GABA (gamma-Aminobutyric acid) is an amino acid that acts as the main inhibitory neurotransmitter in our brain. It also keeps all the other neurotransmitters in check. Excitement in our brain needs a balance with inhibition. An unstable balance, or too much excitation will lead to restlessness, insomnia and irritability. GABA will balance this out, naturally. It is also involved with the production of endorphins in our brain, which provide us with that feeling of “all is good”, or what is often referred to as the “runner’s high”. GABA will reduce stress, relieve anxiety and increase alertness.

A deficiency of GABA in people with autism can contribute to the poor inhibition that allows their brain to become over stimulated, which results in their living in a constant state of anxiety. People with a GABA deficiency may experience:

  • anxiety/nervousness/jumpy or on edge
  • headaches
  • irritability
  • heart palpitations
  • seizures
  • hypertension

Factors that may reduce GABA levels:

  • B1, B6, zinc, manganese and iron deficiency
  • Chronic stress
  • Chronic pain
  • Mercury or lead exposure
  • Inadequate sleep
Gaba will help:
  • Impulsivity
  • Hyperactivity
  • Anxiety/restlessness
  • Depression
  • Stress

This can be helped with the GABA supplement.  Whenever you introduce a new supplement, always take it slow and go low on dose. We started with a 250 mg capsule (they can be opened up and mixed in drink/food) and worked our way up over several weeks until we found the dose needed for our children. My son with autism uses between 1,000-1,250 mg/day.  The affects wear off, so we dose throughout the day. I end the day with 500 mg at bedtime to induce relaxation for sleep.

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  1. Is there a concern with giving GABA during the day and it making children sleepy? I don’t want it to affect my son at school. Thank you!

    • GABA and it’s tolerance level is subject to each person’s need for it. You should start out with a low dose and over the course of a week, increase it until you do see a sleepy affect and then back off to the previous dose.

  2. Thank you so much for the info. Our son is mild ADHD with Anxiety. The thing I’m trying to conquer is his sleeping habits which I know are hindering him at school some days. He has never been able to sleep soundly. He tosses, he talks, he cries for several hours until finally he falls into a good sleep. He is 7 1/2 and goes to bed around 8 and doesn’t get into a good sleep until 2 am sometimes. 6 am is when we have to get him up and moving. We have used Melatonin in the past with success and I can continue that but if I start the GABA maybe that will take care of this problem and I won’t have to use the Melatonin at all. Have you experienced anything like this with your ADHD son and do you think the GABA might be worth a shot? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    • Yes, the GABA is worth a try. I also give my son magnesium 100 mg too. Give the GABA and magnesium an hour before bedtime if possible, so it can start working at bedtime. I purchase GABA in 250 mg capsules so I can increase the dose when needed. My son takes 750 mg before bed, but he sometimes needs more. (He’s 12 and weighs 95 lbs) Have you tried giving him Epsom Salt baths? That relaxes (due to magnesium sulfate) before bed and you can add a touch of lavender oil. You also might want to check into any food allergies he may have. Perhaps he has an imbalance in his gut flora and has bad bacteria. When my son’s bacteria gets out of control, his anxiety increases, sleep is disturbed. Read more of my blog on gut, phenols, Epsom salts, etc. Another thing you might want to check is if he sleep is disturbed by enlarged tonsils/adenoids. Does he breathe through his mouth at night? Snore, paused breathing for anytime? That was both of my son’t problems, due to heredity and had to have surgery to remove them. Just a thought, but I’d suspect a food intolerance/allergy. Milk was my ADHD son’s that caused him to have night terrors and disturbed sleep. Once I took him completely off it for a year, and healed his gut, he no longer reacted to it and can have dairy products now. Best wishes on helping your son!

    • Try valarian from nature sunshine it’s time released
      I can get it for u if intrested

    • well, Mr. Robin i have experienced the same issue with my daughter when see was two years old. our psychiatrist also advice to give melatonin but i never used it. and i found the reason and take action on it without psychiatrist medicament. the reason for this according to my child severe autism see below

      her brain is always in rush. how can she sleeps then. melatonin is a hormone that help to stimulate sleeping, how about we stop that brain rush instead of drugs, i think you agree.

      this is the point with my child and think your child has the same issue.

      our brains should be always at neutral stage always no laugh or cry unless no reason. those changes happens with neurotransmitters activities according to the situations that we face.l

      there is a neurotransmitter called endorphin produce in our own body
      that can be digested by our own enzyme easierly.

