My sons’ bodies needed additional supplements since their gut was damaged and not absorbing enough nutrients from the foods they ate. The basic multi-vitamin was first. I started with Kirkman Labs and their multi-vitamin formulated for kids on the spectrum, Super Nu-Thera (the hypoallergenic powder, that had no flavoring in it.)  This gave them all the vitamins and some minerals their bodies needed, in addition to the foods they ate. Since they didn’t swallow capsules yet, I had to mix everything into food/drinks.  Super Nu-Thera has a high dose of Vitamin B6 and magnesium. The B vitamins are so important for neurological functions and The Autism Reasearch Institute found that most ASD kids needed the extra B6. For my son, it was evident the first week he started on it. He was 4 years old and still couldn’t potty train. He just seemed to not care, or even know when he had to go.  He never even had the typical “pee, pee dance”.  After the first week on the multi-vitamin, he developed the dance. That was an “AHA!” moment for me. His brain needed these vitamins to help it function properly. And potty training finally worked.

There are so many other supplements that help children with biomedical issues, and I will write about the ones that I have experienced with my sons in the weeks to come.

My son with autism takes the following supplements: B complex, magnesium, Taurine, CoQ10, Acetyl l-carnitine, GABA, TMG, folinic acid, selenium, molybdenum, probiotics, EFAs, Vitamins A, C, D, & E, zinc, and methyl B12 shots (twice a week).  He also is on Liverlife and OSR for detoxification support and Biocidin to control bad bacteria in his gut.

My son with ADHD takes the following supplements: B1, B6, magnesium, folinic acid, EFA’s, Vitamins A, C, & D, Taurine, GABA, probiotics, Acetyl l-carnitine, CoQ10, pycnogenol, sub-lingual methyl B12, and Biocidin for gut bacteria. Both of my sons use digestive enzymes with meals.

We have switched from a multi-vitamin supplement to individual vitamins so we can control the dose individually based on laboratory results and their own vitamin/mineral needs.  For instance, my older son needs extra B1 (thiamine) so he takes a B complex that is high in B1 with the basic amounts of the other B vitamins. And we like to control how much vitamin C both boys get to keep constipation at bay. If you have any questions of the supplements we use, please post it in the comment section below.

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  1. I was wondering how you figure out how much to give your child without seeing a nutrtionist or DAN doc. My son wieghs 57lbs and i would like to try someof thiw with my son. thanks.

    • A good book that discusses supplements and doses is Dr. Kenneth Bock’s Healing the Four A’s, Autism, ADHD, Asthma and Allergies. My seven-year-old weighs about the same as your son and he takes 40 mg zinc, 1 Pro Omega DHA capsule, 500 mg. Acetyl -l carnitine, 100 mcg molybdenum, 1 500 mg TMG w/400 mg folinic acid, 1 Pro Bio Defense Probiotic at night and 1 Pro Bio Gold Probiotic in the morning before meals. 1,000 mg Vitamin D, 500 mg Vit C, 500 mg GABA, etc.

      • Oh boy, I have that book but have ADD myself and haven’t read it!!! Ok, do all those supplements come in capsule form? My son can’t swallow and alot of them have bad tastes no matter what you put them in. I would be curious to know how you do it. I am so glad I found your blog!!!! Thanks, Tracy

      • My sons can swallow capsules, but didn’t in the beginning. My son with autism learned with the Oralflo cup at age 5 1/2. Did you read my blog on How to Teach Your Child to Swallow Vitamins? That will answer your questions. Some supplements come in liquid or powder form too. Let me know if you need more specific info. Best,

      • thank you for sharing. please advise on how/what testing revealed the deficiencies to determine the type and amount of vitamins you are giving. we just started this road. i’ve seen neuro, ped and nutritionist, GI is next…they say start with super nu thera multi and i added calcium and D because we are now GFCF. but i want more specific detail..

      • You can get an Organic Acids Profile (aka:OATS test) that is a blood and urine test. Here are some labs that offer it:
        Great Plains-
        Genova – Also their NutrEval test
        Aletess – Food allergy testing
        Metametrix –

        Good luck on your child’s journey!

      • Hi. I am so glad you have a great website. My son has autism and is 11. What supplement do you think was most helpful?

      • By far the bomb was methyl B12 shots. Probiotics and EFAs are a close 2nd. If I had to eliminate most supplements and reduce it to three I’d go with a good probiotic, EFAs and a multivitamin. Of course keep the B12 shots!

  2. Thank you very much for posting the helpful information.

    Could you please give me the full names of TMG, EFAs and OSR. Where did you buy them from? Do you need a Dr. Prescription when you buy them?

    • TMG stands for trimethlyglycine and is sold by Kirkman Labs in OR as TMG. I use their TMG/B12/Folinic Acid capsule which is 500 mg of TMG. The EFAs (essential fatty acids) I use are Nordic Naturals. They sell several types. One high in DHA is the best form for my sons. Kirkman Labs also sells Nordic Naturals brand of EFAs. Their website is You don’t need a prescription to buy these supplements.

      OSR is Oxidative Stress Relief and is made by CTI Science. Their website for info on it is We get OSR from our DAN! doctor. Only DAN! doctors and some dentists sell it. You can’t order direct or from any other third party.

  3. Hi, I absolutely love your blog! This area is fairly new to me, I have never tried supplements with my 8 year old daughter with PDD-NOS. I am very excited to read this information. I would like to know your opinion on what supplements you think I should try first. I know I should try only 1 thing at a time. She has a very difficult time focusing at school and being social with her peers. I guess I just need a starting point! We do not have any DAN! Dr.’s in this area. Thanks,

    • Not sure if you read my first post or not, but it’s a beginning on how to start biomeds. Titled Biomedical Interventions 101.

      I also recommend learning what each supplement can do and a great book is by Dr. Kenneth Bock “Healing the Four A’s – Autism, ADHD, Asthma and Allergies”. It’s about $10 on Amazon.
      Working with a DAN doctor is the best way to go. But if you need to start something, read the above post and start with cleaning up the diet. Then some multi-vitamins. Kirkman Labs are a good resource:
      Best wishes!

  4. Hi

    i really found your blog very informative. My son is 3 years old and has PDD-NOS. I am planning ot start him on Nordic naturals Children’s DHA and Super Nu-Thera. The problem is that Nordic Naturals already has Vitamin A and D in the liquid… so should I go for Super Nu-thera without A and D vitamins or stick to the regular one… please help..

    • Super Nu Thera without A & D. But supplementing with extra vitamin D later on is a good idea, just don’t need the extra A. That’s a great start on supplements, it’s what I did. Well, we actually went the Cod Liver Oil route with Super Nu Thera. Best wishes on your child’s journey!

  5. Thank you. I just checked the quantity of Vit A and D in Nordic Naturals and it seems low. Have you seen it? I live in India so extra vit. D may not be required anyways… I think it will be good if go for regular super-nu thera and some other fish oil.. what do you say? can you suggest something?

    • When I first started biomedical treatments, I used Cod Liver Oil (flavored) and Super Nu Thera powder mixed in juice. It was in a sippie sport cup with a lid and straw so the odor was masked. That is much higher in Vit A levels. Some kids get a die off reaction to higher levels of vitamin A due to it attacking any viruses in their gut they may have there. Vitamin A is a potent anti-viral. So you might want to go low and slow with the A. As for the vitamin D, well we live in sunny Southern California and both my sons’ vitamin D levels were low. Might want to get a blood test on your child’s D levels. Best wishes!

    • Hi Jaanvi:

      My son is 3.5 year old and speech delays, and other autism characteristics. he improved a lot from homeopathy.
      We switched our homeopath in Jun 2013 and he is from India and gives barayta carb 30c. I am giving cod liver oil – kirkman, probiotics and want to add some suplements with this.

      How effective Super Nu Thera will be? Does extra b6 and b12 will have adverse side effects on him. My son is very intelligent, reads also at 3.5 year.


      • SNT is a good multi-vitamin for kids that need to correct a deficiency. High dose of b6 in it w/high dose of magnesium will help a lot. B12 is important for detox pathways but helps a lot with cognition, speech and social skills. Oral b12 isn’t best form…methyl b12 shots are best. As with any supplement, start with a low dose and ramp up to full dose very slowly to help with body’s adjustment to it. Best wishes!

      • What is the safest limit for Vitamin B6 intake for a 4 year old?
        My DAN doctor recommended 200 mg, but the safe limit is only 40 mg for 4 year old.
        Can higher B6 casue nerve damage?

      • B6 is a water soluable vitamin…you will waste excess through urine. If taken with magnesium, nerve damage does not occur. So if taking 200 mg B6, 100 mg. magnesium is needed.

      • Hi Ajay..

        Have you tried Super Nu Thera and where do we get it?…m Rachna from Delhi, India and my son has been diagnosed with PDD-NOS…m really worried…what can I do to ease his difficulties…pls guide me

      • Hi Jaanvi… Do you really think that homeopathy works? I want to try it but Im not sure. My son is 3 years with Austism. No speech yet?

  6. Thanks a lot. Another prob that caught my eye is the EPA and DHA in the omega 3 supplements… there are so many in the market with different levels. Some have high EPA, some high DHA… don’t know which ones are better?

    • For attention and focus, high levels of DHA are good. I give both of my sons Nordic Naturals Pro Omegas.

      • hi.. ur blog is very informative.. I am trying many of the supplements u hav mentioned including super nu Thera. recently added TMG and waiting to see results.

        I don’t see the full story and updates about ur son on the blog.. like skills he had when initially diagnosed, when he started learning new skills etc.. and how he is performing today in school and any pending issues etc.. that would be helpful.

        and sorry to ask u this.. can I by any chance be able to contact jaanvi(previous poster)? coz her post so closely matches my son’s skills and behavior.

        thanks in advance.. this is an amazing blog!

      • I’m not sure where you saw jaanvi post a comment…I couldn’t find it. I’ll post an update on my son, his progress and what we do for him today soon. Thanks for the suggestion!

    • hi jaanvi, I saw ur post in abc homeopathy too.. my 3 yr old son is 100% same as what you had described in 2010.. can I know how ur son is doing now? I am also from India.. I am very depressed about my son’s future.. especially when I see other 3 yr olds.. did ur son catch up…? we are living in pennsylvania.. he is going to DART school 4 days a week.. he talks in Indian language(delayed echolalia.. but functional). he is very confused with English in school.. he is on fish oil supplements.. I have recently ordered krill oil.. waiting to try it.. did super nu Thera help?? waiting for ur reply… pls help me.

      • My son is doing so good now! Never give up hope…your son can be helped and he can improve. First thing you should not do right now is compare your son to neuro-typical kids. That’s not fair to him and will only depress you. Instead, as he makes improvements compare how far he’s come and how much better he is getting compared to when he was first diagnosed. Super Nu Thera helped my son A LOT! Get him on a good probiotic to help his digestion too. Get him into a social skills group and work with him on English to help his confusion. Stay focused and I wish you all the best for your son.

      • jaanvi…. you have absolutely no idea how much I feel happy reading ur comments… I was dying to contact someone who went through the same things as me.. that too u r from India too!!!!! God’s grace i found u and u replied.. thank you so much.. I am from Chennai.. u? is your son in typical school now? I am going to order super nu Thera right away.. in pennsylvania there are lots of free services going on for ASD kids.. we are just not eligible to receive those coz my son was born in chennai and not a citizen of USA.. 😦 he goes to school for delayed children 4 half days a week.. last month he turned 3 and that was when he got his diagnosis of PDD.. although I knew something was wrong for the past 9 months… he sings over 10 rhymes in English and Tamil.. he has a vocabulary of over 300 words.. but nothing spontaneous… he will tell “are you hungry” when he is hungry.. “oh u fell down” when he falls etc… it’s has been this way for the past 15 months… not sure when he will learn to make his own sentences using proper pronouns… 😦 when did ur son start with spontaneous language?? any particular thing that triggered his speech? tell everything u did for ur child.. please… thanks a lot in advance!!

      • Hi ,Dearmommy . I just saw your post .how is your son now he ill hv 5 year old .. my son is also diagnosed with adhd but he has most symptoms like( pdd) so plz suggest me what you did for your how goes all ..plz i need you help. Thanx

  7. hello
    I was really happy to see this page, I wold really appreciate if you can help me about starting with testing first, i do have two austistic boys and my doctor doesnt believe in GFCF, and there is no DAN doctor around here.
    my question is:
    how can i tell if there have gut problem, what kind of test do they need to do?
    and do i need to take blood test to see if they lack any vitamin, basicly what exactly should i tell the doctor to do for testing before i go with supplements and GFCF.
    thanks in advance and happy holiday

    • Well, there are specialty labs that can do a variety of testing. It’s a matter of your doctor ordering them and then paying if insurance doesn’t cover it. Great Plains Laboratory ( , Genova Diagnostics (, Metametrix Labs ( and Alletess Medical Laboratory ( all offer a variety of tests. Some of the labs require you to be off all supplements, so it’s good to start the labs first. But starting the GF/CF diet is fine before testing. You can also consult with some DAN doctors on the phone, so look into that option.

  8. You have a very interesting blog…

    I am looking into some new vitamins/minerals for my 6 yr old son who is on the Autism Spectrum (high functioning). He weighs about 50lbs. He has alot of attention/focusing issues and medication is NOT an option for us. In addition, I also feel that his language has plateaued.

    1. MULTI VITAMIN – I would like to change to the Kirkmans Children’s Chewable Multi-Vitamin/Mineral Wafers. However, I noticed that there is NO IRON in the Kirkmans brand…should I go with a vitamin that does contain IRON??? Also, since I give my son Cod Liver Oil (1 tsp daily) and ProEFA (1 tsp daily), should I go with a multi vitamin like Super Nu-Thera WITHOUT vitamins A & D???

    2. I want to give him Calcium/Magnesium with Vitamin D3 liquid (Calcium 311mg, Magnesium 201 mg and Vitamin D 41 I.U.) Kirkmans brand. If I give him the Calcium/Magnesium….should I find one without Vitamin D (since I give 1 tsp cod liver oil daily)? Also, I want to give him B-6 Magnesium Vitamin/Mineral Chewable Wafers…can I give him BOTH the Calcium/Magnesiun AND the B6/Magnesium Vitamin??? or is that too much Magnesium? Is there a Calcium/Magnesium liquid or chewable that contains B6 so that I get everything in one liquid/capsule???

    3. How much Vitamin C is a good dosage to start off with???

    4. Vitamin E – I am considering the brand Auqa E from Douglas Labs…will this be too much Vitamin E because I give Cod Liver Oil???

    5. Zinc – Should I go with Zinc Sulfate or Zinc citrate & chelate??? I am leaning toward the Zinc citrate & chelate. We used the Zinc Sulfate in the past. Any advice???

    6. Should I put him back on the B12 shots since I feel his language has plateaued? We used B12 shots in the past…should I maybe look into the spray or liquid? Any feedback???

    Thanks in advance!!!

    • The best person to address your son’s vitamin/mineral needs is a DAN doctor, and all I can tell you is what I do for my son. As for need of iron, without having a lab result that indicates low ferritin/iron I’m not sure if he needs an iron supplement. It sounds like you have plenty of vitamin A on board with the CLO, but again, I wouldn’t know your son’s need of levels for this vitamin. I give my son 2,000 mg (CORRECTION: 2,000 I.U.). vitamin D each day. Add up all the I.U.s of the vitamin D and see what you think. May need more D. See my post on vitamin D and its health benefits.

