Strange name for a page on biomedical treatments, but yes, a large majority of kids on the spectrum need assistance in detoxifying harmful substances from their body.  Substances like PBCs (plastics), antimony (from clothing/bedding), heavy metals (lead, mercury, aluminum, cadmium) or toxins from their diet like phenols, preservatives, pesticides, etc. You can only imagine what can happen neurologically when a child has these toxins circulating in their tissues/organs.  Lead is know to cause learning disabilities and along with mercury, aluminum, cadmium are neurotoxins.  A neurotoxin is a substance which inhibits the functions of neurons which are found throughout the brain and nervous system.

My son with autism tested with increased levels of PCBs, antimony, arsenic, aluminum, lead, and mercury in his body.  What we learned, with additional diagnostic testing, was that his own detoxification pathway was jammed. He was unable to detoxify completely on his own, due to his methylation pathway deficiency.  Add to that his trouble with processing phenols (PST deficiency), and low glutathione levels, he wasn’t excreting the toxins his body was taking in.

The first step we took to help him was a transdermal glutathione lotion. We also started him on TMG with folinic acid and methyl-B12 shots. These supplements helped his methylation pathway along with the nightly epsom salt baths for his PST deficiency. After getting good supplements of vitamins and minerals in him, we started him on IV chelation treatments to detox him of the heavy metals he was holding onto. Ca-EDTA with glutathione and vitamin C were added to his IV. He had some anxiety at first, but soon became use to the bi-weekly procedure.  I think he started to feel physically better and once he realized the IV didn’t hurt (thanks to EMLA cream), he was very cooperative and sweet during the procedure.  We saw immediate improvements and gains in his language, cognition, eye contact and social interactions.  IV chelation therapy was one of the biggest WOWS we got along with the methly-B12 shots in our biomedical journey.

We ran labs on his body burden of heavy metals before, during and after this protocol. He was excreting lead, cadmium, nickle and aluminum for a while, then some mercury started to show up on the labs. Ca-EDTA primarily targets lead in the body. Once the lead is depleted, other heavy metals will come out. During this process we gave him additional minerals that would have been depleted after the treatments. We also supported his liver with a herbal supplement called Liverlife. It’s great in helping the phase 1 & 2 liver detox pathways and supports good liver function.

Since our son’s labs indicated a moderate level of mercury, a year after IV chelation therapy we started the supplement OSR (Oxidative Stress Relief) by Dr. Boyd Haley. This supplement is a powerful antioxidant that acts somewhat like a chelator even though it’s not approved by the FDA as one. It binds with mercury and exits the body via the bowels. Our son has trouble with sulfur based foods and supplements, so we took it really slow with this one. First we boosted his levels of molybdenum by giving him 200 mcg/day. Then we started at 25 mg/day of OSR for about a month, then slowly increased it over 4 months to 100 mg/day. He struggled at times with the burden it might have put on his PST pathway, but we kept up the nightly Epsom salt baths.  He stayed on OSR for a total of six months. We noticed an improvement in his social, language and eye contact.  He is more cognizant and present.

Our next objective for our son would be to help support his detoxification with HBOT (hyperbaric oxygen therapy). That is the only area of biomedical that we haven’t tried that I believe will benefit him tremendously. Obviously, we are saving money for this procedure since it is expensive and not covered by medical insurance.

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  1. Great Blog! Glad I stumbled on it. When I do detox for liver cleansing I restrict my diet and use herbal supplements. It seems to work to get rid of toxins already in my body and lower the number of new toxins being ingested. It really helps to use filtrated,distilled water. Hope this is useful!

  2. Hi, Great blog! So helpful. I have an 8yr old daughter with PDD-NOS. This area of supplementation and detox is new to me. I was wondering where you get the transdermal lotion. Is it OTC? Also, the methyl B-12 shots must be prescribed by a Dr. I am assuming? The other things you mentioned sound like they could be found at Kirkman Labs? We do not live near a DAN! Dr but may have to look into finding one.