      some foods has exophin that bind to same exophin receptor in the brain and unable to digest by enzyme and stay there few days to week. so mood doesn’t come normal back and that is addicted. that is the case.

      if you want more details contact me +94 766293040 (sri lanka)

  3. He is getting 125 mg of Magnesium and we are taking that during the day, I can swap it to a night time dose with the GABA like you said. I have not tried the Epson Salt Bath but I will now! He had Adenoids removed at 5 1/2 years old. He is breathing through his nose at night now. He does’t like much dairy. He refuses to drink milk at home, unless they make him at lunch in school that is all he has. He does like Yogurt and Ice Cream. We started the Enzymedica Digest Spectrum with the Xylanse 20,000 XU in it to help.

  4. HI guys!

    my son is almost 8 starting 3rd grade (second week) and has all the classic signs of adhd (minus anxiety, anger and depression). His teacher has already come to me to talk about how disruptive he is in class, so i am on a quest to find something natural to give him to get him through school hours. i am not interested in adderall, Ritalin or anything other pharmaceutical adhd drug. In the past years the teachers, school psychologist and principle have tried pushing drugs on me (starting at 5), but to be honest, i just dont think hes that severe to give him a drug full of risks to get him to sit in a desk for 6 hours. he sleeps fine through the night with the occasional talking in his sleep and hes a happy go lucky kid who is extremely inventive, adventurous and carefree. “class clown”.
    I went to open house today, and the teacher has him sitting on the floor in the front of the class.. no desk for him (sad face) because there are 3 kids to a table and he talks to much to sit with them. this was upsetting to me. I offered to bring in a single desk so hes atleast in a desk and up off the floor.. we have to wait if the principle accepts my offer. (stupid).
    i tried 250 mgs of gaba this afternoon (6-ish) (our first try) and i notice nothing! i asked him if he feels any different and he said “no”. hes just as energetic as usual.

    so tomorrow i will try 500 mgs before school.
    wondering if i should also supplement zinc, magnesium, calcium, fish oil, b12 or just a childs multi vitamin?

    anyone who stumbles across this please share your experience, even if you dont have a question. I have been searching throughout the day online for posts from other parents in my situation and havent come across much. Its nice to share experiences so we can read what worked and what didnt.. someone also suggested “passion flower” and “holy basil”?? any coments on that?

    what coctail works for you?

    • Wow, I don’t know where you are located, if you’re in the U.S. but your child has rights and you should get him on a 504 plan. This link will tell you all about this civil rights law if you are not familiar with it:

      Your child should not have to sit on the floor, that is appalling! I’m not sure how much of my site you have read, but if you look on the right side under categories, and click on ADHD, all the blogs I’ve written that address it, will be listed. Yes, increase his GABA, and try magnesium. I just wrote a blog about that yesterday. B12 and EFA’s (Omega 3s) will benefit him greatly too.Children multis usually don’t have enough of the vitamins he may need, like all the B vitamins. But start with your list. Have you already cleaned up his diet? Eliminated artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, msg, HFCS, nitrites/sulfites? That’s a huge step if you haven’t, and will definitely show signs of calm and less hyperactivity.

      Best wishes for success this school year and let me know if you have any other questions once you’ve perused my site. 🙂

      • I have just found your sight and I have soooo many questions. My daughter, who is ADHD with anxiety, ocd has had many test and has seen many types of drs. We have tried diet, meds and counseling. I am very interested in the supplements that you have talked about. We have even seen a nero-ciropractor that used light thearpy with her. I am not happy having her on focalin but she gets into trouble in school and this sends her over the edge. Now that she is older I find that some of her good friends are staying away from her. This is my biggest fear. I know she can be over the top but she tries so hard to make all of her friends happy, to a fault. Do you have any ideas, where i can get the supplements that are good quality, I try to use organic foods or those with low sugar, yeast and dairy.

      • I get my supplements from Kirkman Labs ( and from I would try GABA, magnesium for calming your daughter’s anxiety and OCD. I like Kirkman’s GABA because it’s 250 mg. and you can go low and slow to determine the right dose for her. Most health food stores sell GABA starting at 500 mg. If you haven’t already, click on ADHD on the right side of my blog and it will list all the posts I’ve written that apply to the disorder. Keep up the good work in helping your daughter!