      Vitamin D:
      1 IU = 0.025 mcg
      40 IU = 1 mcg

      I give my son 250-500 mg/day of vitamin C. 250 mg is a low daily dose. Read my post about vitamin C to learn more.

      Magnesium should be a ratio to B6 of 2 to 1. So if he takes 50 mg. B6, then 100 mg of magnesium is plenty. Sounds like both supps for magnesium might be too much. Don’t have an answer on a cal/mag/b6 liquid or chewable for you…you’ll need to research that.

      Vitamin E: I give my son 100 I.U./day and that is plenty. I use zinc citrate and chelate.

      B12 shots – you really need to give it a good 6 mos to determine if they help him. I’d definitely go with B12 shots if they helped in the past. It will boost language, cognition, social. Shots are best method of delivery. See my post on B12.

      Hope this all helps!

      • Please see my correction to the amount of vitamin D I give my son. It’s 2,000 I.U. not milligrams. Sorry for the typo!

      • My son was diagnosed with ASD last year in September. He had just turned 3. Overall he is a healthy child except for significant speech, social and communication delays. Fast forward to this year, I took heed this past March and visited a DAN doctor. Best choice I ever made for my son. She started us on probiotics and enzymes from Kirkman labs and the results were amazing. In about a week my son was imitating my words
        ( was completely non verbal), tantrums decreased tremendously, transitions became less traumatic. Another major thing was improved eye contact. It’s been 4 months and we continue to make leaps and bounds. Just started using the liquid Super nu Thera from Kirkmans lab. I should add that he has been in Early Intervention since he 2 and 1/2. We also had him on speech, OT and ABA therapy before seeing the DAN doctor. However we began to see significant results after all the tests and supplements recommended by the DAN doctor. I highly recommend seeing a DAN doctor. Down side is it is expensive as most insurances don’t cover it. The same goes for some tests. All the best. By the way we do continue with the therapies as well as EI

      • That is wonderful to hear about your success with biomedical intervention for your son! Keep up the hard work, you’ll only get more and more results and your son will blossom. It is expensive, but it’s the best money our family ever spent…better than the new cars, furniture, RVs, vacations that friends around me spent money on.

  9. 1. I am looking for Zinc (citrate & chelate) LIQUID but I can’t seem to find it. I found the Kirkmans Hypo Zinc Caps (citrate & chelate) but I can’t seem to find a LIQUID Zinc (citrate & chelate). LIQUID is easier to give to my son…any suggestions?

    The Zinc liquid that I do find are sulfate or alpha-ketoglutarate. And I dont want that.

    2. Is it better to give “buffered” Vitamin C???

    Thanks in advance.

  10. My child 6 year ols weighing 34 pounds diasgnosed with PDD-NOS is on a number of supplements from Kirkman. We saw improvement in speech coming from DMG with B-12 & folinic acid(125 mgX 4per day). We shifted to TMG very recently since I read that TMG with B12 and folinic acidworks better than DMG. The dosage is 500 mg divided during the day, I see that the child is having sleep issued. How will I know TMG is suiting her or not. I have also started Acetyl L- Carnitine for improving cognitive skills( about 75 mg/day). Some forums say that ALC carries mercury to brain, others say it doesn’t. Whats your advice on these issues. We dont have a DAN doctor in India and getting Kirkman supplements is equally difficult. Thanks in advance

    • I have not seen any research stating that ALC carries mercury to the brain. As for the TMG vs. DMG, it may be causing sleep issues. TMG has one more methyl donor than TMG. If you switched to TMG and added ALC at same time, it’s difficult to know which caused the sleep issues. This is why I firmly believe it’s important to add/take away/increase only one supplement at a time so you can determine if it causes a negative reaction. If DMG was working well, I’d stick with it. You can try taking away ALC first to see if sleep issues were caused by it. Otherwise, I’d go back to DMG. Stick with what works best for your child. Best wishes.

      • Hi my daughter is 4 yrs old and is receiving ABA,Speech and occupational therapy. I am really having sleep issues due to her not being able to sleep through the night. My daughter would wake up about a minimum of 5 times per night and it’s taking a toll on me and my household. She been this way from the time i brought her home from the hospital & still is sleeping like an infant. Any information on how to get her to sleep through the night?

      • She’s young, if she does swallow capsules, GABA 100mg plus 50-100mg magnesium perhaps.
        Try lavender oil on her feet before bed. Place a drop in your hands and rub together and have her breathe it in too. If you can get a good quality oil, plus a diffuser, that works best.Here’s my resource:

  11. Just wondering how much pycnogenol you use with you son? My son is 6 and is 57 1/2 also?

  12. I’m considering working with a compound company to try and put what my son needs into far less pills. I’m still going to have to split some dosages into am and pm. Would you mind going over your list with me of what you give your older son with ADHD. I am trying to figure out the best way to get in the Vitamins and the Aminos he needs. Like administering the GABA and the Magnesium, I can move that to an evening does if need be and have that compounded together along with say the 2nd doses of some of the other Aminos and/or Vitamins. My son also takes DMG twice a day.

    • I give my older son a B complex high in B1, B6 and others (35 mg each), EFA’s, vitamin C & D, pycnogenol, Taurine, magnesium & GABA (night), ginko biloboa, colostrum, zinc, and probiotics. We are still protecting his gut with the probiotics and colostrum. Check out my posts under the Category ADHD. This one in particular:

      I stopped L-Tyrosine when he had neurofeedback. He no longer needed it since NFB took care of those issues it addressed. I like to continue with pyconogenol since it’s a great antioxidant and crosses the blood brain barrier, ginko for memory.

      • What product do you use for ginkgo biloba and what dose. My son has memory problems, maybe that could help. I read that 120-240mg p/d after 6 weeks, you will see results, what do you think? What product do you use for your pyconogenol?

        Thank you for your help, Ellena

      • I use Kirkman Labs Ginkgo Biloba 75 mg capsules. They take one in the am and one in afternoon, so 150 mg/day. For pyconogenol, I get mine from my DAN doctor since it’s a brand that can only be ordered by doctors. (ProThera). But it’s available by a variety of manufacturers in health food stores.

  13. Thank you so much for sharing all of your information! I tried the GABA last night at 200 mg dose chewable, it was the lowest I could find locally for now, but I’m happy to say it worked fairly well! I gave him his night doses of EFA’s, Magnesium, Zinc, and GABA and he slept very well! He also work up on his own and was in a very good mood for a change!! I read your info on ADHD and it was very helpful! We have some tweaking to do on our supplemts and I just added Flax Seed Oil. We are seeing some very good changes and I think once we get the rest of the aminos added it will get even better!!! You are offering wonderful advice and information to parents struggling to find a natural way to help their children with these disorders, it’s really a God send!! I had searched several years back on finding natural alternatives and had a hard time finding anything. I just happen to stumble across this one two weeks ago and it has been life changing for our family!!!! THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART FOR SHARING YOUR STORY AND PUTTING THIS INFO OUT THERE!!! 😉

  14. Hi, I am a woman with aspergers syndrome and I love it when parents post about what helped with their kids because there may be information that may be useful for me. Thank you for posting about what you use to help your child.

  15. Hi, thanks for all of the great supplement suggestions. We have (with the help of a DAN dr) been trying to get my 4 1/2 year old son’s supplements figured out. I just got some of the Super Nu-Thera to try and cannot get it into either of my kids. Do you remember what you used to hide it in when your kids took it? I tried it myself and it’s pretty nasty stuff. Thanks for your help.

    • Hi. If it’s the powder, I started with a sports cup with a lid and straw and hid it in any type of juice. That masked the smell of it which can influence the taste. Apple juice, orange juice worked. If you can’t get the taste down, then try teaching him to swallow the capsules. I used the Oralflow cup to teach my kids at age 5 to swallow them. Here’s some info on a post I wrote about it:

    • I am using a dropper measure ( one of 5ml), so i put about 2.5 ml of the powder and then a little bit of juice or water and then shake them well. At first I had to obligate my child (4 years old), but after a few months he got use to the horrible taste, and now he just open his mouth and swalowed. It sounds crazy but it works, and is a very fast way

  16. Hello,

    I have desperately looked for a digestive enzyme that my son can tolerate and have not food one. We tried the ones from Enzymedica and he reacts in a rash which I suspect is probably from the mold that is not suppose to be present.

    Any suggestions where I might find a hypoallergenic enzyme would be greatly appreciated.


    • Houston Enzymes state this on their website about any fungus in their enzymes: ” Is there fungus in the Houston enzymes?
      NO! The enzymes derived from Aspergillus have been purified from the fungal matter using from 8 to 12 different methods of purification. No fungal matter is present in the enzyme product. If you have a known allergy to Aspergillus proteins, then caution should be used in taking any fungal-derived enzyme product, however, the allergenic portions of Aspergillus are usually those parts of the fungi removed from the enzymes during processing.”

      Kirkman Labs also sells digestive enzymes, but I have not been able to determine if fungus is in them. You could research those two brands further.

      Best wishes in finding a brand that works for your son!

  17. Hello,
    We have been working with my son’s autism since he was 2 years old. Today my son is 9y rs old, 85 lbs, and has LD. He is doing great but I don’t know what he needs or the dosage at this point. He used to have autism when he was younger. We have changed his diet and supplements so many times. I don’t know if he still needs all this but this is what we do today. Here is the list; B-complex, Folic Acid, CoQ10, Vitamin C, L-Carnitine & Alpha-Lipoic Acid, Zinc, Magnesium/Calcium, Flax Seed Oil, Cod Liver Oil, Vitamin D3, Multi-Vitamin, Probiotics and Green Powder Drink.

    With food: Digestive Enzyme, Antioxidents, Betaine

    I spend about $300 a month just on supplements. You said a few things I don’t do and just wanted to learn more about them before I change things. He has a short term memory problem, what does he need for that?

    Can you please tell me the dosage, brand and why your kids take… magnesium, Taurine, Acetyl l-carnitine, GABA, TMG, selenium, molybdenum, EFAs, Vitamins A, C, D, & E, zinc, B1, B6, and folinic acid vs Folic Acid?

    Thank you for your time and I look forward to any information you can provide. Have a great day!

    • Hi Elena,

      Did a DAN doctor have your give your son all those supplements based on lab results? The one thing I love about my doctor is that he understands how expensive it is to keep kids on the supplements they need at first, and determines which ones we can eliminate as healing progresses. It sounds like you can definitely eliminate some for your son, but I’m not a doctor and can’t recommend which ones. Here is my observation on what you have listed:
      1. multi-vitamins have A LOT o what you are already giving him, so look at the multi and see the duplicate supps (like C, A, D, B vits) and either eliminate the multi or the duplicate supplements.
      2. CoQ10 and L-Carnitine are great supps, but may not be needed if he doesn’t have mitochondria issues anymore…if that’s why you give them. Lab tests let me know that my son’s no longer needed those supps.
      3. ALA – again, what is the reason he starting taking it and has it resolved enough to eliminate?
      4. Flax seed oil and CLO? I’d go with one.
      5. I have to keep probiotics in my kids’ supps to keep gut bugs at bay.
      6. Is TMG still needed? We were able to take my son off of it after chelation and MB12 shots.
      7. We use Kirkman Labs for magnesium, taurine, GABA, selenium, C, D, E, zinc.
      8. Molybdenum we stopped – did your son test for heavy metals and did you do chelation?
      9. EFA – we use Nordic Naturals Pro Omega (sometimes called Ultimate Omega in stores)
      My kids take magnesium to calm their nerves, improve sleep and help bowel function. Taurine is neuro-calming and helps their digestion. No longer take Acetyl-l-carnitine. GABA helps their impulsivity, anxiety, and sleep. Only my son with autism that tested high in heavy metals takes Selenium. Vit C because it helps with allergies, bowel funtion and overall health, E for antioxidant support, zinc for gut health, brain function; folinic acid is coverted form of folic acid and is readily available for body use.

      I recommend you speak to a DAN about all the supplements…it seems like a lot to be on long term. Our goal is to get our kids healthy, their bodies functioning and using nutrients from their diet as much as possible, and reducing the dependency on these supplements long term. Keep up the good work!

      • I agree with you, I need to get a DAN doctor to run some lab work and see what he needs based on the results. I just ran out of money and felt his body needed some of the supplements to stay healthy. For years I felt we beat autism and what was left over were little things to correct. Now I see those little things turning into big problems.

        I have been doing this for 7 years, we have done so many things during that time. Yes we did chelation using DMSA, Far-Infrared Sauna, Juicing certain vegetables like beets and have him on a very strict diet for years. All of it worked to get us to LD today.

        What I see now is a new set of problems; maybe you can help.
        Do your children need anything now? Did they make a full recovery?

        I know with my son, he is not the same if he does not get his ALA or his zinc. His body still needs certain supplements for his brain function.
        Why does he have memory issues, he can’t process information as fast and needs a little help to keep up with his peers. He gets pulled out for 1-1 time and he does not like that. I still have him on a gluten
        free diet, so in many ways we are still working with his autism. Does
        neurofeedback really work? How much does it run? What else can you suggest other then diet and supplements?

        Any information you can provide would be great.
        Thanks again, Ellena

      • My children still need certain supplements to help them with issues. My son with autism is soooooo high-functioning now and I have not had him retested to see if he’s off the DSM-IV eval for autism. I think he is recovered, but a full recovery…do you ever really recover fully from a bus accident? You still may have arthritis in the bones that broke and healed, or perhaps deal with a slight cognition deficit…but yes, recovered from the bus accident…fully? No. Same goes for autism. Our kids have been affected by things that we can repair, but some things get lost and they will struggle with that still. No different from a neuro-typical kid dealing with whatever issue they have going on.

        Your son may need methyl-b12 shots. When my son doesn’t get his shot, he struggles with processing speed, expressive language and emotion regulation. Yes, NFB truly works. Depending on the practioner, it can run for a full 30-40 treatments between $3500 – $5,500. HBOT was great for my son. We did it this past summer and it gave him that extra push he needed with eye contact, social, language and killed of a lot of gut bacteria. He continues to have gains from it since for the 6 mos or so after the 40 treatments, they continue to develop and grow new blood vessels to the brain neurons. I see gains each month.
        God bless with your journey…and congratulations for getting your son all the help he needs. Recognize the gains and appreciate how far he has come today. =)

      • my son is 19 and is autistic. He is having OCD kind of behaviors. putting everything upside down in the house, stimming playing with saliva. He has been on GFCF diet for 13 years or so, has been taking probiotics, enzymes with dpp1v cod liver oil from Kirkland , Zn and melatonin too for 13 years or so.Can somebody tell me what seems wrong. Last year he got sick and I had to give him an antibiotic after that everything became worse. I so need some some advice please. I live in Rockland County New York. Any good DAN Doctorin the area would be appreciated. thanks much.

