GI Distress and Autism

Autism Speaks Trailblazer scientists link increases in dendritic cells with autistic regression, brain changes, repetitive behaviors and GI distress. Image courtesy of Elaine Hsiao/CalTech.

Finally some credible research that proves autism is linked to gut dysfunction. It’s the gut-brain-immune system triad that I keep going back to every time I research anything to do with treating autism bio-medically.  We’ve got to heal our children’s gut in order to get the immune system and brain to function normally.  They are interconnected.

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  1. thank you for the info. Now I know that my son’s regression was due to problems of the gut. He is two years old but i started him on GFCF at 1 year and 8 months. Slowly but surely he is coming out of his world, socializing and communicating with us. So therapy along with the detox program and GFCF diet I am positive we will be able to reverse autism.

  2. BINGO…enjoyed reading this share!! I did a thesis on Colitis/Crohn’s and along with my holistic nutrition degree and other studies, it was clear to me that the gut/brain connection was part of a number of issues. After much time, I too could tie in a dysfunctional immune system. There are many factors to consider when bringing it back into balance. Bringing the mind/body medicine into the mix along with certain other key areas. I am very hopeful for many to understand the potential and solutions. Had good success with children and a natural mammalian omega source…clinical study showed 4 non-phasic autistic children speaking in 6 weeks. This could be a valuable piece of the puzzle. Thanks again for sharing and glad I opened this email. Warmly, Cheryl

  3. so is it your older or younger son the one with autism? It is difficult to tell from your posts

  4. Thank you for your blog and infomation. I find it very helpful. Would you mind sharing which doctor you used for your journey?

  5. Sorry I keep replying, but im not sure if you are aware of this. Sodium benzoate is sometimes unavoidable in certain situations, but if you give it at the same time as you give ascorbic acid (vitamin c) it reacts to form benzene, a carcinogen. So just a heads up if you administer sodium benzoate, be sure to space it out so you are not giving vitamin c supplements, or even foods high in vitamin c such as fruits at the same time. I wouldn’t want that beautiful family of yours to be exposed to benzene.

  6. Last comment for awhile I promise. But would you be interested in me helping you write this blog? Im autistic, I know what its like, and I am dual majoring in microbiology and neurobiology. With you momma wisdom and my personal experience and scientific background, we could be a double threat! Im not taking nearly as many classes as I am last semester and doing research for the most part. Tis the best job ever!! I get paid to have fun

    • Yes Taylor…I’d love if you shared your knowledge and personal experience on this subject. I am leaving on vacation for two weeks and then come home to start the kids in school. I can take a look at what you write after August 16th…sorry for delay. Thank you!

      • Be on the lookout for tips on raising autistic teens. I will take a few days to write it. No rush in reading it, just something useful for parents since most autism info is aimed at young kids, and unfortunately those young kids become teens

      • Perfect! I can’t wit to read it. 🙂

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