    • Thank you Lynn, glad to hear it’s helpful! The transdermal glutathione lotion was given to us from our DAN doctor. It was a prescription. But, you can buy one from Kirkman Labs. My son couldn’t tolerate it, he had an allergic reaction to the lotion, not the glutathione. Yes, the mb12 shots are a prescription from a doctor, DAN. I hope you can find a DAN doctor close to where you live. I do have to drive an hour each way to see mine, but well worth it!! Best of luck,

      • I did some looking and found that the closest one is about 3 hrs away. So I will have to look into that. I don’t know but I am assuming they are probably not covered by insurance. But, where there’s a will there’s a way. Thanks agan, Lynn

      • Hi, How can I learn my childs body need detoxation? Last year. Genetics test is done They took many blood and urine. They checked many things and they said he doesnt need any kind of diet. His body can process food well. Everything is fine they said. I have his reports. What should I check from his report to understand the metal level is okey. I m not sure if they checked metals level also? Thanks for your help..

      • Without knowing the names of the tests they did, I wouldn’t know if they checked for heavy metals. Some labs will show different markers that indicate heavy metal toxicity, but you would need your doctor to review it with you. Genetic testing would only show a marker for biochemical pathways that are damaged and the body would have trouble detoxifying.

        If you want to learn more about testing for heavy metals, this link explains porhryrin tests and you can have your doctor order it from Metametrix:

        A lab in France will test porphyrins and you can order it online here without a doctor:

      • Which chelator do you believe worked better – IV or osr???

      • IV Chelation was a huge improvement for my son because we had not done any other detox protocol for him, so it cleared out his system and we saw results immediately. OSR was additional boosts in eye contact and language, but we had to manage the sulfur aspect of it with molybdenum supplement.

  3. Did insurance pay for your IV EDTA? And, did you have to do a challenge to prove he had lead? I am just wondering because I know that the caEDTA is approved by the FDA for lead. Thanks! I am about to embark on this FINALLY after dealing so long with yeast and vitamin deficiencies, etc. My son has been on MB12 shots a long time and just got on the glutathione cream .

    • I have HMO insurance that does not pay for anything not performed by my primary doctor, so no, we paid out of pocket for IV EDTA. We had done a toxic metals lab that tests the porphyrins for any heavy metal burden. He was moderate in mercury and had lead, aluminum, antimony, cadmium, PCB’s, etc. He did dump mostly lead, but also these other toxins including mercury once the majority of lead was pulled. Mercury hides behind lead and won’t get pulled out till most lead is gone. We also did urinary toxic metals labs right after the IV EDTA to show what he was dumping. We did the glutathione transdermal lotion too. Best wishes for a healthy recovery of your child.

  4. Hi,

    I have written several posts on the MB12 page and am happy with the results… I suppose we have only started the shots as it hasn’t even been 6months. However, I have been reading data about chelation therapy and would like to look into this for my son. The side effects seem very serious, making me hesitant to go down this path, although it looks like several people are using this type of treatment. I noticed that you said the IV treatment sessions were bi-weekly. How long was your son on this therapy before you saw results? Also, is the chelation therapy a short or long term treatment (how many weeks/months is the programme)?

    Currently, my son is doing HBOT, MB12 injections, ABA therapy, diet and supplements. Are you able to tell me since starting biomedical intervention, how long did it take for you to consider your child “cured” of his autism? I understand and appreciate that this can be a very long road to recovery..