      • Have you looked at Autism Research Institute’s website that lists all DAN doctors? They will not be listings clinicians that have attended their training seminars after 12/31/11. Read more on their website:

        As for your son getting worse with symptoms after the antibiotic, it could be related to it killing off all the beneficial bacteria in his gut and bad bacteria/yeast getting a foothold. OCD can be a result of bad bacteria in gut, among other things. Perhaps you should look at stronger probiotics, yeast treatment or treat the bacteria. How is he doing on the melatonin for so long? I’ve read conflicting reports on whether or not they should be on it long term. Have you tried methyl-B12 shots? I’d look at the DAN list now and then see what you can do for his gut.

        My son stims when his gut is not in balance and his anxiety increases. I give him a probiotic in AM and one in PM with S. Boulardii to keep yeast/bacteria at bay. Best wishes.

  18. (Sorry I should have posted this in the supplement area) Please disregard this same post in the Diet area)
    Hi my son will be 3 in November and is in the process of being diagnosed with being on the Spectrum. He is non-verbal, but a lot of babbliing. I have recently set an appointment up with a DAN! doctor; however, I wanted to start him out on a few things myself. I started him on cod liver oil 2 weeks ago and have seen improvements in his eye contact as well as his sleeping habits. Yesterday I gave him a half a dose of the Super Nu thera liquid form and to say the least he was running around the house like he was on fire. Do you have any idea if the Super Nu thera might have made him hyper active and if so, should I continue or discontinue. I even gave him only a half dose (2.5mls). Wow this world of autism really requires us moms to become doctors and pharmacists! My son is an awesome little boy and I just want to do as much for him as necessary! Any suggestions. This blog is awesome, keep up the great work!

    • Hi. Are you giving him the SNT w/o the vitamin A & D? If you are giving him CLO already, he does not need the vitamin A from SNT, it would be too much. Super Nu Thera is high in B6 which can cause hyperactivity for some kids…but then again, it has a wide spectrum of vitamins in it, so it would be difficult to determine which one caused the hyperactivity. That being said, it’s very common for kids on the spectrum to regress at first when introducing a new supplement or protocol, then after a few weeks see gains. Perhaps starting at a 1/2 dose was too high at first. If it were my son, I’d back off and go much lower and slower, like 1/8 a dose for about 3 -5 days, then to 1/4, etc. Always start low and slow to give the body a chance to adjust to the supplement and what it’s doing biomedically for them.

      Have you already taken the first step in cleaning up his diet yet? Before seeing any DAN doctor, I’d clean up the diet like I talk about on diet page, maybe introduce a probiotic unless you want to wait for the DAN doc’s recommendation. B vitamins help with speech, especially methyl-B12, which your doctor can prescribed the shots for your son. Keep on educating yourself. You’re right, parents of special needs kids need to research, learn and do so much for our kiddos! Good for you to take those steps in helping your son!

      • Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.He is on the CLO and yes this particular SNT liquid formula does have the A and D as well. I did not give him the CLO yesterday, just the half dose of SNT. I only got samples of the Tropical Punch SNT liquid, so I am going to reorder the powder form w/o vitamins A and D. I was reading about Probiotics and I am trying to determine which one to start my son on. (My three choices are Culterelle, ThreeLac, and just a Buddy Bear Probiotic (which has dairy in it). I have cleaned up his diet somewhat. I have attempted to start on the GFCF diet and that was one of the main reasons I wanted to start him on a vitamin. He has refused some of the foods I ‘ve attempted to make. He is completely off of dairy, wheat, and gluten and drinks Rice Milk, water, and V8 juice. Is Soy Milk a No No? I have read conflicting information on using soy milk. Do you think it would be beneficial to start him on a probiotic before the DAN appointment and if so which one do you think would be the best? Okay, so last question…If I start him back on the SNT liquid that I have should I cut out the CLO or should I wait for the powder form to come in the mail and keep the CLO going until then? I am just so happy and excited to have another mother to talk to about this journey! Thank you so much

      • Soy milk depends on whether he is allergic to soy…but I avoid soy products completely because they are GMO (genetically modified) for the most part thanks to Monsanto. Depends on when your DAN appt is scheduled…if it’s weeks away, then wait, but if it’s months, you can start him on a probiotic and if you have to switch brands, at least you will have gotten through the bottle you purchased. I hear great things about Culterelle and ThreeLac, but I personally use Kirkman’s Pro Bio Defense and Pro Bio Gold. The later is a good probiotic that may be less aggressive than the “defense”, since it has S. Boulardii in it and will cause more die-off than regular “gold”. If you were having success with the CLO, I’d stick with that and wait on the multi-vitamin powder to come in the mail. Don’t stress about things before your DAN appt. When you meet and run labs to determine food allergies/stool analysis/blood work on his issues, your doctor will take you on a journey that could be completely different than what you’re starting out on. Best wishes!!

  19. Hi!

    I have a DAN appt in Feb so I have some time. We got my daughter started on the gfcf diet and so far so good. But I had some questions and was asked to email the head nurse at the DAN place. She told me about a few things that the doc WILL say on the first appointment:

    1. Get on Klaire Labs multi vitamin Vitaspectrum. I looked at this and the Vit E is SUPER high. I50 IU per dose. I have read lots of bad things about vitamin e. I do know it’s supposed to be good for speech but I have also read things about bleeding, clotting and worse. Could you give me your insight?

    2. Get rid of soy too. But with no evidence that she needs to stop I am reluctant to remove it from her diet. From what she told me, they wouldn’t test, they just suggest it to EVERY new patient. Is this standard to use a standardized procedure for all patients? I know you have removed it but I was wondering your thoughts!

    3. Get on extra D3, Vit E & Fish oils. As I said, the Vit e scares me…I don’t want to give her something now that will later have some serious repercussions.

    She also said I needed a good probiotic – I agree. But I don’t know too much. I keep reading from other moms that have been doing this that the wrong cocktail and kill off the wrong stuff in some cases. Do you have any basic explanations so I can go out and get the kid on something?

    My daughter is 2.5 and 28lbs.

    Oh, she’s on the Super Nu Thera and I realize she needs frolic acid…do you have any recommendations?

    Thank you so much for any help you can offer. Your sites my go-to for all things biomedical. Thank you 🙂

    • Hi Kate,

      OK, first thing, please don’t do anything you don’t feel is right in your “mommy gut”. Trust your instinct. As for going on the Klaire Labs multi, you can’t purchase it. Only doctors and I get my Klaire (ProThera) products from my DAN doctor. If it were me, I’d stick with the SuperNuThera multi.
      Vitamin E is a great anti-oxidant, and 150 mg is not too much, but I’m not sure for your 28 lbs. 2 1/2 yr old. The SNT only has 15 mg. which isn’t much. I give my boys 100 mg./day. I also take breaks from it and other anti-oxidants periodically. Yes, most DAN’s have a standard protocol that they use for all patients, so that’s not uncommon. SNT also doesn’t have enough Vitamin D3 (only 100 IU). I give my boys 1,000 IUs during the fall/winter months. (They get plenty of sunshine during Spring/Summer months, we live in So.Cal). I would start on a fish oil too. Cod Liver Oil, but make sure if you do, you go with the SNT without Vitamin A. So if you already have that, go with Nordic Naturals EFA’s.

      I use Kirkman Labs probiotics and a good starter one may be their ProBio Gold. SNT has Folinic Acid which is a more active form of folic acid. So you’re covered there.
      Just remember, go slow with introducing new supps. One at a time, gauge response and move on if you don’t see a negative for more than a few weeks. Sometimes regression occurs at first, then once the body recovers from detoxifying, you’ll see improvements.
      Best wishes,

      • Klaire Labs can be ordered at without need for any code.Free shipping also!

  20. Hi Joanne,

    Thanks so much for coming back to me. I really want to fly in the right direction for the DAN protocol but I do have some reservations. Although I also don’t want to put myself in the position of wondering “would it have made a difference to my dd if I had said yes”.

    The nurse told me she could give me a code…I wondered what she meant until I checked out Klaire labs. Lol!

    Ok…so the SNT seems to be working fine for her (we’re on the revolting tropical liquid). Although it does say that there’s no folate source and that we should supplement. My doctor (not DAN) said she needed 150mg a day. Is there a chewable out there? Or a liquid?

    As far a Vit E, when you say you take breaks, is that by advice or something you personally feel is right? Why do you take breaks?

    I tried the nordic naturals gummy worms…not a hit. So I think I will go back and try another but it has to be chewable/powder/liquid. Do NN EFA’s come in any of those? How about D3? Should I get her on something now or wait until Feb? We’re in South Carolina but I imagine the winters are similar because we don’t get out as much as we should.

    With regard to the probiotic, is there any need for me to worry about doing more harm than good? The DAN nurse said to give probiotics a half hour after eating. Is that what you do?

    Thanks for reading Joanne!

    • I’d get the D3 going now since it’s fall/winter and the flu bugs circulate this time of year. A good online source for various brands of supplements is They sell powder/liquid formulas of various brands, so check them out if you haven’t already. I personally haven’t used a folate supplement alone…it works synergistically with other B vits. Kirkman Labs sells a chewable folate 400 mcg. I think your DAN is telling 150 mcg, not mg? You can break the Kirkman one in half…see if that’s possible. Kirkman also sells a chewable D3, 1,000 mg.
      I take breaks from certain supps just to see how the body handles it. I had my son off of Vitamin E for a while, but when I started an herbal product to treat gut bacteria, I wanted him to have additional antioxidants to help him detoxify. The only thing I won’t take a break from are probiotics. I may switch brands every so often, but that’s a personal choice…some doctors recommend it, but some don’t.
      I don’t believe a probiotic will do more harms than good. You may see a negative reaction at first if she has an inbalance in her gut and the probiotic needs to correct it…but the negative should subside with a few days/weeks. My DAN has me switch every so often from giving the probiotic at night before bed so it can do it’s job healing the gut…but now he has us giving it before a dinner meal (right when they sit down to eat) so it can go in and crowd out the bad guys, not give them any food to grow on when the meal comes down.
      Best wishes,

  21. Hi Joanne,

    So sorry…I have a couple more questions on top of my last reply. I am looking at the super nu Thera and I am a little confused. The liquid without A&D has P-5-P…is that ok? Or they have a powder. Mixing into drinks isn’t an option for dd because she’s a little unreliable about drinking anything. The liquid would be best but not too sure of the P-5-P.

    Last question, the NN EFA’s…I am totally confused as there are all different names. I am looking at NN Pro EFA Lemon Liquid or NN Complete Omega 3.6.9 Liquid. Are either of these right? Or do I need an infant one for dd who is 2.5 such as NN Infant DHA?

    Totally agree with another commenter on your site, we have to become nurses and doctors to truly understand this.

    Thanks for your patience.


    • P-5-P is the metabolic/coenzyme form of vitamin B-6 (pyridoxine). When vitamin B-6 is ingested, it is converted to P-5-P in the liver. Some individuals seem to benefit from taking vitamin B-6 in the P-5-P form. I believe it’s a better option. Ask you DAN what he thinks you should start with on EFA’s or if it should be Cod Liver Oil.

      Also, if you’re travelling down this road of supplements…you’re going to need to make your life easier by teaching your dd to swallow capsules. She’s young now, but you’d be surprised how much I hear of 3 yr olds learning how. Check out my post on it:

  22. Any one is India – especially in Madras ( Chennai ) or Coimbatore know which doctor is the best to treat Autism , My 2 year old son is suffering from Autism . Pls help ,my email address is

  23. Good on you for helping out your son, don’t listen to any doctor and find your own answer, I’m pretty sure that with enough research and testing you can find the answer or at least help your son to feel better and better each day, good luck on your journey

  24. Regarding Klaire labs products .

    SPECTRUM SUPPLEMENTS sells Klaire labs to anyone and also have an excellent range of good products to treat autistic kids.

    They can also give a discount if you purchase large amounts of supplements for your kids. Just email them

  25. HI, My son is 3.5 yr old and on biomed. He is still non verbal and constipated. He is now taking Nu-thera w/o Vit A &D, DMG, Vit C, Zinc, Magnesium, Coenzyme Q10, glyine, Colostrum, fish oil, Acetyl L-carnitine, Enzymes, Olive leaf and calcuim, Vit D.

    1. Doctor told me to give everything to my son in the monring. I read on your blog some supplement would be benefit more from when taing night time. can I ask you which one pls?

    2. I started to introduce B6 complex to him and he had experienced emtional swing within 2 hr. Does B6 need to be taken with Magnesium together? And if so, what is the ratio pls?

    3. What is the difference between cod liver oil and EFA? Which one is better?

    4. And I saw on your blog that taking the liverlife. What do you think about this product? If my son is constipated, do I have to help him to clear the bowel before we start? And if so, can you give me suggestion?

    Thanks for you advise. Annie

    • Well first I question why he takes vitamin A and Cod Liver Oil. CLO is high in vitamin A. Is he a viral kid? Vit A attacks viruses. I give zinc at bedtime, a good 2 hrs after a heavy meal. Zinc competes with calcium for absorption and also affects the digestive enzyme DPIV (which breaks down proteins and slows digestion). Depends on how many doses he has recommended, but I give magnesium in AM and PM. It will help relax nerves/muscles for sleep. Vitamin C I give in two doses AM and afternoon. It is water soluble and is better to frequent dose it than all at once.

      B6 can cause reactions in some kids. It definitely should be taken with the magnesium, but not at night. The ratio is 2 to 1. So if taking 100 mg. B6, at least 50 mg. of magnesium.

      Cod Liver Oil (from the liver of the fish) has all the EFA’s PLUS rich in vitamin A. Fish oils don’t contain the vitamin A. If you son needs vitamin A, the best form is from CLO…but it should be molecularly distilled and is guaranteed free of heavy metals, PCBs and other toxins. It should also be free of food colorings and artificial flavorings. As well, the fish oil must be fresh – if it smells fishy, it has oxidized and is rancid. Fish oil should have no fishy smell or taste.

      Always be careful on detoxifying the body if constipation is not handled first. The bowels are a major source of detoxifying, and if they don’t move, the toxins can be reabsorbed into the body. Liverlife is a great product, but I’d read more about on their website (Bioray) and talk to your DAN about it first.
      Best wishes,

  26. Hi Joanne,
    We’re between DAN doctors right now. My 5 yr old son just finished his Super Nu Thera liquid a few days ago after approximately 6 months. His speech, eye contact, stims did improve some. I am not sure whether to get another bottle or try other products. How long was your son on SNT before you switched to individual vitamins? Our (ex) DAN doctor actually recommended Vita Spectrum but I saw it contains soy so I did more research and found SNT. Thank you for your absolutely great blog.

    • I had my son on SNT for a good year or more. It’s a great product, so I stuck with it. I too saw eye contact improve and stims reduce. The high dose of B6 with magnesium is what some kids on the spectrum really need. Your son may need that extra B vitamin and may also benefit from methyl-B12 shots, they are great in helping kids with speech.

  27. Hi Joanne,

    Thanks for your advise. your advise has helped me to understand how to spread the dosage of the supplement using at night.

    My boy is taking Cod liver Oil (Moller Trans). It has quite a fishy smell, Which brand would you recommend on CLO? And have you heard about Salba ( a grain which has rich Omega 3, calcium and fiber). I look into it and seems like it will help to loosen the stool.