    • For the next couple of months we will have my twelve year old grandson, and I am homeschooling him. I found a product put out by Buried Treasure, Name Added Attention got it in Provo, Utah at Good Earth,( I live in Southern Utah) I found this a childs DHA, and Gaba Calm to work. I am gave him Tart red cherry suppliment tonight before bed is to aide in sleeping., (will see if it works.) All of these products seem to work well.

    • Hi, try calm and focus, from Bioray, they work with natural hebs, my daughter was more quiet after this. And don’t let those teacher to treat him like that😓
      Good look

    • I have a similar experience with my 6 (almost 7) yr old. He still sits at his desk, your child should not be sitting on the floor.. That school should be repermanded for that…My son definitley has all of the classic signs of ADHD hyperactivity (no aggression no anger). Poor guy loves to talk, be class clown, mingle and run run run and play….He’s at a private academy that is also vegan and the teacher is pushing me to have him medicated, (not interested in pharm for my kid). After some research, I found Buried Treasure added attention. My son takes 1 tablespoon per day and a low dose of melatonin at bedtime. He is still energetic, but with much more control, focus and can be reasoned with. Research also says that lean meat is very important among other strict dietary needs so I send his lunch everyday. He gets absolutely no sugar, we watch heavily colored drinks (dyes) even medicines, and we stay low with carb intake (insulin increases, energy producing). We also do alot of activities that require high impact cardio like jogging, basketball etc. On a daily bases. It has helped my family tremendously and I hope it will help yours.
      NC, US

    • hey Julie your boy sounds like mine how has the GABA gone???

  5. Hi – I read your posts and wanted to provide some feedback as well if still searching. GABA’s good for my daughter – helps her calm and get more focused, but she can’t tolerate B12 – makes her crazy hyper. Also, you may want to try one thing at a time to see how your child reacts so if you get a negative (or positive) response – you know better what’s causing it. Also calming for hyperactivity and anxiety is Valerian Root. I give my daughter Valerian in a liquid form and it helps take the edge off when we need something extra – naturally. Hope this is helpful.

    • Hello

      I give my son Valerian and lavender and he sleeps like a dream, i also diffuse lavender, valerian, rutavala and peace and calming in the room,which keeps him pretty tranquil. I use only YL therauptic oils. My son has problems with the B3 although he has more eye contact and is more ‘present’ it also makes him run to the toilet, I found giving it with 1 drop of Roman chamomile stops this. I can’t stress enough that getting the right oils are important, as most contain chemicals. Hope this helps!

    • Kat
      Does ur daughter take meds as well? I have some questions for you.

      • Hi Christi – Sorry for the delay – Don’t spend much time on my personal computer. My aughter is on several meds – the majority of which are natural supplements & herbs. Personally, I try to stay away from pharma. I change up supplements as needed. I use GABA, chamomile and valerian root for calming and to help with sleep. I use melatonin every night with Zinc (20 to 40 mgs), grapeseed extract (a scavenger that helps “mop up” free radicals / oxidative stress). If cholesterol is low – well under 150 – I supplement with cholesterol. Unfortunately, my daughter is a non-sleeper (0 to 4 hours a night without help). I give her Clonidin – a pharma, to try to get her & keep her asleep

  6. Hi Lisa, I also wanted to make a couple of other suggestions or comments. I’d recommend checking into a couple of things regarding anxiety and OCD – first, if you haven’t done so already, have her blood tested and/or do a stool analysis for Strep which can cause a spike in OCD and anxiety – look up PANDAS – a condition caused be strep. Also look up Pyroluria and its symptoms – by supplementing with B6 and Zinc, this condition can be corrected. And last, if she’s never been tested for food sensitivities, I would highly recommend it. Food allergies, even mild ones, can have a huge affect on my daughter – more than anything. Also try probiotics and Omegas – they might help too.

  7. Today I got GABA for my son at the health food store and I got

    Gaba 500 mg- didn’t give it to him yet because the capsules are so big and need to know how to give it?

    Calm Child (planetary herbals, supports calm focused attention 432 mg says it has magnesium chelate. (Have you heard of this one before?)

    Pro biotic supplement (kyo-dophilus) one per day


    Just making sure i’m giving him the right stuff.

