Methyl-B12 helps kids on the spectrum with executive function, speech and language, socialization and emotion regulation.

Vitamin B12 is utilized in almost all our cells in the body and has an important impact on our nervous system, the gastrointestinal system and some biochemical pathways. Dietary sources of it aren’t effective if your gut is not healthy. There are nasal sprays and sublingual tablets, but these are pulsatile in nature.

Dr. Neubrander has done extensive research on the effective of methyl-B12 injections for patients with autism. He has found and states: “The continuous supply of methyl-B12 that results from the slow leaching effect of subcutaneous injections produces afar greater  response.  The biochemistry implies that there is a transport disorder and/or a metabolic processing disorder that may be overcome if the system is fed in a steady-state and non-pulsatile fashion.”

B12 has the ability to activate the methionine/homocysteine biochemical pathway directly. It is this pathway that is responsible for the body’s entire sulfur-based detoxification system. It is also responsible for the formation of S-adenosylmethionine (SAMe), the universal methyl donor. It is this pathway that is responsible for the formation of homocysteine, the “crossroads” molecule that is responsible either to reform methionine and SAMe or create cysteine, taurine, and glutathione.

Glutathione is the body’s primary intracellular antioxidant and is responsible for many detoxification reactions, most notably those that involve the binding and removal of mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic, nickel, tin, antimony, and many other lesser-known heavy metals that also bind to glutathione’s sulfur group.

So if this biochemical pathway is dysfunctional, detoxification becomes impaired. Toxins build up and wreak havoc on the neurological functioning of children.

Methyl-B12 is not toxic. Your body will eliminate excess through the urine. (which will be light pink in color). According to Dr. Neubrander, it is safe to administer to children as young as 6 mos. all the way up to 18 yrs of age.

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  1. Hi,
    I really enjoy your blog and we use some of the biomedical approaches you talk about (cocokefir, vit D, multivitamin, etc). I am very interested in the b12 information, do we need a rx for it? Would it work to start with an over the counter b12 or is that a waste of time and money?

    • Yes, you do need a rx for the B12 shots or nasal spray. You can try sub-lingual tablets for now, that does work somewhat, but nothing like the shots. I’d avoid a b12 supplement that is to be swallowed since the body has to have a healthy gut first of all, and then convert it to the methyl donor it needs to be utilized.

  2. Im visiting the states and finding it hard to find a methyl b12 shot when asked to provide one. Do you know a good source? Thanks! 🙂

  3. I have a 9 year old son diagnosed with ADHD, OCD, Trichotillomania(hair pulling). It is overwhelming searching the web for info. there is so much out there and all so different and the spectrum seems to be a million miles long!!! but new hope with new (to us) specialist, natural suppliments, and methyl B-12

  4. Hi Joanne,

    I am sorry to bother you again, I am piling up questions all over your blog!

    I picked up a repeat prescription of MB12/Folinic Acid injections today (this is our 2nd month) and when I got home I see that the dosage has changed despite me ordering a repeat of RX no blah. So I called & left a message for them to confirm with me.

    Not being content to wait until tomorrow morning I got on the Internet & typed in the dosage to see if anyone else had had the same prob. They had but that isn’t what sparked my interest. What I was interested in was that we were given 12.5 mg/ml methyl-B12 but what I read is that a 25 mg/ml methyl B12 is better. I then checked Dr Neubranders site and the pharmacy I got it from was on his list of recommended places. So I am confused. Should I be looking for a place that does a 25 mg/ml or just be ok with what we’re getting?

    The science involved with this topic on surface areas & absorption is overwhelming (since I’m not a science A grader).

    If you have any ideas please let me know…

    All the best


  5. Hi-
    Randomly found your blog as I was searching. I’m so happy for your little one !!
    I am wondering what numbing cream you give for the b12 shots and if it prescription . I tried the shots but my little guy throws a tantrum and runs like crazy when he thinks he’s getting the shot . So I’m looking for other ways to administer it – maybe his sleep ? My DAN gave me a neuromythalation cream . Not so sure about it . Has anyone tried that ?