    As for constipation, I am using high dose of Vit C (1500mg) once every 2 days and also have tried using high dose of probiotics (Culturelle, factor 6, Symbion) for over 2 months. And he still remains constipated and has bowel movement once in 3 days. I am looking into liver restoration by bioray which including using OXY powder to clear out the stool. Any suggestion on resolving constipation problem. I am concerned about his system will reaborb the toxins that are supposed to be detoxed by the supplement.

    Thanks again for your advise.

    • I’ll put your question on CLO out there for anyone that reads your question. It’s been so long since I’ve had my son on it, I don’t remember the brand and now I’m sure there are new ones out there. We use the Nordic Naturals EFAs, and they also sell CLO.

      We too used Oxypowder and had great results with it. It definitely gets things moving and will help with constipation. When you use Vitamin C to help constipation, you should give it broken up in doses over the day. Remember it’s water soluble and will just waste what the body can’t use right away, which will happen with high doses like 1500 mg. Lots of water, vitamin C and magnesium on a daily basis keeps my son regular. Also use Kirkman’s Colostrum Gold. Definitely go with Oxypowder and change how you dose the vitamin c and magnesium. Lots and lots of water!

      • Also, just to clarify, Cod Live Oil (CLO) is from the liver of fish, will smell, pretty nasty. EFA’s in the form of fish oils should NOT smell. They are not good if the capsules of fish oils smell.

  28. Dear Joanne,

    God bless you for what you are doing. Thanks a lot for sharing information.

    My ADHD son is turning 7 next week.

    1. May I ask your views on using whole foods supplements vs. synthetic form of supplements? Are you concerned about the natural salicylates in whole food based supplements?

    2. I suppose his gut will improve after he starts supplements, will the salicylate problem goes away?

    Please kindly advise.

    • Hi Eric,

      Although I have not tried whole food supplements, it seems like a good choice. One thing I’d concern myself with are the manufacturing processes of them and that they use organic foods. I’d be equally concerned about salicylates in whole food based supplements as I am with eating the whole food itself. Apples, tomatoes, and all the other reactive foods with salicylates may cause the same reaction even in a supplement. If you want to help your son with them, try the digestive enzyme that breaks down the phenols…we’ve had success with that. My son can eat apples and carrots with a No Phenol digestive enzyme and not react now. A lot may have to do with the healing of his gut too…but the enzymes assist in that process. My sons’ guts did not get better until I started them on digestive enzymes, along with the diet, supplements and probiotics. If the food isn’t completely broken down in a form the body can utilize, it causes reactions and exacerbates a leaky gut. I always ensure my son with salicylate problems takes an Epsom Salt bath at least 3-4 times a week to help his body detox the phenols.
      Best wishes,

      • Thanks a lot Joanne. I’ll try the digestive enzymes, and probiotics too .
        God bless.

      • my son gets chronic mouth sores, and we just started a few days ago eliminating salicylates to see if it helps. Is there a cod liver oil that is free from sals? he is also on supernu thera, dmg, methylfolate(for a mtfhr problem) and b12 shots.

      • Mouth sores inside his mouth or outside it? Like the herpes virus? If it’s the virus, there are ways to attack it. Non-flavored CLO is salicylate free, no? Is your son old enough to swallow capsules?

  29. Hi Joanne,

    If I’m writing in the wrong section, please move it.

    May I ask what is the correct way to stabilize my adhd son’s blood sugar. He is very difficult to manage when his blood sugar crashes, usually before dinner time. Any supplements can help?


    • Protein snacks in afternoon can help. Cheese, hard boiled egg, yogurt, slices of turkey/ham or a protein bar that isn’t loaded with sugar. Eliminating white sugar helps too. Blood sugar imbalances stem from too much white flour/sugar in the diet. Have you eliminated all High Fructose Corn Syrup, artificial sweeteners and sugary snacks? What are his symptoms when you say his blood sugar crashes?

      • When his blood sugar crashes, he becomes very offensive, and violent. He broke my 8th and 9th rib bones two days ago. It is that bad.

        We put him on Feingold about three years ago. It worked so well that he became a changed person. Good time only lasted for three weeks, until he started stealing snacks from school and Kroger’s, and accepting junk foods offered from his buddies. He smells and tastes others’ foods as a passion.

        Got another call from his teacher on Friday. Another meeting set for Monday. I am so tired. Is it easier to die?

      • Has his pediatrician tested him for hypoglycemia? Here’s a link on the symptoms which include anger, aggression, etc.

        He may have an inbalance of healthy bacteria in the gut too. Yeast symptoms causes aggression and cravings for sugar. Sugar feeds the yeast and keeps it growing. Have you eliminated sugar, slowly from his diet?

        GABA, magnesium and taurine are all neuro-calming. GABA in a 250/500 mg dose in AM and then again in afternoon at lunch time may help. Can you arrange with school nurse to give him supplements at school? We could do that for my son if a doctor signed a form they had us fill out. What supplements do you give him?

        I know it’s very wearing on a parent when their child cannot control their behavior, but keep up the faith and fight for your son and his health…you can do it!

  30. hi if you could please help me, my son is 4yrs old, with autisum, ive been looking at the b12 drug, ive never had him tested for bad guts, or metals in his body, its something i want to do, i dont no were to start, i live in england, who would i need to speak to about this, has my son dosent speak, his stools are very sticky and smelly, hes got a very funny diet i really despratly need to put things into place to help him as much as i ccan, justine

    • Hi Justine,
      Finding a doctor that is trained by the Autism Research Institute on treating kids with autism biomedically is ideal. However, they no longer publish a list of doctors trained by them. Try chat groups on yahoo perhaps to see if anyone has a doctor in your area that they use. A few websites that can help you start on your own are and

      First step is to clean up your child’s diet as best as you can. Remove any artificial like colors, flavors, preservatives, nitrates and MSG. These things create an unhealthy gut environment. Read through my blog on all the posts I’ve written to learn more. Your son’s digestive system sounds like it needs to be healed. First step is diet. Clean it up and remove sugars (high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, sugar, honey, etc.) Perhaps you need to try the gluten free/casein free diet (GF/CF). has an informative section on their website on how to go about it.

      Your son may benefit from digestive enzymes. is an online retailer that sells a variety of supplement brands. You can also start him on probiotics…that is going to help balance out his gut with some good bacteria. Keep in mind to take it slow and easy, only start one supplement at a time and track results. You will see regression at first as you kill off bad gut bacteria. If your son has bad yeast in the gut, he will need yeast killers to balance it out.

      Methyl-b12 shots are very helpful, but you will need a doctor’s prescription for them. Ask around in your autism community for anyone that uses a DAN doctor if you can’t find it online. You can do help your son tremendously and you already have taken the first step…stay strong and keep researching and trying to help him. It will get better, I’m on the upside with my son’s recovery. He’s doing great and it’s been a lot of work, but SO worth it!

  31. my son is 4 years and 3 months old , he was diagnosed with autism when he was 3 years old , doctors in singapore only recommend us to go for speech therapy and occupation therapy , after 6 months of the therapy his speech got better but he wasnt talking in full sentences and he was not well potty train yet , he will have tantrums everyday once , so we decided to take him out of the therapy and started my own home therapy , we tried aromatherapy at night for him to sleep better and it work very well ,we start to potty train him within one day he started going by himself , he even know how to wear and take off his own clothes , he knows all the alphabets , numbers 1-30 and his memory is very good , he knows how to write his own name and he can spell alot of things but he is a very fussy eater , he only drinks his formula milk which is GF and eat junk food , he started going K1 this year and within 2 months i have received 3-4 complains from other parents that my son pull the girls hair and try to hit other kids in his class , i tried to explained his condition to other parents but they dont really know how does one feel with a autistic child , so to improve his behavior i start doing more research on autism recovery and find out that , many parents are giving supplements to their autistic kids . immediately i order DMG 125 mg and GFCF supplement and started to give him , He took his first dosage on 5th march 2012 .i start with one GFCF at night and one DMG in the morning but it was like very little so i increase the dosage to DMG morning and at night and GFCF only at night , i didnt want to give him too much , i was scared there might be some side effect on him , he also had yeast or yut issues as his stool is very dark and thick as black in colour and foul smell .i did not went to any doctor to check what is actually going on inside his body as singapore they do not do any test like urine test stool test blood test . they only do autism checklist .

    I hope i’m writing on the right place , as i need someone to guide me on how to give what and how much . i cant depend on the doctors here as they only suggest us to do the therapy and they were against us for giving my son GFCF diet .

    My son now is doing very good , he only have issues with his behavior .

    • Hi Karen,

      I am not sure what the GFCF supplement is that you are talking about? Can you give me the exact name/brand of it?
      For the DMG 125 mg, it will depend on how the child reacts. Once in am and once in pm should be fine for now and I wouldn’t increase it until he’s been on it a few weeks. Then try slowly increasing the am dose to two doses in am. If he has a negative reaction at first, try to work through it for a few more days to a week. If he is still reacting negatively after a week, back down on the dose.

      As for the yeast issue, you will have to go the herbal supplement route. I would first try introducing digestive enzymes with meals. Check into this website for info on them.
      We use Houston Enzymes, TriEnza.

      Then after you have slowly introduced digestive enzymes over the course of two weeks or more, I’d give him a probiotic. I’m not sure if you can order from this website, but they sell a lot of supplements

      Then after a good month on digestive enzymes and probiotics, slowly treat the remaining yeast with a natural product like grapefruit seed extract. There are many choices out there, find the right one for your family.

      Best wishes on helping your child. I’m so inspired by moms like you because you don’t stop trying to help your child even though you are faced with obstacles like doctors or medical community not helping you!

      • Thanks Joanne , I’m giving him Gluten Free from Nowfoods and DMG 125mg From Nowfoods . I will go try out the brands you have mention and thanks for the website , I will update his progress .


  32. Hey there, my 2.5 yr old was just diagnosed with autissm. What is a good starter amount of supplements to give him. I was thinking kirkman multi, a probiotic and an enzyme….not sure which brands or doses to try. Any help would b so appreciated….so overwhelmed…tx!

    • Supplements are really based on weight plus age, but since I am not a doctor, I can only tell you what I did with my son. I started him on Kirkman’s Super Nu Thera multi-vitamin. It was a powder (they have a liquid) and I mixed it in his morning juice based on their dosage recommendations. Since you son may not swallow pills yet, a liquid probiotic may be needed, but you can get them in health food stores or Whole Foods. As for digestive enzymes, I use Houston’s TriEnza. They have a chewable and the dose is based on how much food is eaten, not weight or age. If it were me, I’d start first with the multi-vitamin for a week or two, then go with the probiotic for a week or two before starting enzymes. It may cause all sorts of die-off reactions in his gut if it’s not balanced if you go all at once with the probiotic and enzymes. The multi-vitamin can cause regression at first so go low and slow with doses. Don’t be over-whelmed…just take it one at a time and be patient and never lose faith. This journey is not going to end overnight, you are going to work with your child for years. But it will be so worth it!

  33. I am unable to get a DAN doctor for the b12 shots. I would like to try Jarrow methyl b12 tablets that are chewable or can dissolve in your mouth.

  34. HI Karen,

    I stay in Singapore and now seeing a DAN doctor. I understand how you feel when the local doctors are not being helpful. My DAN doctor has collected the stool and blood sample to US for testing. Pls send me the email if you need the contact. And if travel is permissible, you may want to travel HK as the labs in HK will do the test. And I have put my son on GFCF diet as well. I have waited for 6 mths as many people in here told me not to do it. But my child has improved a lot since we put him on diet. It’s worth to try. Are you Chinese? There are actually many chinese dishes are GFCF if you use GF soy sauce. God bless!

    Cheers. Annie

    • Hi Annie ,
      Thanks for the information , I will really like to try the DAN doctor , is there any in hong kong , I will be going hong kong in june , its my hometown . If you have any website or phone number of the DAN doctor in hong kong , If you dont mind posting it here . My son does not eat at all , he is only on milk formula and some snacks like oreo , twisties , koko crunch . I believe that is because he have sensory issues as well . Really appreciate of your help Annie .
      God bless and hope your child recover soon ! = )


  35. HI Karen,

    I am actually from HK too. The DAN doctor in HK is Tim Trodd. I have checked out some centers in HK and Singapore. Let me know if you need me to pass you the info. My

    God bless!

  36. Sorry… no, it relieves constipation. But vitamin C is water-soluable, so I “control” it by dosing throughout the day. If I gave him all he needed in one dose, his body wouldn’t utilize all of it and it won’t help constipation.

  37. Chronic diarrhea can definitely be a result of an imbalance in gut flora. Supplements that will help are probiotics…zinc because he’ll need it since diarrhea depletes the body of minerals, especially this important one, and zinc is gut healing. He may have food allergies, so an elimination diet to test to see if he’s improving by removing offending foods. He could benefit from the GF/CF diet too, and rotate the food groups you feed him. Digestive enzymes help with bad gut bacteria and to help digest foods completely so they don’t become food for the bad bacteria.

    See if your doctor can run a Comprehensive Stool Analysis lab on him to check his gut flora balance and look for yeast, bacteria, and parasites.

    • Thank you Joanne for the information. I will get the comprehensive stool analysis done as soon as possible.


  38. Hi Joanne,

    I was wondering if you could answer these questions for me. In terms of the gfdfsf diet, probiotics, digestive enzymes, gastro support, mb12 shots, fish oils and so on, which have you now stopped and which have you carried on with? How long were you on the mb12, digestive enzymes etc? How did you know to stop? Is it just trial and error.

    I realize each child is different but I am just wondering long-term what the likelihood is that we’ll be doing the same protocols.

    Thanks so much!


    • My son is no longer gf/cf…we weaned him off the diet with digestive enzymes, stayed on those for a year and went off of them. But 1.5 yrs later I put him back on the enzymes for gut issues flared up. Gastro support was a six month thing to help the gut healing. Mb12 shots have been going on for 2 years. I just now am doing a trial of no shots. I saw that after each shot (for the past several months) he was having difficulty with emotion regulation and stimming. I know the b12 gets his detoxification system going, so it could be that. But we are in week 2 of no shots and it’s good so far. But I need to watch carefully to determine if it’s time to stop for good.

      I will probably never stop giving fish oils due to their overall health benefits. So, to answer your question, yes, it is trial and error. But if you are doing this method, be sure to only start or stop one supplement/treatment at a time and track results. Keep in mind other environmental factors that can affect your child’s behavior (like seasonal allergies, new furniture, pets, changes in routine or at school, etc.).

  39. Dear Joanne,

    This is the third time I have written this so my apologies if you have it three times!

    I was wondering how long your kids were on the following protocols…MB12, probiotics, digestive enzymes, gastro support, chelation and the diet. What have you been able to stop and what have you had to carry on with?

    How did you know to stop? Is it trial and error?

    I realize that each child is different, I was just interested to know if we’ll always be doing all of these treatments.

    Thanks so much!


  40. Thank for the useful information,I will like to know if there is any Dan doctor in Nigeria

    • Unfortunately, I don’t know of any DAN doctors in Nigeria. THe Autism Research Institute no longer provides a list of providers. Try to find autism/ADHD related support groups or chat groups on the internet that can answer that question for you. Best wishes!