    • We first did a lab test to determine if our son indeed have heavy metals retained. It’s a Porphyrins Profile urine test that can identify heavy metal toxicity or organic chemical exposure. Metametrix does this test ( and so does a lab in France, Laboratoire Philippe Auguste ( If it comes back indicating chelation would benefit, only then would I proceed. Our son did bi-weekly treatments for 6 months then we went every three weeks for another 3 months. We ran urine labs after every other treatment to see what toxins he was excreting from the treatment and stopped once it showed the levels within normal range. Every child will have different needs on length of treatment. We saw great results within the first two treatments. I believe my son felt better overall, his language and socialization soared!
      As a side note, I don’t believe my son is “cured” of autism. He is “recovering” from it and we are still working on it but he’s almost there. His only deficit from autism that remains is a little bit of expressive language issues and some social cues. Have you read my post Recovery From Autism is Possible? check it out here:

    • Sarah- Can i ask all the things you said your doing with you child, who recommended them your regular pediatrician and developmental pedi? Just curiosity i feel like i have so much more to learn before i have a clear understanding of what ot do for my daughter and what to ask for etc etc…thanks any info would be appreciated.

      • I would search dr Isaac eliaz detox on you tube. He is a naturopathic physician who worked with lead scientists and developed a detox using modified citrus pectin (MCP) to remove toxins from the bloodstream and modified algenate to remove the toxins from the digestive tract. Watch his you tube videos regarding it and it will send you to his site for econugenics to purchase it. It is also very gentle on the system unlike many detox products on the market.

        If you plan to use this long term, he partnered with a company called Qivana (network marketing) and they use a variation of his detox product that he co-developed for them. It would give you an opportunity to build a business while offsetting your cost. Definitely watch his videos! It will be well worth your time!! If you have any questions about it, feel free to call me at 407-222-9356. Carrie

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  5. oh, oops, i forgot to say my son has also started Auditory Integration Therapy (AIT) in the last 3 weeks.

  6. Thank you once again for your helpful and informative response. Im off to check out the links you recommended! =)
    I am working with a DAN doctor and we have just been given my sons lab results which did show high levels of heavy metals.If our DAN doctor does suggest chelation, I look forward to hopefully seeing results similar to your son! Thanks again for sharing your situation!

  7. Would you give me a general idea about how much should I expect to pay for going to a DAN doctor? Like how much do these doctors generally charge for initial meeting & lab tests, and about how much the Chelation, Methyl-B12 shots, etc cost?

    My husband left, and I don’t get health insurance from my job. I want to see if I can do something for my son.


    • Hi Rebecca,

      It depends on the area you live in and the doctor. But it can get costly. Supplements add up as well as the doctor visits. We’ve forgone new cars, new furniture, etc. while treating our sons biomedically…but it was sooooo worth it! Lab tests can range from $35 – $700 depending on what lab you run. MB-12 shots cost between $50-$75/month from a compounding pharmacy. Chelation costs will depend on the doctor, what type you try. You can always learn more on the internet if you can’t afford a DAN doctor and try treating him with diet first, then basic supplements. Read around my blog…I have lots of info for newbies!
      Best wishes,

      • did you ever try registering with the division of developmental delays to see if they would cover the costs of any of this? especially with a diagnosis my OT has told me they will help pay for treatments…though i haven’t bothered with the 50 pg packet yet as im just going to the developmental pediatrician this coming tuesday.

  8. please, somebody there can tell me about more or less, the cost for detoxification by EDTA chelation? I live in Camarillo, CA.

  9. i live orlando florida my home town is apopka . i need a doctor to treat my kids . do you know any Dan doctor that live on this area

  10. […] There is also a cream that sells for about $45 that can increase the Glutathione in his body by putting it on his feet at night.  This blog I found explains a bit about what the cream does as it’s known to help the body to detoxify: […]

  11. Hi, I was wondering if you know if red spots that are slightly raised can be a sign of a healing crisis? My son who is 3 is currently be assessed for autism. I’m trying to help him presently on my own. I have him on the GFCF diet, digestive enzymes, multi vits, clo, probiotic, liverlife. The spots started shortly after using liverlife. Been to the doctors as they look a bit like chicken pox but they ruled that out and didn’t know what they are. Feel out of my depth, do you think I should stop liverlife? I’m only giving him 1 drop and he seems happy in himself. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Marie