    • I don’t know how much your son weighs or his age. What symptoms are you treating? But for starting out GABA, I’d prefer the 250 mg dose that Kirkman Labs sells. That way you can up the dose as tolerated. He may be fine with 500 mg, but if you get a sleepy or negative reaction, then it’s too much at one dose. Plus the 250 mg capsules are much smaller. I’d give GABA with food in the morning and once again at night…or in afternoon if needed. Magnesium chelate is just one form of magnesium that is more absorable. Take with food to offset any loose bowel effects.
      I haven’t used kyo-dophilus probiotic before so I couldn’t advise on that one…what are you doing for b12?

  8. He is 8 years old and weight is around 100 pounds or so. I’m sorry I forgot to say that he has Autism. He is on medication but there not working very well like they should be I plan to get them changed over summer time to something different we are just trying to go out with a strong finish. Now that others have had success with supplements I thought I would try that. He has trouble with staying focused, concentration and anxiety. For some reason lately he has been aggressive but i’m not sure if that is a chemical change or not. I’m trying to clam him down, anxiety, and aggression. I saw that before about the GABA he drank it with juice I just opened up the capsule and gave it to him in the juice. He had eaten yogurt be for that if that is alright. What would be a negative reaction? Thanks for letting know about feeding him before hand.

    B12 is 2500 mg.

    • Not sure where you live, but springtime allergies are wreaking havoc here…yeast could also cause aggression and anxiety, lack of focus. Negative reaction may be extreme anxiety attack or he gets so calm he gets sleepy. GABA can be dosed upwards until it causes sleepiness, then you back down one dose. Another thing to consider is the type of medication your son is on. GABA attaches to the same receptors in the brain as some anti-anxiety meds…best to check with your prescribing doctor on that one.

  9. We went to the doctor today and she said it was just fine. I gave her the same list I gave you and she said all of her family takes vitamins and supplements. So far it has seemed fine, we live in Southern Oklahoma so the pollen and rag weed are bad here.

  10. Hi Everyone, this is a great site!
    I am not having much luck with the GABA my child has OCD and this is not helping I have 750g tablet that I give a little less than half to in the morning and in the afternoon, but it has not changed, any suggestions?

    • Hmmmm, which brand did you get? I use capsules that you can open into drinks if your child doesn’t swallow pills. IF they are tablets, they may have fillers in them that make them less potent/absorbable. I use Kirkman’s 250 mg capsules or you can get NOW Gaba 500 mg capsules at health food stores. He may require 500mg dose at a time. How old and how much does he weigh?

      Also, GABA may not be all he needs. Magnesium, taurine are also neuro-calming. His gut may have a build up of the bad bacteria…that can cause OCD symptoms, so can PANDAS.

  11. I have a 5 1/2 year old who weighs about 50 pounds. We have not been to a doctor for problems, as we are anti-doctor and pro-homeopathic. After lots of research I believe that he has ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder). Everything he is told no to, he flips out. Today he was told to come inside after going out of his boundaries – he punched the dishwasher, tried to knock over our 52 inch TV, picked up our craft table to the top of his head and tried to throw it, and was thrashing around screaming. This is a daily occurrence.

    I know this isn’t Autism or ADHD, but it seems like this is an anger/anxiety issue, and I’m hoping you may have some advice. After reading this I want to try some GABA, not only for him, but also for myself and my husband, as we both have anxiety and issues sleeping.

    Thank you for any advice you can give me! And I do plan to read up on your site tomorrow!

    • Magnesium and GABA together is very neuro-calming and helps with anxiety. You can try the Kirkman 250 mg. capsules…they can be broken open and mixed in juice if he can’t swallow pills. Also, try giving him a probiotic…bad bacteria can cause the ODD issues too and most kids need to have their gut flora balanced out due to diets. But these symptoms are pretty severe for age 5.5 yrs and you may want to consider a homeopathic doctor to treat him if you won’t see a regular MD.

  12. I forgot to mention also that we have had him off gluten for approx 2 months give or take a little. I plan to have him off of dairy once he’s used to being off the gluten. Him and both of his brothers (twin & 12 y.o.) are allergic to multiple foods, and most pollens, grasses, etc.

  13. Hi
    Im so interested to start GABA on my ADHD son. He is on DMG, MB-12 (oral), Super Nu Thera, & many more.

    May i know if GABA would work on him to reduce his hyperactivity & behaviors?

    Any recommendation which GABA brand and should it be with Inositol?

    Thank you, thank you, thank you….