  41. My Son George is 23, he was diagnosed with autism when he was 1-1/2 years old ,doing great, has a job now. He had a bad case of UC and I put him on VSL# 3 DS and a reg of supplements. Andrew Lessman’s brand. Expensive but safe and clean. CoQ10-100, Daily Vitamin, Green Food-a mix of Barley Grass, Wheat Grass, Blue Green Algae, Chlorella and Spirulina, Vit-D3-2500, Fiber Supplement and I give him Green Juice Almost every Day. He is pretty clear headed now. UC is 100% gone.

    His imagination people are gone now- YEAH. They made him a little mad and they told him to do things. He had fights with them all day. He now tends to spend a lot of the day talking to himself and making up stories and movies that he replays over and over either outload or in his head. It drives him a little Up-the-Wall, so he tells me. He cannot seem to stop most of the day. For now I try to focus him, sometimes he tells me to shut up DAD so he can finish his story. Oh Well, I am ok with that. He does sleep most of the night. I was thinking of trying ACL 500 to try to make him a little more clear headed. Oh yeah I just started him on Protein Drinks from Dr. Mecola to gain some pounds that he lost during the UC Bout., and some Ess. Amino Acids Supplements.

    ( PS- I want to slowly take him off supplements by next year. ) He eats like a horse now so I think it will be OK.

    PS: ( He does not hear voices anymore but I think the talking to himself and replaying all those stories is getting him fed up- It’s like he does not shut down. I told him to write them down and sell a book. He is thinking about it. He worries that he can not spell the words right.)

    Thanks Uncle JR.

    • Glad to hear what you’re doing is helping your son! I’m lost on what the abbreviation UC stands for? Has he been treated for any gut issues? Strep/bacteria can cause OCD if he is exhibiting any of those symptoms besides the repetitive stories. I love GABA, Taurine and Magnesium for neuro-calming effects. WHen my son doesn’t get enough methyl-B12 he gets stimmy and repetitive. Keep up the good work and let your son know that he shouldn’t worry about not spelling words correctly…that’s what spell check is for! 🙂

  42. not sure but maybe UC stands for ucleritive colitis? My friends Husband has this so I am going to send her what you do for you son.

  43. UC = ulcerative colitis

  44. Dear Joanne,

    My boy is 7, with very classic ADHD symptoms. Since we went on the Feingold Diet, he improved a lot (60% I think). This January, he started consuming raw flax seeds. Teachers noticed his concentration and school works are a bit better than before. He also stopped bed wetting!?

    However, I started him on the followings this March:

    1. Krill Oil 500mg/day (Nowfoods)
    2. Magnesium citrate 300mg/day (Thorne Research)
    3. Calcium citrate 150mg/day (Thorne Research)
    4. Zinc 30mg/day (as Gluconate, Chelate and citrate) (Dr. Mercola)

    His symptoms get worst and worst. Could it be the gelatin and Glycerin of the Krill oil? Or, could he be allergic to the form of Magnesium, Calcium, and/or zinc? Because he belongs to the extremely sensitive group, according to the Feingold Diet. He reacts very badly to food additives and natural salicylates/phenols.

    I am very confused about all these, especially about the different forms of supplements.

    Please help me.

    • Well, the only way to know is to only add one supplement at a time and watch for any reactions/behaviors. Adding all those at once doesn’t allow you to know which one is causing issues. I’d stop the supplements and wait a week. See if his behavior improves. If it doesn’t then it’s something else. If it does improve, then only add one supplement at a time and watch for a week…no reaction, add next supp…watch a week. I’ve not used Krill Oil, we use Nordic Naturals EFA’s (Pro Omega).
      Also, does he have allergies? Springtime allergies can cause issues for kids and behavior…it does for my son.

  45. Hi, my son hasn’t been diagnosed with ADHD nor he’s autistic. He’s really energetic and quite often his behavior tends to be a bit rough with some kids. Since I’ve been reading this excellent book about nutrition and supplements I started giving him a probiotic (and fish oil (nordic cod . But I am aldo thinking on giving him Magnesium but not sure how much is the right dose. He is 4 years old and weights 19kgs. Should I also try a B complex? which ones should I give? What other vitamins should I give? is the deficiency of vitamins determined on a blood work? How can I ask my pediatrician for this? Also I took him off temporarily from cow’s milk, he’s on rice and/or almond milk, he takes 3-4 glasses/day should I complement with calcium? how much should I give?
    Thank you, your help is really appreciated?

    • Sorry, forgot to tell you that the brand of the probiotic is renewlife -Flora Bear) and the brand for the fish oil is Nordic naturals. Hpw many billions of probiotic he should take? the dose on the label says take two tables= 2 billion. Thanks

      • I’m not familiar with Flora Bear probiotic, but 2 billion sounds low. A good probiotic should have multiple strains in it and several billion of each. I use Kirkman’s Pro Bio Gold, but there are a lot of good ones out there. Have you seen the supplement site They sell a variety of brands and are a great resource.

    • Hi Maria,

      Sorry for the delay in responding to your questions. Your comment was not seen till now. You can determine a vitamin deficiency via blood work. The NutrEval lab by Genova is great if you can afford to run that lab test. Have you looked into Kirkman’s SuperNuThera vitamins? It’s a multi-vitamin that may address your needs for your son. You can get it with calcium. If he’s off all dairy, then yes, supplement calcium. Magnesium is best to take with calcium to help absorption.

  46. I love your suggestions son has adhd and I am looking for herbal supplements he is detoxing from stimulant medication..

  47. Thanks so much for posting this blog and also to all the parents for sharing.
    My son, Ben is nearly 8 and has Aspergers. It was a tough ride for me as most doctors here are skeptical of the GF-CF diet here in Bangkok and they’re very traditional in their approach to things.
    2 years ago, my son was self hurting himself, had zero eye contact, had problems even stringing 4 words in a sentence, had phobias over everything esp the whiteboard and TV, extremely anti-social, had serious cognitive issues, was violent and having chronic day to the point that 3/3 psychiatrist/therapist i went to actually suggested that he go on Zoloft. I felt awful putting him on drugs then but everything seemed so futile and I was at the edge of desperation. After 2 months, I decided enough was enough, and started changing his diet.

    So I started him with GF-CF diet and probiotics (still continuing). And then Vit C (Calcium Ascorbate powder) 700mg 3x a day; tocotrienols (vitE)- a super antioxidant 2x a day; zinc 25mgx2, complex Vit B children formula (Nutroplex), alternate between Blackmores Omega Memo fish oil (high DHA) and CLO on daily basis. He has germinated brown rice everyday which has a lot of GABA in it. It really is a turnaround story for him. His teachers were gobsmacked. He was “student of the week” twice in 3months, his learning, socialising, speech fact everything improved.
    I’m still learning everyday and I’m just happy to share this story with others who feel a little helpless and at loss. Hang in there and one baby step at a time, with lots of trial and errors in between.

    • Sandra, what a wonderful success story!! And congratulations on the improvement of your son, you are a warrior mom…never give up and always look for better solutions to the problems. Thank you for sharing your story! Joanne

    • dear sandra,

      we also live in bangkok and are looking for alternative treatments for ADD. basically nutrition and supplements. do you have any doctors/therapists you recommend here? as you know, finding the correct food is tough here. since choice is limited, we find it difficult to get healthy options that the kids actually want to eat- like GFCF brown rice pasta etc.

      • Hi Jim, apologies for the late reply. Perhaps if you can give me your email address so that I can pass you the contacts..etc

  48. hi
    i have little boy who has been diognosed autism he is nearly 4 now there is no any DAN doctors available where i live and i live in england he has few words but allot of hyperactivity runing up and down knocking down all the furnitures and he has got chronic diarrhea all day long.
    he cries and laugh with no reason some times
    the only thing i have been doing now is b complex and cord liver oil and coconut oil and i am trying to start multivitamin what else are advising me and cut all diary product he drinks coconut milk now
    what are you recomend me to start with

    • Hi. First thing that screams out at me is his gut issues. Diarrhea all day=leaky gut or yeast or bad bacteria. First thing I would do is the GF/CF diet. Yes, cut out dairy, but also gluten great resource on getting started is TACA and their website is Their page on the GF/cf diet is

      Next, start on probiotics to help repair gut. Add in zinc if he doesn’t have at 15 mg or more in his multi-vitamin. Zinc is lost (along with other minerals) when suffering from diarrhea, it also helps heal the gut.

      Best wishes and keep researching and never give up hope!

  49. thanks for your reply joanna i didnot started any multi-vitamin yet should i start the probiotics first then mult-vitamin which one did i start first
    and wich brand did you advise for me he can’t take the tablet so iam looking somethin powder or liquid i have seen somany brands but not sure what to start and iam considering super nu thera form kikrmans any ideas with that supplement..
    thank you for your time you doing great job helping others.
    many thanks.

  50. A million thanks for this site! I am newly diagnosed and scan the web for more information and treatment strategies.

  51. hi,
    I have 3.9 yrs old autistic daughter on gfcf diet and MB 12 shots.She had gone through HBOT as well but of no use.
    Can u recommend some suppliments which could increase her understanding. She had gut issues.
    I am thinking to introduce Gluthathione and Oxytocin and Super Nuthera.
    Plz help

    • If she has gut issues, HBOT could have increased yeast…so look for symptoms of yeast burden on the body. I’d definitely make sure she is on a good probiotic for her gut issues. Without knowing exactly what symptoms you’re looking to improve, I do believe that a multi-vitamin is good with high B6 and magnesium, but glutathione is good if she has methylation issues and can’t detox toxins in her body. I’m currently trying Oxytocin on my son which helps in social skills and see good results, but by far he needs his mb12 shots on a consistant basis for cognition, language and focus.

      • Thanks for your reply.
        Actually her Gut was very loose when she was 7 months old and she had constipation issues later.We had done Fungal test but no issue now but her gut gets irritated easily.
        I want to know whether Oxytocin and Glutathione will help her as i think her ASD is linked to Gut

      • What will help her gut is a GF/CF diet (which you are doing), digestive enzymes, probiotics, Colostrum (read my post on it here: ) and treating either bacteria or yeast issues. If she had HBOT, look into yeast issues flaring up or if yeast dies off rapidly without good probiotic supplements, bad bacteria takes over. Do you have her on any type of probiotics or fermented foods?

  52. I am so glad that I found your website. It’s been so helpful to me. My son is only 18 months old and was just diagnosed with autism. I have spent every waking moment the past few months researching everything I can to help him.

    I started him rght away on a gf/cf diet. I haven’t noticed much improvement yet, but his nasty constant diarrhea is gone which is a huge step.

    I haven’t started on any supplements or vitamins or minerals yet. I’m a bit intimidated. I’m thinking of ordering the Autism Starter Pack on the What’s your opinion on this and do you think it would be a good thing to get for my son even though he is still so young?

    I would apprecaite any information you can help me with.

    • Hi Lauren,

      I think this is a great thing to start for him. Just dose it according to his age and weight. One suggestion I have is to not start everything at once. I’d go low and slow on any new supplements. Maybe start with probiotics first since he has gut issues. Then after two-four weeks or so, go with the multi vit, then wait two weeks or so and start fish oils/EFAs. The b12 last. Don’t want to overwhelm his immune system with detoxing his body with the probiotics that will replace the bad gut bacteria/yeast with good. Each supplements may cause a positive negative reaction that he’ll need time to adjust to and if he doesn’t handle it well, then you know which one to stop.

      Best wishes,

      • Thanks so much for your response, Joanne! I really apprecaite it. I think I’m going to order this for him asap. That’s true about not starting everything all at once. I’ll make sure to start slow and spread everything out.

        Is this the liquid for of the MB12 shots that I hear a lot of parents talking about? I’m a bit scared to give a needle to my son, and can’t find a doctor around here that will prescribe it even. My son’s pediatrician won’t even discuss any vitamins/minerals/supplements for my son. It’s awful.

      • I didn’t look closely at the b12…it could be sublingual or liquid. You probably hear a lot about the nasal spray…which is an option but also requires a doctors prescription. Good luck!

  53. Help both of my kids are autistic and I just bought vitamin b6 w/ mag. Not sure of dosage yet. Jacob is 4 Leyna is 2. I’m not sure of what else to give them. Jacob has pooping issues mainly constipation . Any help with dosage and supplements you can give me would be great..leyna is 32lbs and Jacob is 36lbs

    • Which brand and dose of the b6 and magnesium did you get? For constipation, his gut needs help. Lots of water, vitamin C (500 mg/day broken up into at least 3 doses) and probiotics. If you read my pages and posts on this blog, it can give you more info. I even talk about brands I use and where to buy them 🙂

  54. Hi Joanne

    I’ve been spotting the term ‘leaky gut’ and yeast problems. My son is 7yo with ADHD. Are there any signs that show a child has leaky gut or yeast problems? Without any kind of test of coz.

    My son has no problem sleeping at night. He sleeps early ard 8.30-9pm and wakes up ard 7-7.30am everyday. Timing wise… He is a punctual biologically. No idea how.

    Started GFCF diets and biomeds 2mths ago. Not a 100% GFCF diets. Occasionally during family eating out, he would break his diets program.

    He takes probiotic, enzymes, cal/mag, SNT, DMG, MB-12, fish oil(DHA,EPA), zinc, vit e… Going to add GABA soon.

    I read somewhere saying that it’s best to take Vit E together with fish oil in the morning. Is that true?

    I have to plan his biomeds intakes at each meal thus he does not feel pressure to take them.
    Morning: SNT, DMG, MB-12 & Cal/Mag
    Noon: SNT, Zinc, fish oil
    Evening: SNT, Vit E, fish oil & Cal/Mag

    Each time before meal for morning and evening is enzymes.
    Before noon meal is probiotic.

    What do you think of it?
    Where to slot in GABA?
    Is DMG 125grm enuf?


    • Did you start all these at once or try adding a new supplement after a few weeks on one? Have you noticed improvements in his ADHD? Any new symptoms? You give extra Cal/Mag even though SNT has it in it? He probably doesn’t need that much. I would give the fish oil in morning and most fish oil capsules have vitamin E in it already, but yes, vitamin E in morning. Are you breaking down his fish oil of one dose into two over Noon and Evening doses? That could be one dose in AM. I’m questioning the need for SNT in evening…I’d cut that out if it were me. If you want to give extra Cal/Mag, then give it at evening if you cut out SNT.

      GABA should be broken out over 2 -3 doses as needed. It lasts about 4-6 hours max, so I’d go with Kirkman’s 250 mg capsules and start out with that to see how he responds. 1 cap. AM/Noon/Evening. May not need evening dose though if he goes to sleep well on his own. I wouldn’t increase DMG until you have GABA on board for several weeks to see if it’s helping. May not need more DMG…what did you notice it helped him with?

  55. I started Cal/Mag (2x a day), Tocovid (1x a day, it’s Vit E according to Doc), Zinc (1x a day), probotic (1x a day), EPX10/50 (2x a day).
    Those was precribed by DAN Doc.

    With diets and initial biomeds above, my son has much better eye contacts, speech & 2 ways communications. Academic wise, he’s superb according to his teacher. His major problem is behaviour & hyper.

    SNT & DMG are added after 2 mths of the above intakes by myself after reading so much testimonies saying they help too. I didnt interupt Doc prescription by adding SNT & DMG.

    I asked for MB-12 from Doc to accompany DMG intake.

