Summer is over?! But it’s only mid-August!

I have had a crazy, busy, summer this year and have not found time to blog all summer long. I miss it. My kids go back to school next week on August 17th and that marks the official end of summer for them. Where did the time go? Well, mine and my son with autism’s time went to hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT). We had to get 40 sessions in this summer without taking breaks longer than 3 days. Our days have been spent in a big metal tube, watching DVDs (I read a book) and driving back and forth for an hour each way. I’ll blog about our experience next time.

Right now, I’m still trying to get my head around “back-to-school”. I have to confess. I’m in denial. We have not bought one iota of school supplies, clothes, backpacks…oh, the stress of doing this the day before school starts! See, we are cramming in the last of HBOT sessions this week and then leaving on a much needed family vacation to a mountain lake for 5 days of camping. It was that, or stay home and prepare for school by dragging some unhappy (whinny) boys from store to store. Nope! I opted to procrastinate.

You may wonder how my son with autism will feel about my lack of preparing him for the start of school. Well, we will find out on August 17th. Yes, sometimes parents of children with autism have to “wing it” and just see how their child adapts. I believe he needs to be exposed to the unexpected by not being front-loaded with information all the time. Sometimes going off the therapy curriculum is OK so your child can see that life isn’t always carefully planned out, prepped and non-stressful. ┬áMy son is very high functioning and he can deal with these unexpected things thrown at him most of the time, so it may not be for every child on the spectrum. I’m just putting it out there for all parents with kids on the spectrum to consider trying at least once in a while; especially if they’ve always controlled their child’s environment.

My summer can’t be over. It hasn’t really started yet, so I’m going to have to enjoy mine starting August 17th. Am I the only one out there that hasn’t had a “summer” yet?

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