    • Hi. SNT has the important B vitamins that GABA needs to interact with, so just adding it in should be fine. Kirkman Labs has a 250 mg capsule that I like because you can start out with lower dose. It should help his hyperactivity. Be aware that high amounts of B6 can contribute to hyperactivity, even though the magnesium should help it…but after my son started doing better with biomedical intervention, he didn’t need the high amounts of B6…just a B complex vitamin in addition to his multi. GABA is a great supplement for anxiety and hyperactivity.

      • So, you are saying GABA without Inositol is enough to settle down anxiety & hyperactivity. My son is taking SNT 3 caps a day, 1 cap after a meal. Each cap has 25mg of B6. Is it ok?

      • If the SNT you’re giving him is the one without Inositol then adding that in shouldn’t be a problem…but I don’t know why you feel he needs it. He’s getting all the important B vitamins in SNT that GABA truly needs as a co-factor. Perhaps your son is experiencing hyperactivity from 75 mg of b6, even though the magnesium does counteract it’s hyperactivity affects. My son didn’t need that high of a dose after a while. Perhaps trying GABA and reducing SNT to twice a day. SHouldn’t really have that much b6 before bedtime either, can disrupt sleep.

  14. I have a son with adhd and odd and he just started taking vyvanse which is much needed. I was wondering If i can also give him gaba and the rest of the supplements to help with what the vyvanse is not helping with. Does anyone else on here give kids the gaba plus medication they need?

  15. My twins have mild Aspergers and ADD. We have started GABA and have heard that Glutamine can be it okay to give with GABA and magnesium?

    Also, both my kids hate taking msupplements. Aspergers makes you extremely sensitive to smells and tastes. I have tried yogurt, but the magnesium is really strong. Do you have any suggestions?


  16. Hi. Wondering about everyone’s thoughts on this …

    My six year old is bright (93% on IQ testing), loving, caring, and creative – very visual.
    But he loathes school – he will kick, scream, and even run away! He is very fidgety in school, won’t sit, bored with his Grade 1 work, and quite often will just resist doing any schoolwork at all.
    But he is super super bright.
    The school insists he needs a diagnosis and medication, but when he’s with me, he is a lovely normal 6 year old. He has undergone a variety of tests but nothing ‘conclusive’.
    Since Christmas, I have tried giving him high protein breakfasts and high protein snacks, as well as extra supplements of Magnesium, B3, iron and zinc, and omega 3.
    My problems are
    1) how high should I be dosing him on each of these for the best impact
    2) what is the best source to get all of these into him at high dose levels – as he will only take liquids (disgiused in drinks) or gummy vitamins
    3) am I missing anything else that could be key?
    I have read a bit about GABA – and also – pumpkin seed powder

    If you have any advice?…
    (Also, for the first two weeks afer Christmas, his behaviour was 95% improved – but it has dropped down now to about 50% improvement)

    • Here’s a post about getting your child to take supplements:
      GABA and magnesium are neuro-calming and can help hyperactivity. How’s his gut? Any issues with digestion, diarrhea, constipation? Have you cleaned up his diet of all artificial ingredients, eating whole, freshly prepared foods, eliminated processed foods? Food allergy testing done? Can you work with his teacher to create a reward/behavior chart that gives him a goal to work towards in school if he does what is expected of him? I’m wondering why he’s only acting out at school, not a home? Doesn’t sound like he can’t control himself in environments he’s comfortable in.

    • It sounds to me like homeschooling would be a good option for him. You can HS him for the basics, then add a couple of classes per week of his fav subject, like Science, Art, Baseball, martial arts, etc. I bet this will make him happy. There is a plethora of resources out there for homeschooling, along with communities you can hook up with. It sounds like hes bored and/or senses the lack of freedom, imagination, and individuality that most schools stifle in kids. hesprobably smart enough not to want to go down that ranbit hole. you may even find an alternative school that lets kids be kids andis high in these important areas. Good luck!

    • Very high intelligence is a problem in itself. My son used to complain: “They only teach me one letter of the alphabet a day!” Yours may be what they call “twice-different” (at least). The fact that he is fine at home suggests he may have problems with noise and movement in the class (auditory processing perhaps, that is, the brain may not be good at screening out competing noises). His brain may find it hard to screen out distractions. He may have anxiety problems in class. Definitely get as many tests as possible, including basic blood work – watch for low serum ferritin as well as the other probs. mentioned here. Your son probably needs HIGHLY DIFFERENTIATED work to meet his intelligence, and ONE to ONE teaching in a quiet room. You might be looking at home schooling, perhaps in some subjects developing a network of other home schooled children to share the expense/expertise.
      Modern teaching methods create noisy classrooms (group work) and lots of change (teach with pace). This is all required by the state, but it makes learning much harder for our ASD children.
      I say this looking back with bitter hindsight.

