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  1. Hi There,
    I stumbled upon your website when googling for some help, and am pleasantly surprised by your knowledge in all things biomedical! We actually see Dr. Compain from Dr. Bock’s office in Rhinebeck, ny- after reading several books – Dr. Bock’s Healing the 4 a’s really stood out and I told my husband this was the guy who was going to help recover and heal our lil guy. We have been seeing him since July 12′ and we had started on Nystatin but after our last visit in getting some of the tests results back Dr. Compain suggested we try Diflucan for 3 weeks for two of the yeast that were present after stool testing- then getting back on the nystatin again– however I’m concerned and I did bring this up to Dr. Compain, but I am concerned that my son each time after have a dose of either medicine appears as if he has ring worm on both sides of his cheeks just below his eyes. They turn up bright red, spotty, and bumpy. IF this is just a yeast die off do I need to cut back in dosage? Or.. what is causing this? Thanks so much!


    • It sounds like it could be a yeast die-off, our skin is the largest organ and detoxification system for our body…but I’d follow whatever advice your doctor gives you. I have heard parents talk about breakouts with rashes (from die-off of yeast) on the face, buttocks, legs, abdomen, around mouth, etc. I’ve been told by my DAN doctor that Diflucan is better at attacking certain yeasts than Nystatin. Has your doc talked about using charcoal capsules if the die-off gets to be too much?

  2. Thanks so much for your swift response! Yes, he did say if behaviors become aggressive or out of the norm to activate the charcoal I’m just wondering for how long should we see this die off occur? How long is too long? 🙂 All the best!

    • Hard to know how long a die-off can last since each child and symptoms are different. But do expect to see it go away, then return as you start any other type of protocol that helps the body detox (like MB-12 shots). Sometimes it takes a few weeks before die-off settles down, sometimes a few days. Activated charcoal capsules work amazing since it mops up all toxins excreted…but don’t give them 1-2 hours before or after meals/supplements. Best wishes!

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