  6. my son is on b12 (since march 2012) and i read that the b12 shots can cause the levels of cobalt to rise in the body especially if given more frequent than every 3rd day, my son is every other day. have you any info on this? i found the study online by typing in cobalt levels high with mb12 use.

    • I have not heard of this…I will research it though. I give my son shots twice a week now. We went off it for a while after reducing frequency, but he really needed it and started again. Try taking a break and see how he does. That worked for us, we now know he’s better off with the shots 2x/wk.

  7. Hi
    My 7 year old has been on the b12 shots for about four weeks… We have noticed very positive results, but also noticed he started touching the area around his mouth/nose frequently…. This has increased to him moving around his lips (kind of like when someone is trying to sneeze but can’t)…. This is happening a lot, specially in the last week… Do you think it is just another form of oral stimming?

    • Dr.Neubrander states that side affects of methyl-B12 results in mouthing objects, and playing with the mouth, lips, and tongue is common. This is always a side effect indicating that the peripheral nerves are being activated and this side effect represents a “positive negative”. It is a sign that methyl-B12 therapy is working. It always resolves within 4 to 6 months though it can occasionally be severe in the meantime.

      It’s a good thing!

  8. Hi
    How do I check if my son has low levels of B12. Can I just get a blood test?

  9. I have my son age about nine year old diagnosed by Autism with ADHD looking for methyl B12 treatment

  10. I have had a blood test for vitamin B12 levels and they are within the norm. Is this the correct test and does this mean for sure that M-B12 treatment is not required. Is vitamin B12 the same as M-B12?

    • The lab we did for our son that showed how his body utilizes b12 and his detoxification pathways was the NutrEval by Genova Diagnostics. The m-b12 is something you need for detoxification function as well as other enzyme functions. It’s fairly technical but to sum it up, the methylation pathway that utilizes m-b12 to produce glutathione (our body’s main detoxification for blood cells) was dysfunctional and he needed the shots of m-b12 shots to bypass that pathway. Empirical trials of m-b12 shots are the best indicator if you don’t do that lab. If you respond to them, then you will obviously benefit from the supplement. B-12 generally comes in two forms in supplements, Cyanocobalamin or Methylcobalamin (m-b12). Methylcobalamin is the form found in food and has much higher bio-availability than the form most widely available in supplements, cyanocobalamin. Methylcobalamin is actually able to replenish the ‘methyl’ portion that is missing in methylation, while the other forms of vitamin b12 require a methyl donor in order to be converted into a biologically active form in the blood. So no, vitamin b12 is not the same as m-b12.

    • Here is a quote from Dr. Neubrander on b12 levels in blood and why mb12 is still needed.
      “Currently there is no test that can accurately predict clinically which children will and which children will not respond to Methyl-B12 shots. Curiously, 85% of children who respond to Methyl-B12 therapy are shown to have high-normal or high levels of Methyl-B12 in their blood. The explanation for this is thought to be due to the fact that B12’s oxidative state cannot be “recycled” once it delivers its initial methyl group to homocysteine. Therefore it just “sits there, all dressed up but no place to go,” unable to change from its “now used up” oxidative methyl-less state into its “recycled” oxidative state that is now able to re-capture a new methyl group to spin the pinwheel again. Only Methyl-B12 that gets into the cell does work. The B12 that is sitting outside the cell as described above is functionless but shows up on blood tests falsely indicating that the child has too much B12 and should therefore not be treated. This scenario is analogous to blood sugar being high in the blood but low in the cells where it is needed!”

  11. Hi , can I give my son sam-e and gaba….he has adhd…thanks

    • I’m not a doctor and can’t tell you what to give your son. Research both supplements and the possible reactions that an occur. Always go low and slow. (Start w/low doses and ramp up slowly over days/weeks).

  12. Hi , I am giving MB12 sublingual drops to my 5 year old son who has been put on a specific carbohydrate diet since 3 april . I noticed some good changes in his understanding and sleep . I was advised to give him MB12 shots but I am not able to get them since I am from Tunisia . Can anyone help me to obtain the shots .
    Thanks for all .