  17. Awesome stuff. I believe GABA also plays a role in the Krebs cycle.

  18. Hello, My son is 3 1/2 and weighs 42 lbs. I bought some GABA from the advice from a friend, but I am not sure how much to give him. He takes melatonin at night to help him sleep, but other than that, is not on any other supplements other than a multivitamin. Any advice is appreciated.

    • I always go low (dose) and slow (increase dose slowly over weeks). For that young, I’d start with 100-150 mg/1x/day dose and increase it slowly to 250 mg./2x/day at most. But GABA responders vary and the dose will vary too. Try magnesium 50-100 mg/day with the GABA. I am not a doctor so please remember my advice is SUGGESTION only.

  19. Hi, my 11 yr old son has adhd and anxiety. I have finally given up on traditional medicine and he is now seeing a holisitic dr. The lastest dose of supplments she has him on is 1 capsule of OPC Synergy and 2 tablets of Cataplex B (both with breakfast),

    Another homepoathic dr. had told me about 2 alternatives: Gaba and Prevagen. I have not tried either, but after reading all of the above I would like to start him on the Gaba. Should he also take magnesium?Should I stop everything else?

    Any thoughts on Prevagen would be helpful. Thank you for all of this great information!.

    • I’m not familiar with the supplements you listed, sorry. I do know that Magnesium with the Gaba is very beneficial in nerve calming properties. I’d research more on those supplements he’s taking or ask the holistic doctor.

  20. Hi, I have a 12 year old mildly autistic son. He is very disruptive, intrusive and obsessive. Cannot stand if some one ignores him for his bad behaviour . He stalks that person until they give up. This is like the biggest behaviour issue he is dealing with. Do you think GABA will help. He takes omega 3, taurine, homeopathy and probiotic. Thanks .

    • It could help him. Im a big fan of empirical trials of supplements. Have you gotten behavioral services for him to help him and you with this issue?

      • Thanks for your response. Will get him started on GABA+Magnesium. By behavioural services, do you mean like ABA, or is there any other autism related services that you can suggest. I have been hearing ABA might not work for older kids . ..Thanks

      • Yes, ABA. But my son aged out of services so he is in a social skills group. You should still look into whatever services your Regional Ctr (if in US) offers.

  21. Hi, we’re trying gaba with our 1 year old. He has had major reflux, colic and never slept well. Also has low muscle tone. We’ve been doing the no dairy, soy, gluten for me or him(I’ve been pumping, he had a posterior tongue tie and lip tie and feeding difficulties too). We do magnesium too. Any cons on taking gaba at this young age?

    • I don’t know about giving gaba to an infant/toddler. I’d prefer to get them started on probiotics for babies/toddlers. That will help the reflux, colic and sleep. Sounds like gut may be affected by something.

  22. This feed is old but I’m hoping someone can suggest to me.

    My 4 year old ( who has chronic Lyme disease) has over the last few weeks gotten more aggressive irritable many melt downs etc. He is very up and down with his moods. One minute I
    He is the biggest sweet heart and so nice and loving and the next he is freaking out being mean and hurtful
    And being hard on himself.
    I’m suspecting anxiety issue waiting to get in with doc but if I was to give him GABA how much and how often would you suggest and does it have to be taken with magnesium? He does often have a hard time falling asleep as well.
    We have in the past used melatonin which worked well but have stopped since bc I didn’t feel good about giving it to him.

    Thanks in advance!

    • Have you tested for yeast or bacteria in gut? His symptoms sound like it could be that. Research Lyme disease and bad gut bacteria/yeast and autism. You’ll find a lot of info! Best wishes!

