SKILLS: Autism New Tool – Free Trial Now!

The Center for Autism & Related Disorders (CARD) has released a free trial today of their SKILLS  program. It is a comprehensive web-based treatment curriculum for autism recovery.

CARD is releasing their curriculum to the world in the form of an interactive computer program that allows parents, teachers and therapist to create a uniquely tailored program for all of the skills a child will need to learn in order to “catch up” It can be used in conjunction with your current ABA program or it can be a means to start an ABA program, it tracks biomeds and other interventions and even creates IEP reports and recommendations based on your child’s needs.

I got to see a preview of it a few weeks ago and was so excited, it was that good! I know it is going to help a lot of kids around the world.

CARD has given Everyday Autism Miracles (internet talk radio show) 50 free trials of the program that will allow a parent to use the program until the end of the year, for free. They have hinted that they might give Everyday Autism Miracles 100 free memberships if we can get enough people to register. If you or someone you know would like to register please have them email the show’s host, Shannon Penrod at – include their name and one sentence about why they would like to try the program. That’s it.

To download the free podcast to any Everyday Autism Miracle show visit or on iTunes at

If you or they want more information on SKILLS visit:

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