    • Hi Marie,
      Without knowing when you started GFCF, and enzymes, it’s hard to say it’s the Liverlife. Both the diet and enzymes can kill off pathogens as they are starved to death. Yeast/bacteria create a die-off reaction that many times shows up on the skin. The skin is our largest organ and toxins come out on it if the liver/bowels can’t keep up. I’ve experienced die-off with Liverlife and my son too has the skin bumps when he goes through detox. Keep up the Liverlife going realllllllyyy slow and low on dose. Wait until the red bumps clear up before increasing the dose another drop. If detox symptoms get worse, you can always utilize activated charcoal caps. Remember to give them 1-2 hours away from any supplements or food since they mop up all toxins in gut and will also mop up nutrients if food is there. Best wishes!

  12. Hi Joanne,
    I am a Speech Pathologist and a mum to two boys. My eldest son is not detoxing properly and has antimony, tin and uranium retained. I know antimony can come from bedding and pyjamas (is it the fire retardant?) – do you know of a way to get rid of it in bedding and PJs?
    Also, we have changed to a flouride-free toothpaste and are now using purified water, but are there any other ways to reduce exposure to these metals?
    He’s taking chlorella to clean him out as well.
    Incidentally I am commending your wonderful site to many of the famiies I work with! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!
    Liz Dobell
    Sydney, Australia

  13. Hello, I am just beginning to learn about these issues and have started doing a few detox items with my son. Did you ever notice detox symptoms? I have noticed that the first two times I gave my son chlorella he woke up with bad dreams that night. Same with detox baths (epsom salt, etc.) Have you heard of this type of reaction or experienced anything similar? Thanks!

    • Yes. My sons have had night terrors from detox and food allergies (like milk). Always go low and slow on doses and uping them when giving detox supps. I always back off a bit on the dose or amount of epsom salts in bath when I see this…then ramp back up slowly.

  14. hi joane, how much time do you needed after taking vitamin and suplement and healing the gut, untill ready for chelation?.
    thanks 🙂

  15. Hello my son has been diagnosed with Autism and ADHD. I have not had any blood work done for him. What should my first step be. A friend of mine told me about the protocol detox. I want 2 to try it for my son. He is 6 years old. What should be my first step.

    • If you can find a MAPS or DAN doctor first, the test can be interpretted by them with recommendations on what to do next. The Organic Acid Profile (urine test) is a great start. Food allergy testing (blood test) to determine IGG and IGE allergies.

  16. I have allergic reactions to mushrooms. Liverlife contains several Any other suggestions?

  17. I have been working with A Dan doc for a year now. My son is 2 1/2 and has come a long way. We did acupressure treatments for allegories, which really helped. He no longer needs no fenol for phenol reactions. He is super sensitive to vitamins and can’t seem to find a multivitamin he can handle. He is on B12 shots, Omega, and a strong probiotics, plus anti fungal meds.

    We did the metals test thru our Dan doc but my son’s came back normal. Does anyone still chelate if their tests come back normal? My son has bad yeast So my doc wants him to have formed stools for a while before or if we go that route.

    We just started mild in home Hbot. He has done 9 treatments. It makes him very stimmy and lots of ear covering so far. Did anyone else see these side affects in the beginning? If so how long do they last? We are trying and doing anything possible to recovery our son. He has come such a long way.

    • I’ve found in research that HBOT can exacerbate yeast symptoms. It kills of bad bacteria that thrive on an oxygen deprived environment and yeast can take over if it’s already a problem. Stimmy and sound sensitivity can be from yeast. I would get the gut healthy first before you go to more extensive treatments like chelation and HBOT. But that’s my opinion only, I’m not a doctor.Keep up the good fight, you will have your son back. It’s a long road, that never ends, but the scenery improves greatly every year they develop healthier.

  18. Are there other natural ways to detox? Cause some of those things I don’t where I can get them.

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