Cuckoo for Coconut Kefir

I have heard parent’s success stories about helping their child with autism recover with diet and the healing benefits of coconut kefir. So I researched it and found that it is a rockin’ probiotic drink and offers much more than good gut health. Here is the dish on this hard to find, expensive drink.

True coconut kefir is derived from young, green, coconuts from Thailand. (1st obstacle in making this drink) The coconut water is combined with kefir starter to create a nutritionally dense, probiotic rich, non-dairy, drink.

What is Kefir?

Kefir is a starter culture made from gelatinous white or yellow particles called “grains”. The grains ferment the milk incorporating their beneficial yeast as well as friendly “probiotic” bacteria, to create the “cultured” product. The grains are then removed (by straining) before consumption and can be used again.

The naturally occurring bacteria and yeast in kefir combine symbiotically (I love that word!) to provide excellent health benefits when consumed regularly.

Kefir can be made from any type of milk, cow, goat, coconut, soy, or rice. For the lactose intolerant population that cannot digest cow or goat milk, kefir provides lactase, an enzyme that consumes the left over lactose after the culturing process. Therefore, lactose intolerance should not stop anyone from consuming kefir dairy products.

What is the Difference Between Coconut Water and Coconut Milk?

This one had me so confused. From what I’ve researched, coconut water is the liquid that comes from the young, green, coconuts. Coconut milk is derived from extracting the meat of the mature coconut which contains a lot of fat and calories. This fat is not as bad as it sounds though. Coconut oil is 92% saturated fat. Don’t freak out yet! It’s approximately 65% (two-thirds) medium chain fatty acids (MFCA). Most all other fats and oils (saturated and unsaturated, plant or animal based) are mostly long chained fatty acids (LCFA). LCFAs are the fats that accumulate in your fat cells, and clogs your arteries. Your body needs pancreatic digestive enzymes and bile to digest LCFAs and they circulate in your entire body. MCFA rich coconut oil/milk does not need these enzymes or bile to digest. They are readily digested and go straight to your liver, boosting your metabolism.

Benefits of Coconut Water Kefir

  • It increases energy and provides a feeling of good overall health
  • Aids in digestion, heals the gut with high levels of probiotics
  • Reduces sugar cravings
  • Contains high levels of minerals like potassium
  • It cleanses the liver
  • Eases aches and joint pain
  • Improves skin tone and complexion. Will help with acne, age spots, skin tags, moles & warts
  • Strengthens hair, skin and nails
  • Beneficial effects on the endocrine system (thyroid, adrenals, pituitary, ovaries)

Where to Purchase Coconut Kefir

So now you want to know where to get coconut water kefir, right? Well, there are not a lot of companies out there that sell it already in its cultured state. You can purchase young, green, coconuts and use a kefir starter culture to make your own. Or pay a lot of money having it shipped to you from the handful of companies out there that make it.

I found two sources of true coconut water kefir on the internet that I would trust. Body Ecology sells their brand of CocoBiotic beverage for $28.98 for a 44 oz. bottle and $14.95 for an 8 oz. travel size bottle. They also sell their starter culture packets if you want to buy young, green, coconuts and make your own coconut water kefir. A box of 6 packets cost $26.95 and each packet can be used an average of 7 times each. Their website is

The other source that was brought to my attention is CocoKefir. This company was founded by Michael and Holly Larsen whose daughter was diagnosed with autism.They credit her recovery in part to the implementation of a biomedical approach to healing her gut first, which in turn helped heal her mind. They sell their 16 oz. CocoKefir bottle for $9.99. That’s $0.62 per ounce vs. Body Ecology’s 44 oz. bottle at $0.66 per ounce, and their 8 oz. bottle cost $1.87 per ounce. Their website is

There is a third option out there. It’s not coconut water kefir, it’s cultured coconut milk. Remember the difference, water comes from young, green, coconuts and the milk is derived from the meat of mature coconuts. But the milk has the MCFAs, of which the water does not. So Delicious makes Cultured Coconut Milk with prebiotics and probiotics, made from organic coconuts. They have original (unflavored), chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. The original one is best since it does not contain any added sugars that only feed the bad bacteria and yeast in our gut. A 32 oz. bottle sells for less than $4.00 and can be found at Whole Foods. You may find it in your local grocery store, but I’m not sure the cost.  We have tried it and we have noticed benefits from drinking it. Digestion has improved, the obvious benefits from the prebiotics and probiotics, plus it gives us more energy. I like it mixed with a little orange juice, but my sons will only drink it in a smoothie. I know I’m adding fructose from the fruits I mix into it, but it still has helped them tremendously.

I am purchasing a bottle of the Cocobiotic coconut water kefir and plan on seeing if we experience a true difference from drinking the So Delicious Cultured Coconut Milk. I’ll keep you posted on the results. If anyone has experience with these products or has other information to share, please comment below.

To watch Michael Larsen of CocoKefir interviewed on Fox & Friends click below:


10 Responses

  1. We really like So Delicious cultured coconut milk. Since we’ve been drinking it, both my husband and I have noticed improved digestion, and if either of us starts to feel like we’re coming down with something, we drink it, and find that we are feeling better in no time! It’s wonderful on its own and in smoothies!

  2. I’m gonna try that one first too! Will report back!

  3. Isn’t coconut extremely high in salicylates?

    • Coconut oil is very high in salicylates, but I cannot find anything that speaks about coconut milk or water. When I make smoothies with the cultured coconut milk, I’m using fruits that have salicylates, so I’m always giving my son a No-Phenol digestive enzyme with it to help him.

  4. That’s interesting! I have bought a yogurt maker and tried to make my own non dairy yogurt with rice or almond milk, since my son (autistic) is on a GFCF diet and allergic to soy! It was an epic fail, but I have read that coconut milk is what gives best results for non dairy yogurts so i will definitely have to try it. In the meantime I will look into the cultured coconut milk. If my son was willing to drink that (unlikely unfortunately) it would be great for his leaky gut… 😀
    Glad I found your blog… (I was googling MSG and ADD…)

  5. This is the best stuff!! I will swear by this to anyone. I know for fact that it has been the main factor of the wonderful changes in my little girl who has autism. It is so easy to get are little ones to drink you just have to doc it up with some low sugar organic juice and stevia does the trick. Bee you can make your own yogurt by using the meat from the young coconuts. With 9 coconuts and 1/4 cup of kefir let it ferment for 8 hrs and you have kefir cheese. Just doc it up from there.

  6. Thanks for the feedback – much appreciated. I am just learning about this. We have tried many things (All from Parents, none from Doctors who only want to give my child drugs/side effects and more vaccines). Honestly, we have seen a HUGE difference with Dietary changes and ABA! My son is being mainstreamed this year. I hope other parents out there learn to go with some Natural Solutions. I know the diet doesn’t work with everyone but most of the natural solutions have Helped My Child the Most! Good Luck Everyone and Keep Sharing and Healing the Future Generation.

  7. have u got a recipie for
    coconut water kefir, and
    coconut milk kefir as i cannot access u tube, and would appreciate it if it was printed
    thanx heaps regards shona

  8. Hello Prof Rob here Can someone tell me where I may purchase the coconut kefir at a whosale cost because I am very interested in selling it to my online store Thankyou

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