify toxins and chemicals. So, one way to go about providing it is by a shot. We could not give oral B12 supplements, because the body still needs to convert it to the methyl donor via the gut. His gut was not healthy and the biochemical process was “broken”. Giving him methyl-B12 shots in his subcutaneous tissue (on his bum) was the way to go.  Well, my husband would NOT let me practice on him. (I don’t know why?) So that first shot was very nerve-racking. I have a cream that I put on his skin to numb it first, but still had to stick him with a needle! Granted, it’s a syringe that is very small used for insulin injections, but a needle non the less.

Wow! What a payoff I got for the trauma I went through.  My son suffered zero trauma during the shot; he was asleep (and didn’t wake). The next morning after the first B12 shot, my son came downstairs smiling. I was on the couch and he crawled up next to me and wanted to cuddle. He grabbed my face, looked me in the eyes (yes, directly) and said “I love you”.  I know!  Can’t get much better than that, eh? I told my husband, he must be a “responder”.  His reply was “Ah, you think?”.

Vitamin B12 is utilized in almost all our cells in the body and has an important impact on our nervous system, the gastrointestinal system and some biochemical pathways. Dietary sources of it aren’t effective if your gut is not healthy. There are nasal sprays and sublingual tablets, but these are pulsatile in nature.

Dr. Neubrander has done extensive research on the effects of methyl-B12 injections for patients with autism. He has found and states:

“The continuous supply of methyl-B12 that results from the slow leaching effect of subcutaneous injections produces afar greater  response.  The biochemistry implies that there is a transport disorder and/or a metabolic processing disorder that may be overcome if the system is fed in a steady-state and non-pulsatile fashion.”

Laymen terms? The shot in the bum last longer which also is absorbed and utilized at a steady rate than an oral supplement, nasal spray or sublingual tablet.

Methyl-B12 helps kids on the spectrum with executive function, speech and language, socialization and emotion regulation (thus the lovey dovey effect on my son).  Our son’s expressive speech took off and his socialization soared.  He is more cognizant with B12.  My son is a sweet, present and expressive little boy when he has his B12; but suffers with emotion regulation and lack of focus when he doesn’t get it.

In the beginning of our son’s biomedical treatment, I gave him the shot every three days.  I noticed by the third day, the effect was gone and he seemed like he needed more. We just recently started a trial of shots every other day. It’s going really well. He’s staying consistent and we don’t see a drop off in behavior or attention. B12 is a water-soluble vitamin, which means if the levels get too high, it will be washed out in the urine. It’s a safe vitamin to give as needed; and my son needs it every other day. Some kids may only need it once a week or month.

Of all the biomedical treatments we have done for our son, methyl-B12 is da bomb.  The big kahuna.  Our miracle supplement.


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