    I thought SNT 3caps a day is highly recommended. So, i guess i should reduce it to 2caps a day now.

    Then, from your forum readings im interested to try GABA as well with hope that it could help my son even further. Should i start GABA 250mg one in the morning & one at noon?

    Im not sure if DMG has helped him a way coz jst started 2weeks ago.

    Plz advise. Thank you, thank you, thank you….

    Ps. What is ‘leaky gut’ & yeast problems?

  56. Sorry jumping in…wondering how you all remember when to give your kiddos all their supplements. It is so overwhelming when I read what everyone gives their kiddos but moreso when trying to actually keep track. Believe me, I have it all sitting there, just can’t get started. thanks for all your help. tracy

    • Start with a basic supplement chart. You can use a template on MSWord/Excel or create your own. Try google to see is one is already done. List the day, supplements, dose, and have it broken out AM/PM/Evening. Then keep that chart with supps, and check off when supps are given. Do this for at least three weeks and it will create a habit for you. Pretty soon you’ll have it in your head, but always keep an updated supplement chart available for others to give in case you are sick in bed and can’t do the distribution…let me know if you have any questions.

      • hi
        I have the same question about the supplement chart. Wld u pm me a sample of one you’ve done. I’m still confused with the timing e.g. hrs apart, and what to take am,noon and pm especially when trying to keep enzymes away from probiotics and also what sups to take away from the other. Its soo overwhelming. my child weighs 56kg and is 11 yrs old.

      • Hi. I’m so sorry I lost the one I had when my computer’s hard drive broke a few months ago. I hadn’t used it in a long time since I’m so accustomed to giving supplements and didn’t need it any longer. Without knowing which supplements you give your child, I’ll describe what I do. My DAN doctor has instructed me that if you’re giving probiotics with meals, then give the digestive enzyme a good 10-20 mins before the meal begins (no worries if they take it at the very start of meal) and after the meal is over, give the probiotic. The other supps that should not be given together is zinc and calcium. They compete for absorption. Zinc can also interfere with the digestion process since it interferes with the digestive enzyme DPPIV (which breaks down proteins). I give zinc at night before bed since it’s gut healing properties work best at night. All vitamins are given in the morning unless you have multiple doses and then it’s just given am/pm.

  57. Hello,
    I too live in SoCal and am very frustrated with my daughter’s DAN. Who do your children see? Looking for a change.

  58. no they are on the inside of his lips, the wet part, and it is not canker sores, they are larger and bleed. he was on asprin thereapy for kawasaki disease for 6 months from age 2 to 2.5 and then we switched to almond milk on gfcf so he has been getting a lot of sals.. (heis 4 now) i think he has a built up supply of sals we need to get rid of…we have been low sal for less than a week!!. i called kirman labs and they said that their non flavored pure cod liver oil was sal free? is that not true?

  59. i have given him epsom salt baths a year ago, but didnt notice a diff. i am just guessing that sals are a problem and are causing the mouth sores, as i am out of ideas! his dan dr. isnt sure either. he is gfcf so i know gluten isnt the problem. he is on super nu thera, mb12, methylfolate for his mtfhr defect and fish oil and probiodic. i started no sals on monday and he is still getting sores, but they are not as big and horrible, so i am thinking we have to wait a few weeks for his stored up sals to leave his system *i read 4 to6 weeks. do epsom salt baths help a lot?

  60. Hi,
    Are there any side effects of ASD Plex.
    How to improve the understanding of kids with ASD.

    • I don’t have personal experience with ASD Plex. I looked at what is in it and what concerns me about a product that has A LOT of vitamins, minerals and amino acids in it is you get some things that you may not need or react to them. I don’t believe in throwing everything but the kitchen sink into a supplement is helpful. If your child reacts negatively to it, you have no idea which supplement is causing the reaction. Another thing to consider is some vitamins are water-soluble and you need to dose throughout the day, like vitamin C. They have 1,000 mg in this and it’s dosed all at once. Your body will only use what it can at that time and will eliminate the excess through the urine. Vitamin C should be dosed 2-3/day to keep levels even and prevent gastrointestinal distress. Another thing is that it has a large dose of calcium and zinc. Zinc competes for absorption with calcium and should not be taken together…it makes the zinc dose negligible. I’d recommend looking into a supplement that doesn’t have so much in it.

  61. Hi, my 9 year old son with high functioning autism and adhd is on many of the same supplements as yours, but I am always at a loss as yo when to give which ones. Would you do a post on what supplements your sons take at what time of day? Or, if you’ve done it already, can you point me in the right direction? Thanks so much!

    • Great suggestion Tamara! I plan on updating that info since it has changed a lot since we began our bio-medical journey. For your purposes, I give all multi-vitamins, B complex, EFAs, GABA, probiotic in AM with breakfast. The evening: probiotic, GABA, magnesium, zinc (away from meals). Let me know which supplements you have a question on for time of day dosing.

  62. hi,
    my son is almoust 4 years old and since is 2,5 we are struggeling with autism. he doesn t have any digestion problems( constipatoin or diareea) but even if he knows a lot of words he doesn t use it. i live in romania and here the only thing that DAN tell us to do is ABA therapy, nothing about supplements or anythyng. but i feel like my soon needs more than this. is very good with memory, he doesn t have impulsivity problems, his sleep is ok even in the afternoon ( 2 3 hours / day). another problem is that he is just playing with his brother. if i go in the park he doesn t interact with other kids. he like to play, run in the park, he is a happy boy but he doesn t seem to see the other kids. i tried the kindergarden but the only thing is doing there is to run all
    over the classroom and try to go outside. he really enjoy going there but one we are there he act like is crazy. he doesn t concentrate of a a anything

    i start already with cod liver oil, B complex syrup and amino acids all off them purchased from romania.
    i was thinking to try the nordic naturals and kirkman s products but i need an advice what to begin with.
    i was thinking to stick with cod liver oil and try SNT without vit. A and D
    and B 12 shots. do u think is ok? Do i have to give him probiotics if he doesn t have digestion problems? what else do u thing would help him with speech problems and to interact with kids and to act normal when i go in a place for the first time.thank u very much!

    • Cod liver oil is the best source of essential fatty acids and vitamins A and D. I’d stick with that and SNT. B12 shots will help with social, cognitive and emotion regulation. I believe everyone should take a daily probiotic, especially children with gut issues. DMG/TMG helps with speech problems and if he’s having trouble with stimming or acting hyperactive, read more about GABA and magnesium on my blog. Best wishes!

  64. I was wondering about the magnesium, I have read that it will help with aggressiveness and sleep issues. My son currently gets 2000 mg’s of fish oil, 200 mgs of b6 and a multivitamin. He’s epileptic as well as ASD (the doctors still don’t want to say officially that he is Autistic because apart from being non-verbal he doesn’t fit most of the diagnostic model) and we are also looking into taurine as I’ve read that can act as a natural seizure medication. His “seizures” are small absence seizures and without seizure medicine he has less than 3 a month. Anyhow I was wondering just how much magnesium to give, he’s almost 7 and around 55 pounds.

    • My first question is he getting any magnesium at all? If he’s taking 200 mgs. of B6, he should be taking 100 mg. of magnesium . It’s a 2 to 1 ratio on dose.

      I give my 70 lb. 10 yr. old 200 mg of magnesium a day. Magnesium rich foods which are the best source of the mineral. The best dietary sources of magnesium include green leafy vegetables, nuts, peas, beans, and cereal grains in which the germ or outer layers have not been removed. For example, spinach (1 cup) and pumpkin seeds (1 ounce) will provide about 157 mg.; long grain brown rice (1 cup) provides 84 mg.; 1/2 fillet of wild fresh salmon contains 59 mg. For a list of foods rich in magnesium, the National Institutes of Health’s Office of Dietary Supplements has a list:

      • Our neurologist was actually the one who led us to the B6 but didn’t tell us about the magnesium (probably because our son isn’t technically diagnosed with Autism, his official diagnosis is Epilepsy with Apraxia which basically means he’s a non verbal epileptic.) He takes 200mgs in the morning and afternoon so 400mgs total daily (we were told we could go up to 500 but every time we tried to increase he would have behavior issues so we dropped back.) We also have him on Fish Oil, taurine, and a multi-vitamin. We have still been having behavioral problems with him so I started researching other supplements I could add in to try to balance him out a little more as we really don’t want to put him through all of the problems that come with drugs used to treat these issues. We already have had quite a time just with his anti-seizure medication, it ate away at all of his teeth and now at age 7 he needs extensive dental work that we can’t get done because he won’t sit still at any dentists office.

      • He may be reacting to the high dose of B6 without the magnesium. Magnesium is used to prevent the possibility of hyperactivity, which can occur if the vitamin B6 is taken by itself. I wouldn’t give that high of a dose of B6 without any magnesium.

      • Yeah that’s what all of my research (I pretty much spent all day Friday reading up on all of the biomedical supplements, even read all of two different books on the subject on my kindle) in my search for information as to what we could possibly be missing. Magnesium seemed to come up most often in my internet searches to help with both the hyperactivity and the aggressiveness but the doses varied in everything I read and you seemed to have a pretty good handle on it. Thanks for all of the information I did find some magnesium but the tablets are 150mg and that seemed a little high to me but if it’s a 2:1 ratio then it should be 200mg? He doesn’t get magnesium in his multivitamin and he’s a very picky eater so it’s hard to get extra into his diet. Our doctors (both the pediatrician and the neurologist) would rather go with prescription drugs than biomedical and we would rather go with biomedical if we can. So far the combination of the taurine and the B6 controls his epilepsy and the fish oils are helping with the speech issues so far but we would like to see more speech still.

      • Biomedical approach is best in my book! Best wishes on success with it!!

  65. Oh man, what seizure med was your son on? My son is on trileptal and has cavities in the front teeth, had to have 4 teeth pulled etc. When I inquired extensivelly about the med causing this they immediately said no. They blame it on mouth breathing.

    • He was on Keppra. The first dentist said there was no way it was caused by the meds (made me feel like an awful parent as well but that’s another story) and then the next three dentists I spoke with said that YES it probably did contribute along with the fact that it is very difficult to get him to properly brush his teeth. I’m not familiar with trileptal but if it’s a liquid form you want to have him drink water after taking his meds and then brush his teeth within about 30 minutes as well. But I have even heard from patients who had issues with tooth decay while on certain meds.

  66. Hi everyone,
    I am so new to this, or not new but revisting. What is the B6 for?
    I can’t seem to keep my meds straight and figure out when to give them also. uggh. Everyone keeps recommending a med log, No duh, but I can’t seem to stick with it.

  67. Great post! Anyone willing to help a newbie? We are still exploring diagnosis for my soon to be five year old. She had major gut issues as a two/three year old. Adhd is almost 100% sure but have discussed others as well. Should we start with B6 & magnesium, probiotic. Thanks so much.

    • Before you start on b6, treat the gut. B6 can exacerbate any yeast issues in the gut. Treat with probiotics, whole foods, fermented foods (kefirs) and I found Kirkman’s Colostrum beneficial. Digestive enzymes to help digest the foods completely so they don’t provide food for bad gut issues (bacteria/yeast). Lots of water and low to little sugar.

  68. Hi all !
    I came across this great website and thought I would add a comment. I am a mother to a 16 year old adolescent who has severe autism. There is so much information on the internet today to give advise, when my child was little it was much harder to find advise to treat his autism although I tried very hard and succeeded much. I would like to stress how important it is to try and sort your child’s diet out when your child is young as when they get older it can be much harder although age should be no barrier to start. Firstly if you suspect your child needs diet intervention with other supplements then act fast as the older the child gets the harder it gets. Also, I would like to point out from my own experience that some children who hit puberty with hormonal changes can change, my son before puberty could tolerate a lot more foods than since puberty which is why I think it really important to try and sort things out as soon as possible. I found out to my sons peril that some children with autism can not tolerate probiotics of any sort and this actually led to a candida problem with my son after I was trying to heal his gut burned by calcium citrate caused by the local hospital, and yes the hospital told me probiotics was the answer, yes there are some children who can’t tolerate the stuff and if they can’t tolerate calcium citrate then there will be many foods they can’t tolerate including coconut. My sons gut was so damaged by the calcium citrate that he could only tolerate 3 to 4 droplets of nystatin afterwards at a time which is nothing very much at all. My son gets thrush out breaks if I bath him in any other bath liquid except dermol 500 lotion which we get on prescription, body only not face. Since he got burned from the calcium citrate it is like I am having to start all again with him and when I try new products I can only try less than a pinch of salt due to toleration levels. He basically now only eats, brown rice, avocado and meats. He can tolerate mango and pear but the sugars feed the candida. I find provemal organic rice milk is the best tolerated milk. Certain sugars can damage brain cells according to a certain autism food book writer so only stick with sugar, don’t feed candida though. I find the best calcium vitamin to give which is best tolerated is Biocare Calcium EAP. I also give higher nature vitamin d in sunflower oil. Some kids on the spectrum can’t tolerate soy or corn. Biocare use to do a junior multivitamin for the intolerant but that has been ceased and they only do the adult multivitamin for the intolerant which I was told was to high a dose for a person on the spectrum. Luckily I have a very good stock of the Biocare Junior multivitamins in. I find bananas make my child head band and apples are not well tolerated either. Potatoes, white potatoes not red are tolerated well and he can get away with a small amount of cucumber if I take the skin away. I find it better to boil all vegetables and fruits which make them more tolerable. Peaches and strawberry’s are tolerated if cooked but again candida problem ! Ener-g white rice bread is very well tolerated but has yeast in. I find eggs are better tolerated in cooked in something like pudding or cake but not so well tolerated on their own. A good site to refer to for diet intervention for our children is an English site, reference site, which is it will learn you loads about what is safe to feed your child and what you should avoid. I also give 1 to 2 teaspoons of pure rice bran oil, a few hours before bed mashed into a little chicken or advocado, which helps him to be very settled and more happier although if I give more than a tea spoon in the evening it will be to much for him and wont have the calming effect and studies done show that it helps to heal a damaged gut, plus it is hypoallergenic so most children on the spectrum tolerate it well. You should not give rice bran oil at the same time as vitamins and other supplements due to absorption problems. My son is home educated and I basically took a bit of every therapy program and designed it to his needs, I have also had various people involved through out his life. One thing I have learned is that bad bacteria and intolerance causes problems with his mood. Rice bran oil has been a great help to him.

  69. my son aged 17 yrs is adhd and autistic and also self injirious ..!!
    plz help me wot should i do ? wot food suppliment should i give to him

    • Please read through all the posts on my blog for advice. Basic multi-vitamin plus Gaba, magnesium, B12 will all help. He may need much more than that and if you have the means, seek out a homeopath doctor or one that specializes in treating kids on the spectrum. Not sure if you have those resources where you live, but perhaps over the internet? Best wishes.

  70. What type of doctors have you worked with to evaluate the deficiencies in your children. My oldest has Asperger’s and my second has high anxiety/OCD. I believe both could be helped with a full evaluation but have found resistance from ALL pediatricians I have gone through (5 at this point). I was thinking a DAN certified MD but there are only ND’s and RN’ s certified in my area. What can you suggest?

