Recall on Alcohol Prep Pads (B12 shot users!)

The FDA announced that Triad has issued a voluntary nationwide recall on all lots of alcohol prep pads, swabs, and swabsticks due to potential microbial contamination. (see link for FDA recall info) The pads are sold under the manufacturers’ name Triad and other companies like Walgreen and CVS to name a few.

Alcohol prep pads are used to disinfect before an injection. Most parents that give their child with autism methyl-B12 shots use these pads and may not be aware of the recall. I didn’t know about it until my friend Shannon Penrod called me to tell me about. She gives her son methyl-B12 shots, as do I, and had a box of the recalled prep pads. The concerning part is that the pads brand name was NOT on the FDA list. She was alerted to the recall because she read about parents suing Triad for the death of their toddler. Read the story here:

Shannon’s son had just been given his B12 shot using this alcohol pad to disinfect the area. That night he woke up and had nausea and vomiting with fever. These are the symptoms of a stomach virus and also of exposure to Bacillus Cereus.  This bacteria is typically found in rare food poisoning outbreaks, and was found to contaminate the Triad prep pads, swabs and swabsticks forcing the recall.

Needless to say, she was very concerned when she read the story on AOL that morning. She called the phone number on the box of prep pads to ask if it was in the recall and it was…even though it wasn’t on the list. The manufacturer will have the most updated list of products involved in the recall, so always check with them. This bacteria would be devastating for people with compromised immune systems.

Thankfully we do not purchase alcohol prep pads, even though they are very convenient. I prefer to use rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball to disinfect my son’s skin before a B12 shot.

Please spread the word to people who give injections to themselves or a child; whether it’s someone with autism getting B12 shots, a diabetic or cancer patients.  By the way, thankfully Shannon’s son recovered and is fine.  But she still doesn’t know if it was a stomach virus or contamination from the prep pad.  Want to know the really scary part? My friend’s pediatrician did not know about the recall and went to check their inventory immediately.

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