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  1. nature of things from
    Aired December 8. Very interesting finding. This is very new scientific and promising…without any big business backing it up.

    The use of anitibotics caused a boy to get autism. Then with Dr. Finegold (an 90 year old microbiologist) found that an injection
    of something the body lacked (it is in the documentary) the boy’s behaviour changed to a more interactive/social behaviour in four weeks. This is all taped and aired in the documentary. They couldn’t get more funding for this project so it had to quit. The mother’s heartache was felt. The medical community didn’t want to back it up.
    I’m going to watch it a second time.

  2. Oh wow, a documentary? What was it called, and do you know if there’s a way to see it online? I seem to be struggling with PST deficiency, so this peaked my interest. ~Thanks!

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