  71. Hi can u please tel me something about hydroxyl cobalamin as some parents use it.

  72. I need some serious help , I know a lot but I’m at a loss as to where to start first… My daughter is 7 and was diagnosed at 2 with autism/ pddnos/ and sensory disorder. Well that may not be what she is now with a lot of work she is very functioning. We had a recent diagnosis with my 12 yr old son of medulloblastoma a brain tumor that was cancerous . She has a lot to try and deal with on top of her own. So she has become stressed and aggressive along with depressed… This is just a piece of what I am dealing with… Please help!!!

    • I’m so sorry to read about what your family has been going through. I’ve been away for a year on my blog. I hope both your son and daughter are doing well. You can try GABA and magnesium to calm stress and ease depression. Please let me know if you have any other questions for me. God bless.

  73. Sorry just a lil confused are these multivitiams or are the all seperate I have a 3y old asd and was told that starting a vitamin regent might help but not sure exactly what to buy

  74. I was told not to give my 3 year old son chewable vit c because of the acid and sweetener that its bad for him .that was at a health food shop .is this correct ?

  75. Hi…
    Please send me more information about supplement to a boy 5 yo with an autistic spectrums. Thanks.

    Lidya Daud

    • Lidya, I couldn’t possibly give you recommendations, I’m not a doctor. My blog shares our experience and what works for us. You can look at his symptoms, research what works to help them. Best wishes.

  76. hi, I found your posts immensely helpful. My son has been recently diagnosed with pdd-nos. He’s 3.5 and very high functioning. Our prime concerns are lack of conversational language (age appropriate), visual stimming(seeings side to side), food aversions (very very picky eater) and recent series of meltdowns at home (his school doesn’t seem to have any problem at all). i had started giving him CLO softgels which has helped a lot with eye contact and speech. And Irwin Naturals multi soft chews.

    I would want to start with DMG – for the meltdowns and MB-12 nasal spray for speech.

    What is your experience/opinion of it? Since I want to use it for the meltdowns majorly, how are they as compared to Adrenal Cortex Extracts?
    Also, is there a supplement with Folinic Acid, Pycnogenol, grape seed extracts?

  77. Hello All,
    I remember reading here some entires about supplementing fibre, but I cannot find them now. I need some information about dynamics amongs supplementing psyllium husks and minerals such as magnesium and calcium as my sons kidneys are not functionning well. I got him started psyllium husks, I am not sure about nutritional deficiencies it may cause in the body especially on the kidneys. Any information about fibre supplementing would be highly appreciated.

  78. Can I please email you if that’s possible?

  79. Hi everybody…

    I am Rachna from India and my son was diagnosed with PDD-NOS when he was 3.3 years old. Since that time I have seriously been so tense as to what holds my sons’s future holds. He is otherwise a very smart and intelligent boy constantly revising his preschool concepts and his ABCs…but only the speech part is a hindrance and also lot of hyperactivity and toe walking…

    First of all I would pray to God that all our children who are suffering from this problem may get better as each day comes and give us a new ray of hope! So be it….

    He is on homeopathy but I really wonder whether the supplements mentioned above do bring a significant change or eases things a lil bit..Wud surely like to know what exactly will suit him best..

    • Homeopathy can do wonders…I know several parents that have seen great success with it. Have you addressed gut issues, like perhaps yeast? Hyperactivity, toe walking, speech can be caused by numerous things, but one of them that stands out for me is an over abundance of Candida yeast in gut. Best wishes,

  80. My son is 2 and just diagnosed with mild autism. How do I go about finding out which vitamins he needs and what quantity?

    • To know for certain, a lab test called Nutreval from Genova Diagnostics will tell you. Or you can do an imperical trial of different vitamins to see which ones give you results. But with such a young age, I’d go the diagnostic route…it’s a urine test.

  81. I did the supplements for a year, and went to a congress from curing autism (CEA) and heard about CD autism formerly known as MMS. You might want to look into this. It focuses on exceses of pathogens and not deficiencies in the body. I did a 360 shift and the drop in my daughters ATEC and the response has been incredible. You can google it. Super moms like us always try anything to see our children well! Good Luck!

  82. Do you recomend any powder vitamin supplement flavoring for my son i been looking i can find one also i heard liver oil is good what do you think

    • CLO is wonderful but tastes and smells horrible. I had to put it in juice in a sports/sippee cup with lid and straw so my son couldn’t smell it when he drank it. If you can’t get CLO in him, and he can swallow pills the EFA’s from Nordic Naturals are good. I used Kirkman Labs powder vitamin supplement. They are online

  83. Hello. I just started on Super Nu-Thera Hypoallergenic formula a week ago. I have not noticed any hyper-activity, however he has become very irritable. Every little thing bothers him now and is extremely cranky. Do you think this could be the vitamin?

    • It’s so hard to know which vitamin in SNT affects the child when you give a multi-vitamin. SNT is great, but that’s the down side. It could be he doesn’t need the high dose of B6 in it…try a regular children multi-vitamin.

  84. I will start giving my 10 years old daughter with Autism GABA Calm Source Naturals. She is 28 kg. I was wondering how much I should give her. In the past I tried Kirkman GABA supplement, 250g am and 250g pm, but I didn’t see much improvement in her concentration. Thank you

    • If you didn’t results with 250 mg, perhaps try a bit higher dose. Also, sometimes the concentration issues are resolved by GABA if it’s something like yeast in the gut causing it.

  85. I’ve previuosly sent a comment about giving my daughter 250g am and pm Kirman GABA supplement. What I meant was 25mg am and pm.

  86. Please tell me if I can give my 3 year old son Super Nu Thera continuously without a break, or do I have to stop it after a few weeks and continue later. I don’t have a Dan doctor where I live, so, I don’t have anyone to advise me on this. I would like to begin Super Nu Thera tomorrow and I’m not sure how long should I give him these supplements. I would greatly appreciate an answer.

    • Hi. I’m sorry for the delay. I’ve been off my blog for a long time, just getting back on it. Not sure what you decided to do, but I gave my sons SNT for a few years. It’s always good to take a break from supplements and see how the kids feel/react. Remember to ramp back up slowly once a break is taken.

  87. Hi I just found you blog this year 2014 and I think it is great!!! My son just turned 5 years old and gets colds alot. What type of Super Nuthera did you give your sons? They have several on amazon, and I don’t know which one other than it was hypoallergenic. Also do you remember what you gave your kids when they were 5 that helped with supplements and where to buy them? Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

  88. I have twins with autism one twin does. Not talk and very poor. Diet. And has aggression and some self hitting. I am trying to get him on the best vitamins pill form. The least amount as possible to get him to be better. His twin talks and eats well but has some behaviors. But is heavier then he should be and so we are always cutting back on the carbs as much as we can. But want him on the vitamins as well. They are 15 yrs old now. Hope u can give me some advice thank you

    • If diet is poor in either twin, start with a good probiotic to help with any gut issues. I’m sure they can use it. Poor diet strips the gut of good bacteria, and the probiotic will replenish it. Read through my blog to gain more information on things you can do to help your children. Aggression and self hitting can stem from yeast/bacteria in gut and not feeling well.

  89. Looks like a great stack of vitamins for your child. I have personally just switched to a greens supplements myself, it is something else you could add in.

  90. I have a son with autism and another one with ADHD. Can I start them with nu-Thera powder alone? Or do I need to add some other supplement? My autistic child is 7 and my ADHD child is 9. How often I have to give them the Nu Thera?

  91. Hi,
    I have a 3.6 year old with delayed speech (words but not sentences), and cognitive issues. Has problems with eye contact ( complete eye contact when he speaks but not much attention when others speak). Developmental pediatrician not sure on autism diagnosis and wants to re-evaluate after a few months.
    I tried barleans omega swirl fish oil and saw an improvement in a week.Then came across your wonderful website. Could you help me on the following

    1. Should I switch to pure cod liver oil from this,

    will it prove more helpful.

    2. He has no issues with digestion or sleep . Does not stimm . No repetitive movements, dietary or sensory issues.. Goes to school with no issues in behavior, but has issues with replying or following complex instructions .

    Main issue is attention and speech. I want to try DMG/TMG for speech. Could you suggest how should I choose , which form also with folic acid
    or not. I find the kirklands has liquid form DMG with no folic acid . Is one with folic acid btetter. Also which one is better dmg/tmg.

    Could you suggest anything else to add. Will go to to DAN doctor after assessment from dev.pediatrician.

    Sorry for the long post. Grateful for any suggestions

    Thanks in Advance.

    • Hi, sorry for the clay in replying. You may already have you answers but I will let you know what has worked for us. I can’t tell you what to do for your child. TMG with folinic acid worked best. Cod liver oil is wonderful and that’s what we used at first, then when they could swallow pills we switched to EFA supplements with DHA. Methyl b12 shots really helped with speech and eye contact. Best wishes!

  92. I am so relieved to find this site! My son was recently diagnosed with ADHD and the psychologist wants to put him on meds. I asked about alternative methods and he said there hasn’t been any evidence to prove natural remedies work for ADHD. My son is 6, 7 next month, weighs about 65 pounds. He can be hyperactive, but biggest concern is lack of focus in school. It’s been causing him to fall behind on his grades due to so many incomplete assignments.

    His primary doctor ordered blood tests but hasn’t let me know of any deficiencies found. I’m waiting to hear back from him. From what I’ve read so far, looks like DHA, Super Nu Thera and B6 may be good options for him. He doesn’t have problems socializing and his hyper activity doesn’t cause disruptions in class. It’s his lack of focus that is the biggest issue for him right now. Would you say those would be a good starting point?

    Thank you so much for all of the valuable info!

    • DHA, probiotics, GABA, magnesium and B6 all help with ADHD symptoms. Try to find if there is something organic going on like overgrowth of yeast. Yeast will cause hyperactivity and lack of focus. Start with cleaning up his diet, low/no sugars, no artificial ingredients, try to get him to eat as much whole foods, prepared at home as possible if you aren’t already.

  93. First of all I want to say superb blog! I had a quick question that I’d like
    to ask if you don’t mind. I was interested to know how you center yourself and clear
    your thoughts before writing. I’ve had trouble clearing my
    thoughts in getting my ideas out there. I do enjoy writing but it just
    seems like the first 10 to 15 minutes are usually lost simply just
    trying to figure out how to begin. Any suggestions or
    tips? Thank you!

    • I haven’t blogged in a year now and intend on getting back to it within the month. In the past, I never had trouble writing about something I’m passionate about and love to research. I jot down my thoughts on paper, notes from research and then start writing. Best of luck!

  94. l’m from Philippines,l want to know usually autistic kids is not allowed to take sweet like vitamins syrup how can l give my son a food supplement or vitamins that he needs,because sweet foods and drinks make them hyper….

  95. hi..i am rina from indonesia, im gland to fine your blog, its very helpfull. i want ask, how long your son use acetyl l carnitine and co q10, and gaba?. My son also uses the supplement. thnks before…

  96. Hello, I am learning so much from your blog, Can you tell me how much and when you give your taurine?

  97. Also, can anyone tell me the difference in
    GABA with Niacinamide & Inositol and just Gaba?
    Thank-you for any hlep.

    • Per Kirkman Labs website: “Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) is the most abundant inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain. It serves to fill brain receptor sites so that other messages cannot be transmitted. It works with the B vitamins niacinamide and inositol in that capacity and, for that reason, they are added to this formulation.”

  98. Pls help me with a vitamin on B6 & magnesium available in India.. my son is 16 yrs old has severe brain damage due to mengities that he contacted when he was a baby.. he has traits of autism and behavioral disorders, and bangs his head and years with his hands.. I want to try vitamins to see if it will help


  99. Hi,
    I was wondering where and what tests you had done to determine which supplements your sons needed and the doses? I have one child on the autistic spectrum and one with ADHD. Thanks for any suggestions. We live in Houston, Tx.

    • I used the Organic Acids Test (OAT) from Genova Labs. There are several labs that do this test if you google the name. The doses are recommended by my sons’ DAN doctor. Food allergy tests (blood test, not the Elisa) IGG and IGA allergies shown is a good indicator if they are reacting to foods. Best wishes!

  100. My daugther is asd child she is really smart girl but her tantrums dont let her concentrated in nothing i really dont have no help ppl look at u like u a bad parents when she has a tantrums also im try to give her some vitamins but i dont really know what to give her i was going to give her a vitamins d and the dr says no because she doesnt needs dats please any advice thank you

    • It’s so hard to give advice when I don’t have any information on what’s going on with your child. But a multi-vitamin is helpful along with Omega3’s (DHA). Tantrums can be caused by most anything, but it could be related to her not feeling well. Probiotics help with building good healthy gut bacteria. Always go slowly with adding any supplement and add one at a time to gauge reactions. Vitamin D is essential and a lot of ASD kids (and general population) is deficient in it. A low dose of 500-1,000 mg/day is usually a safe start.

  101. hi! you are amazing…… great info…. just what I needed right now… am kind of lost at the moment….as far as biomedicals are concerned….I thot I was on the right path… but haven’t received our nutraeval reports since last three months!!! its an outsource test…. am here in india and the sample has been sent to genoa… am not too sure if I shud trust the test reports since its been long and they asked for the samples twice! have asked for a refund and hoping I can go a different place to get it done…..we also got a food intolerance test done since the kid had lot of gut issues…. he has intolerance to soy, casein, milk, wheat bran, durum wheat, peas, lentils, pistachios…. so it wont be okay for him to have probiotic….right!?I hope we can start our supplements soon as the preliminary report suggested that he is low on omega3, cholesterol, vit A,C &E, ferritin, zinc…. High vit. B12…. borderline copper nd arsenic………….gosh and more….. will come back wid more questions!! hopefully I will get some help here x

    • Thank you for your kind words. Probiotics are always a good choice, the gut needs the good bacteria. Look carefully for die-off reaction and go slow. My experience with food allergies always trace back to a leaky gut. The gut can be damaged by a multitude of things, but yeast and bad bacteria is usually the culprit. Omega3’s are so beneficial, I’d say start those…make sure all your supplements are dairy free since milk allergy. Best of luck on your journey! Joanne

  102. accidently unsubscribed! 😦

  103. My son has been on nutriceuticals over the last 3 years and has shown a marked improvement in behaviour and academics. His ADHD is close to obsolete as well. Trial and error with vitamins he has taken over the years inclusive of most mentioned in the thread but most didn’t work as well as what I am now supplementing him with -fish oil, tocotrienols, l-phenylalanine , neurovit (b1/6/12), vit c and Nac (n-acetyl cysteine). My son has Aspergers and was extremely anxious, aggressive with ADHD until a year ago. Coupled with at least an hr or 2 of sports a day, a healthy balanced diet (papaya n pineapples after meals for fibre and enzymes) and good supplements, he has improved tremendously. I use to put him on gfcf diet as well but he’s off that now. Esp since I started him on Nac and l-phenylalanine, he doesn’t have all the side effects of haziness and tempers and wheezing. Best thing is not to bombard them with vitamins, timing and complementary dosage is important and more effective

  104. Thank you so much. That is very inspiring. How is your child doing thus far?

    • He is doing really well. But with all gut issues (he has them) they can reoccur if you don’t stay on top of them. His focus and attention was really off this year in school so I did another OAT (Organic Acid Profile test) on all of us and we are all suffering from yeast overgrowth. So now we are eliminating sugar and yeast in diet, started digestive enzymes, colostrum and wheat grass. Next we will take Candidase and ViraStop2x enzymes along with a natural yeast killer like coconut oil and biocidin. I know we’ll all feel better after it’s done and I will continue with digestive enzymes and gut healing treatments.