  23. Hi Rebekah – Sorry for the late reply, I just saw your question and the response above. I agree that what you describe might very well be yeast or pathogenic bacteria in the gut, but some other things to research is a condition caused by strep called PANDAS. Also, some other things to consider, research and/or test for are: symptoms of low cholesterol in children with autism, and a condition called Pyroluria – easily treatable naturally with high doses of Zinc and B6. The behavior you described can be associated with all these things. If you’re not supplementing with a probiotic, you might consider giving it a try. Choose a high quality – quality matters with all supplements. As for GABA and Melatonin – both are good and can be helpful in calming and regulating mood. Don’t feel bad about giving Melatonin – your son needs sleep to heal and stay healthy – and so do you, to be the best Mom you can be. I give my daughter both GABA and Melatonin, as well as a combination supplement called OptiZinc which combines Zinc and B6, and L-theanine. My daughter is 10, but she’s been taking supplements (including Melatonin for sleep, plus it’s an anti-inflammatory) since she was 2. The GABA I use comes in capsule form, 100 mg, which I empty into juice and give by syringe. I recently increased my daughter’s dose to 200 mg at night – helps calm her and she sleeps better too. I do not use Magnesium because it loosens my daughter’s tummy too much, but it can be relaxing/calming too if your son can tolerate it. Hope all this helps. Good luck.

  24. We recently got the GABA 250 mg from Kirkman Labs for our 6 year old son to help with his anxiety. He weighs around 36 lbs. So, what would be the prescribed GABA dosage for his weight?

  25. Hello. My name is Sophie. my son has autistic syndroms. He is already taking Omega 3 EPA AND DHA, Kal-N-Zyme, magnesium and vitaminC for 5 months. I am going to sart giving him GABA 500 tonight. I also read it is good to give L-Glutamine for porous intestin. I’ve stoped giving him gluten and dairy products 5 months ago. In France (where I’m from) L-Glutamine is only allowed for teenagers and adults. What do you think?
    Thank you, sophie.

    • L-Glutamine is good for repairing damage done to intestinal lining. I don’t know the age/weight of your son, but I had success with 500 mg /day. If you can order from they have a wonderful product with L-Glutamine in it called Gastro Support.

  26. My 6yo is about 50LBS. I’m going to start him on GABA. May I know how frequent should I give? Morning or night?

    He is Asd, high functioning, 88%IQ, vocal, impulsive, aggressive, smart with traits of ODD, homeschooling at this moment, going public school next year. On weekly Sensory OT, and social skill group, ABA with me daily.

    Tried focus factor and attentive child. Failed. Both made him looked like ADHD. Removed it and back to a aggressive 6yo.

    He is currently taking multi vit, magnesium 270mg (in 2 doses), zinc 10mg, probiotic, omega. Still angry child and lashes out easily. GABA is my last choice before doc starts Ritalin on him.

    • I’m not a doctor, but when I started my young son on GABA at age 5, less than 50lbs I gave him 250 mg. in morning. After a week if he responded well, I increased it to another dose in afternoon. Best wishes for your child!

      • Thanks. I started with 500mg, and gradually increase after a week, total max up to 1.5kmg. After a month, he told me sleepy, tired in class. And I cut down, 2 tabs and after a week, still tired, so now he is back to 1 tab and I will see if his energy level goes up. We have more or less achieve the optimal level of calmness but I don’t want him to feel tired constantly. That’s wrong. I hope this is the right dose for him. Thanks again.

  27. Sorry, I mean 3 tabs, 750mg

  28. What brand of GABA and what amount did you start with ??

  29. Does the dosage go by weight go by weight?

  30. hello my son is 8yearsold.nunverble he is 74 ponds.can he take spectrum awaking which include gaba,l thening magnesium and also ability 5mg tow times a day

  31. HI everyone,

    My daughter was on Gabba, but as she is super tall I took her off as I was worried about it causing additional growth. Has anyone heard of this being an issue?

    I am noticing a huge change in her moods and I feel terrible taking her off. But at the same time I am worried it will make her taller than nature intended 😦

  32. Does it lose it’s effect over months of use?

  33. My son is 14 he has autism and adhd
    I am looking for a supplement that would help with hyperactivity impulsively focus and to help calm him so he isn’t bouncing from one thing to another all the time. Which products would potentially help with these issues.

    • Depends on what your son is deficient in…I found out through lab tests, stool analysis, etc. For a supplement, Magnesium Threonate is great since it crosses the BBB and helps with focus/mood. Zinc (taken with food) helps with focus, but you may not see a visible result from this one. I use essential oils topically and in the diffuser to calm my son, affect mood, and focus. If you use oils, get a quality brand in doTERRA. They test theirs with outside labs for purity and potency. I wouldn’t put any other brand of oil on my son’s or my own body. Never know if they are pure or have synthetic ingredients that cause harm.

  34. Hii I m frm INDIA my English is very poor plz understand… if any one child autism… I he life long take this supplements or cfgf dite? Plz ans

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