    • Dr Kurt Woeller does skpe and phone consultations. I got prescriptions for my son through him. And there’s always Dr Neubrander.

  13. can you advise me who l can seebin Melbourne regarding B12 for my 2 autistic daughters

  14. Hi – What markers on the Nutreval test show that MB12 shots would benefit. I know you can see the MB12 levels but what other markers are you looking at? Glutathinone levels? anything else? Thank you so much for posting all this information. Very helpful.

    • Sorry for the delay in replying. My son had high FiGlu, methlhistadine, cystathione and low in methionine which meant he needed folic acid and B12.

      • Gave my 16 year old son with autism mb12 (1,000mcg) supplement this morning. Immediately he said it made his throat feel funny then as the day progressed his eye twitching tic that I haven’t seen in months grew super intense. Could the mb12 tablet have caused this? He also began a 50 billion probiotic two weeks ago; trying to decrease possible yeast overgrowth. Any insight would be super helpful!- jen

      • Methyl B12 will ramp up his detoxification pathway and he may be having trouble detoxifying. He needs plenty of water to flush it out and see if he’s open to epsom salt baths nightly to help his support detox. ALso, see if there are other ingredients in the tablet that he could be reacting to.

  15. Is it really helps a mild degree of autism?!!!!!!!!

  16. You have a great blog. Regarding Methyl-B12 in autism, Dr. Robert Hendren recently confirmed that it is efficacious in a double blind trial. His research is available here: He is a terrific researcher and a generous person. I had the privilege of interviewing him about his Methyl-B12 trial here:

  17. Hi,
    I got the Methyl B12 in liquid form and I give my boy 4 drops every day as suggested from the place i got them. He will be 11 in a couple weeks.
    Is this enough or should I get the shots for him too/instead?

  18. Hello, how long does one need to get the B12 shots for ADHD acts and symptoms to go away? Does this mean that anyone with ADHD have a Vitamin defincancy and will help ADHD kids?

    • You can get lab tests or genetic testing done to determine if B12 shots are needed. We had our DNA test done through 23 and Me and then had separate websites interpret the data for health purposes. We saw immediate results with my child with autism, but his labs and DNA results indicate it needed due to MTHFR gene disruption.

      • I know this post is from a long time, but is ok the like flu congestion reaction with B12 shots, just started 2 wekk ago and my poor 4 yo is feeling awful😥

      • Sorry for late reply. Could be his body was detoxifying, which B12 will assist in the detoxification process. Detox symptoms can mimic flu symtoms. Hope he did well with shots.

  19. If you cannot receive the shots because of your circumstances, we found a methyl B12 oil developed by a PHD Research Doctor I believe he is located in New Zealand or Australia. He developed it for cancer patients. You can email him and he will respond to questions. Some patients over at Phoenix Rising purchase these B12 oils that will absorb through the skin. Our daughter was showing pretty bad ADHD symptoms so we have been on quite the journey for healing for a long time. Her symptoms are quite reduced now. She takes a supplement called Cere Vive that seemed to help her. We also have done a lot of neurofeed back therapy which helped. She had high beta waves, low alpha and high theta ratios. We raised her alpha and lowered beta. BTW high beta makes for good athletic response (quick) so no wonder she is such a good athlete. Neurofeed back did not take away her athletic gifts but helped her with focus.

  20. Hello
    Just discovered your blog. I have a 4 year old son with ADHD. I am worried about his speech and cognitive development which he is still struggling to achieve. Could B12 be of help? If yes,what’s the best option? Is it injection or sublingual? How long is he supposed to be on it. Are they other supplements that could be of help?
    Thank you

    • We found the methyl B12 injections to be the most effective for my son’s recovery. His speech soars and he is much more aware, focused. We learned how to give him subcutaneous shots in his sleep from Dr. Neubrander’s method. Here is a link on it and click on link for his Autism One presentation to learn how.

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