  105. Excellent. Glad to hear he is doing well. We will keep on top of the gut issues. The DAN doctor recommended Yeast Aid from Kirkman labs. The capsule was awful so got the powder form. Still very challenging for my son to take. It has a very pungent smell. They recommend masking it with orange juice or lemonade. However I have heard some good reviews on it. If only I can get him to take it as often as he should. I noticed that when he takes it his stimming decreases alot

  106. In the last month or so my son has been plateauing after making such progress. After reading your blog, I attributed it to yeast overgrowth. He was on supplements- pro-bio gold, l-glutamine, sacc. Bouardi and bio-defense film, all from Kirkman labs. All these were recommended by his DAN! doctor. He had just got done with the grape fruit extract which she said we should stop once he was done. He was doing so well however the tantrums returned, unnecessary crying, extreme stimming, mouthing and general discomfort. I noticed after a bowel movement he would be better. Stimming was out of control…hand flapping and vocal. Both very new to us. He did flap a little before this but the vocal stimming took us by surprise. Constipation went on for a week and a half. On contacting the DAN! Doctor she asked us to stop all supplements for a week and introduce them slowly. On our next visit she prescribed Nystatin. The effects are nasty. Hyperactivity, jitters, a lot of blinking and grinding of teeth and of course the stimming was overboard. However she did warn us and told us to keep going. Right now I am thinking of doing the OAT test and the heavy metal test from Great Plains lab. Would you recommend these tests or any others? Also have you ever had to use nystatin and if so what was the experience like??? It’s scaring me.

    • I recommend the OAT test, it’s such a good profile of what’s going on. Heavy metal test too is a good idea, yeast biofilm can hold onto the heavy metals in gut. I’ve never used Nystatin, so have no experience with it. We are going a non-med route with Candidase and ViraStop2X. It’s easier on system and the enzymes eat at the yeast outer coating, then you can add a natural yeast killer like coconut oil/grapeseed extract and the ViraStop2X cleans up debris. Ramping up the does causes die-off, but activated charcoal can help if you can manage the timing 2 hrs away from supplements/yeast treatments and meals…I’m finding that difficult. Talk to your doctor about using a different yeast killer if the affects are scaring you. Read up on Candidase and ViraStop2x. Good luck!

    • Hi JewelbeIndia,
      Which DAN doctor you are consulting with?

  107. Thank you so much for all your help. I will go ahead and do the 2 tests.Where can I get the Candidase and Virastop2x? Any recommendations for the activated charcoal? Was meaning to get this but can’t find it in the pharmacies. I am also having a hard time with the supplements and yeast treatment. I decided to alternate the supplements each day as I finish the yeast treatment. I will keep you updated on the progress and really appreciate all your insight and help. This truly is a lifesaver blog. All the best with your family.

  108. Is your son with autism taking individual vitamins in addition to the super nutra from Kirkman

  109. Where did you find your DAN doctor? I thought they did not exist. What is the difference between a DAN doctor or MAPS doctor? I am looking into MAP doctor for my son who is on the spectrum?

  110. A big cause of ADHD and Autism is pyrolle disorder. It is a severe deficiency of B6, omega 6 and Zinc. Go to an integrative boimedical doctor (google for one in your area). Its a Urinary Pyrolle test you need. My daughter is 80% less autistic with wupplementing her with these.

    Also read John Gray’s “Lost and Found” Pdf file you can find it online. It gives you a biomedical plan and explanation.

  111. Hello, I am also having a hard time trying to decide what types of vitamins to give my son, and how often. Can anyone help? He is diagnosed with autism and adhd and is 2 1/2 years old. Thank you!

    • It’s important to find out first what his deficiencies are and which supplements will help him the most. Lab tests are truly the only way to know without spending a lot of money on supplements he may not need. Here’s a wonderful resource where you don’t need a DAN doctor to interprete your lab results…they do it for you!

  112. Hello, I am also having a hard time trying to decide what types of vitamins to give my son, and how often. Can anyone help? He is diagnosed with autism and adhd and is 2 1/2 years old. Thank you!!

  113. I gave my son NDF children, which is softer, but he did not support. He grinds his teeth day and noite.As times in your stool has much mucus. Did a survey of IgG, and he has intolerance to milk and gluten, but could not make to your diet, as it is very selective with food and it is a thin child, but this week we will remove milk from their diet. The examination of parasites (for some parasites) was negative. I would love him to stop the Stimm (is clapping) and I would love for him to speak. Some supplements that have: DMG (balance), TMG, multivitamins, theanine, GABA, glycine, probiotic and prebiotic (inulin), L-methionine, taurine, L-carnosine, biotin, choline and inositol, children’s DHA (nordic) Amino Support (Kirkman), L-Tyrosine, NAC, Candex, digestive enzymes, 5-HTP, vitamin D3 5,000UI, chelate zinc 30mg, magnesium oxide, vitamin B-6, PS100 (Phosphatidylserine with soy) .Please me says what he would do in my place, because you have a great experience in autism the subject. I need to help my son, please help me! The supplements have a better efficiency being taken with or without meals? if you want you can pass information to my email

    • Are you giving your son all these supplements?

    • Hi, those are a lot of supplements. Do you know how they are supposed to help you? Did your doctor/homeopath recommend them?

      If you want to improve speech, try adding selenium. It is great for cognitive development, an antioxidant for the brain, balances the neurotransmitters, improves mood, helps against methyl mercury and aluminum, improves the immune system and helps with the function of the thyroid. My son was still baby talking until about a year later after giving him that and probiotics.

      You might not need all the above. If there is an autoimmune problem that is the causation of all the problems that required him to take all that, it might be best to just balancing his immune system. It allows the body to detox naturally and therefore allows the body to function more naturally and produce its own GABA and other items naturally. Only way to do this is by increasing the antioxidant glutathione that controls the immune system (TH1 and TH2). I use sterols & sterolins (moducare that takes 2 – 3 months to start working) with other immune supporting supplements – omega 3, probiotics, selenium, magnesium, zinc, calcium, vitamin D, and I use B-complex with Folate.

      He lacks the necessary vitamins and minerals that are essential to a healthy immune system and good health in general due to poor diet.

      I do not know your situation, so I can not judge. I can only tell you from experience. And I know from experience, that even if you think there are no immune problems because there are no problems like allergies, or things you can not associate with it, chances are there is still that problem. Autoimmune disorders in some form or another have been associated with autistic children.

      There are some pretty good milk substitutes and you can either get or make gluten free bread. Also find a more natural sugar substitute, and avoid additives and preservatives where possible. Make stews with veggies, the gravies help get the veggies down, start with carrot sticks, things like that, just keep on trying, because the older they get, the harder it gets to change their eating habits.

  114. You seem to be on the right track. What I did was add sterols and sterolines (Moducare), read up on the benefits. It helps to balance the immune system, immune enhancing vits are magnesium, zinc, selenium, omega 3, probiotics. I also add B-complex with foliate. Once you balance the immune system, any other problems starts to correct itself. Done this in my daughter with multiple allergies and elevated TSH levels and eczema and my son with brain inflammation. The results are amazing. No more allergies, TSH is normal, eczema disappeared. My son do not suffer mood disorder and aggression. And they tend to put children like him on Risperdal.

  115. I am looking for advice as well. My son is 11 with high functioning autism, ADHD, OCD, ODD and PDD. My son just had a micronutrient test done to see what vitamins and minerals hes deficient in. Anyone have any advice regarding this test or the supernuthera? thx

  116. I am in the same boat, Melissa my son is 11 with high functioning autism, ADHD, OCD, PDD and ODD. we Just got a micronutrient test done 3 days ago to see what vitamins he is deficient in? We just started him on a fish oil, vitamin C not too long ago. I say to take a test to see what he is deficient in and then go from there.

  117. Hello all,

    Has anyone done a fecal transplant for any of the kids to address gut dysbosis?


  118. my adhd 8 year son he is very active and hyper in the school he interrup in the class be cause his impulsiness and hyper i gave him 1. calcium with magnesium citrate soglar ,2. 1,000 mg b12 liquid form , 3. nu thera with p-5p , fólic ácid, omegas…. And for sleep melatonin and valerian … He has trouble in sleep. My question is what else suplementation i can give him. And is You can give me the doses in general for him 8 years 75 pounds for magnesium , omega , b complex, etc…..

  119. Any DAN! doctors in the UK?

  120. hello. I am new at biomed and need help regarding my son constipation. I read thatt u gave magnesium glyconate ..plz can u tell me what brand u used for mg glyconate and vitamin c for constipation plz. I am desperate as. we. do not. have any Dan doctors here and I ordered probiotics, enzymes , omega oil and. agape multivitamin.from usa son . we live in the middleeast. plz help

  121. Hi,my son is on DMG and there is great improvement. can i also use omega fish oil together with DMG. Thanks

  122. Hello

    Do you give the magnesium on an empty stomach? What part of the day?

  123. Wow….. a lot of info, and it awesome that you take time to help and answer questions. I have a 7 yr old boy ASD. I’m looking to get started on some biomedical/supplements. Unfortunately, the MAPS dr in our area has a wait and she won’t have openings until September. I am thinking of starting my little man on a multivitamin( Super Nu-Thera with p-5-p), a probiotic and maybe even Nordic naturals pro omega. Do you suggest against any of these or recommend something else on top of these prior to getting testing with the dr? Enzymes? And also do you have a specific probiotic recomendation? Their is so many options, I just don’t know. Preferably not a pill. We also plan to transition towards GFCF, although I feel a little bad because that is basically all he eats. Can GFCF issues be tested for prior to starting diet? Thank you so much any replies.

    • I tried the SNT supplement before I saw my DAN doctor and had great results. But every child is different. Start slow, track progress made and what you’re giving him every day. If something works, keep it, if it doesn’t, remove it. Yes you can do food allergy/sensitivity testing (IGE/IGG) to see if he’s reacting to gluten. But if the gut isn’t healthy, he’ll react to a lot, including gluten. Whole foods, veggies, legumes, water, water, no juice…probiotics. Heal the body, the mind follows. Best wishes.

  124. Seems there is always a reason why we cannot take something! The Kirkmans has high doses of ascorbic acid, which a test showed mine doesn’t do well with, it also has cynoco instead of metho for the B12 which I heard is not healthy, and I don’t see the folic acid which I heard L tyrosine needs to work. I’m just so frustrated!

  125. hello,
    my son is on probiotics now can I combine the vitamins and calcium.

  126. my question is should I clean the gut before starting on vitamins or should I give probiotics simultaneously with vitamins and calcium.

  127. My almost 20yr old son with autism is not taking any kind of vitamin supplements. He has been very aggressive for the last 3yrs. I’m interested to see if you could help me out I’m out of solutions to wether or not to keep using medical drugs.He weighs 210lbs and he is 5’11.

  128. Hi my grandson is autistic and Doctors in this country don’t believe in giving b supplements to children. How can l get information about the use and safety of these supplements?

  129. hello,

    My son is 4y old , he is in the autism spectrum with speech and social delays.I started probiotis and fish oil every day and vitamins(B6 and Magnesium) naturally with some foods(bananas, nuts, some vegs).Does the behaviours increases in the starting after giving probiotics and fish oil? is this normal??any one is having any experiences with this, please comment.

    thank you.

    • Yes, sometimes behaviors increase due to detoxing. But I always recommend you start one supplement at a time and monitor for a week before starting another. That way you can determine which supplement he may react to and stop giving.

  130. Hi,
    My son is 4 with SPD and ADHD. Started with supplements. Presently I am giving zn, mag with p5p, cod liver oil, dmg with folinic acid,GABA,multivitamins. But I am unable to understand with what combinations and what timing should I give these supplements to him. I give zinc mag and vitamin a in the morning he becomes so hyper. Without knowing why he is hyper I would stop giving supplements for a couple of days then he would have behavioural problems. Please need help. Suggest the timing and combination of supplements.

  131. Hi my name is Toya I’m so happy that I seen your page

    My son is 3 years old he would diagnose with autism

    He’s non verbal
    I would like to know what vitamins to get him and and how much to give him

    Do you get aggravated and he like to bite and scratch

    It’s because he can’t tell me what he want

    He had a problem with constipation

    They get frustrated maybe because his stomach beat her and he can’t tell me what he want

    I need your support and help right now I don’t know what to do

    Drink milk milk milk

    Picky eater

    He likes to drink juice

    He like to eat chips and chicken nuggets sometime hamburger

    I really know I really want to know about his diet what can I give him or what kind of vitamins

    Please help me

    He go to pre-k at school did he go to therapy after he got speech therapy occupational therapy and behavior therapy he been there for almost a year and some months and I haven’t seen no results
    Maybe a little results but not too much results I am lost

    • Sorry for the late reply. I hope your son is doing better. A whole foods diet, not prepackaged foods is best. Water for liquids, try diluting the juices until you get him to drink water. Supplement with the vitamins you can find on to get him the nutrients he is lacking. Heal his gut with probiotics, and use digestive enzymes with all meals to break down the food and help with constipation. Magnesium helps constipation too. I also recommend doTERRA essential oils to calm naturally, and they have a Digestzen oil that can be used topically to help with digestive issues.

  132. Hi how you doing Latoya

    I have a son and a daughter struggling with reading I would like to know this any kind of vitamins can help them with a brain functioning

  133. My daughter suffers from severe dermatitis, allergies, and possibly histamine intolerance (being the culprit of our severe rashes and itchiness), I’m trying to find a probiotic for her to control the histamine and heal her gut (she was on very potent antibiotics for a while), so there is some definite healing needed for her, I’ prefer natural, no additives, no preservatives, etc. (She is super sensitive to so much! ), I’m having a hard time finding a vitamin, and PROBIOTIC for her, ANY suggestions or recommendations would be a huge blessing!! Thank you and have a blessed day! 😊 “mom of 3 sensitive little girls!”

    • If you haven’t found a good probitic, try doTERRA’s PBAssist. It is encaspsulated so the probiotics survive the acidic environment in the stomach and reach the intestines where they are needed. Has a prebiotic in the outer layer of capsule to feed the good bacteria for growth. Doesn’t require refrigeration and expensive shipping on ice.

  134. Did you have your son tested for all individual
    Supplements? How do you know what they need and how much without running hundreds of dollars worth of individual blood tests?

    I was going to test the following & then supplement.

    Vitamin D, zinc, iron, calcium, b6, magnesium & b12. Would a bcomplex we better than just b6 & b12 individually? My son is VERY hyperactive and is on the spectrum,any help would be much appreciated!

  135. Hi. My son is 4. He has major mito issues. I am starting to address those. Also He is on daily mb12 shots. Hes low on a couple other Bs so i was curious, his b1 shows in range, but do you think he could still benefit from supplementing with it?

    • Yes, he could benefit supplementing with other vitamins and minerals. But ideally, address his gut health. If he is low on vitamins from a nutritious diet rich in whole foods, he may have malabsorption issues. An imbalanced gut can be a cause. Support it with a good probiotic.

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