Recovery From Autism is Possible

My son is proof that it is possible to take back our children from the grasp that autism has on them.  For those skeptics out there that only believe autism is a psychiatric condition, well, read on. My son was not born with autism. He regressed around age 2 or 3.  I’m not certain exactly when because it was a slow process of regression and delayed development.  Autism gently nudged me over the course of a year.  I came to grips with it by the time my son turned 4.

That’s also when I discovered the Autism Research Institute and information on the biomedical treatment of autism. It made complete sense to me.  After several lab tests, we discovered that my son’s key biochemical pathways were dysfunctional and he was not detoxifying. These toxins caused dysbiosis, oxidative stress, and inflammation in his digestive tract.

What researchers have found, is that in most kids with autism, it is a disorder that affects the brain, immune system and gut.  We have the same neurotransmitters in our digestive tract (gut) as in our brain. They communicate with each other. Also, approximately 60 – 70% of our immune system lies within our “gut”.  Therefore, if your digestive system is suffering from inflammation, oxidative stress and dysbiosis, your brain and immune system are also affected. My son’s autistic behaviors were resulting from his overall biochemistry that was out of whack.  Once we treated his body, his brain started to function more neuro-typical. And he was able to catch up developmentally with behavior therapy.

Based on my own experience, research studies, and other parent testimonials, I believe that recovery from autism is possible. Today, my son is more neurotypical, than autistic.  If you met my son at age 4, and then again three years later, you’d be a believer too.  He’s not fully recovered, but if I had to put it into a percentage, I’d say he’s 85% there.  And we’re not done yet with therapies that can still help him.

Behavior therapies like ABA, DTT, Floortime, and more, can bring your child out of their world and back into your life.  Add biomedical treatments into the mix and your child will be more receptive to the therapies and catch up developmentally much quicker than without them.

Notice the word I’m using is RECOVERY. Not cure. Autism is not something that can be cured with a single protocol by medical doctors. It is a multifaceted, biochemical train wreck that manifests itself through behaviors caused by the brain reacting to the body’s illness.  Jenny McCarthy has said she compares it to being hit by a bus. You can get medical care and heal the body. You aren’t cured of a bus accident, you recover. Same goes for autism. You can get your child back. It’s going to take a lot of effort, time, perseverance and in most cases, money. Hopefully, one day, money won’t be an issue and parents will be able to obtain therapies and biomedical treatments for their child without mortgaging their life. It’s on the horizon. I’ve seen some signs of it.

Autism is treatable. Never give up hope. One day, the skeptics will be believers, and they too will know that recovery from autism is possible.  1 in 110 children are diagnosed with autism. I long to see that statistic change to 1 in 110 children recover from their autism diagnosis. Anything is possible!

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  1. How inspiring! Way to go, mama! 🙂

  2. Great post!! I hope young parents find your blog as they wonder about their possibly-autistic child.

  3. Nice post, we are so happy for you and your son. It is amazing how much your story sounds like ours.

    Our boy Joseph is well on his way to recovery, he’s probably also around 80 – 90% or so. My wife recently took our 3 year old into for pre-school registration, Joseph went with her and saw his old pre-school teachers there. They could not believe the difference! When the head of the pre-school saw my wife the following week, she stopped my wife and wanted to know what we had done as they had never seen such a dramatic turnaround.

    What we did was reject our pediatricians suggestions regarding medication and went with bio-medical. We tried most of the DAN treatments, GFCF, Methyl-B12, digestive enzymes, and general vitamin/mineral supplements were the most effective for us. Joseph’s digestive tract was a mess. He had dysbiosis, inflammation, wasn’t producing digestive enzymes, and chronic acid reflux. Once we got his gut cleaned up, he was like a different boy. He also as had very high oxidative stress as shown in his lab tests. MB12 has helped him overcome that, along with general anti-oxidants. He is doing great in school and is well-behaved. He is still working on some social awkwardness, but believe me, we are thrilled with his progress. No Ritalin needed, thank you. My son had a nutritional deficiency brought on by maldigestion and malabsorption, not a Ritalin deficiency.

    Our sons are living proof that kids can recover from autism. Why are so many so skeptical? I’ve had people that didn’t know my son when he was four years old tell me he must not have “really” been autistic because he seems fine now. If they had been there for the two-hour tantrums at 3 AM, they would never had said such a thing. Yes, my son was autistic, now he is normal with a few quirks still to work out. Kids are recovering, that fact can’t be denied.

    • Jeff, thank you so much for sharing your story. How inspirational and similar to our story! I don’t know why so many are skeptical. My guess is lack of knowledge and fear of the unknown. Biomedical intervention is scary to some just because is is unconventional and they can’t think outside the norm. But if you really understood it, you’d realize it is the norm and that we as a society stepped out of it with the age of consumer packaged goods, GMO foods, hormones and antibiotics in our meat and dairy, the list is endless.
      Yes, our kids are recovering and it’s wonderful! My son’s new pediatrician looks at me with disbelief that he has autism. And when I talk about biomedical interventions he stands there quiet, not sure what to say to me. I have members of my son’s IEP team at school rave and marvel at the speed of his development and amazing change. Whenever we talk as a team about a behaviorial issue that appears, the first thing they ask me is what have I done different? They think first to the biomeds, and I love it. Congratulations on your son’s recovery! I am happy for you, and more importantly, estastic for your son!

  4. Stumbled on your post and it lifted up my mood. Thank’s so much. There is hope afterall. We are at the start of our journey, my daughter is 3.7 yo and pretty much like your boy, she regressed somewhere between age 2 – 3. GFCF,biomed, ABA brought more speech, calmness in 3 months but there are so much more we could do. God Bless your family and I pray for 100 percent recovery for your boy.

  5. Thanks for the reply, it is amazing how similar our son’s stories are. You mentioned in your post your son had oxidative stress issues, similar to my son. We see it in his lab results, low glutathione, elevated lipid peroxides and a few other things. MB12 has been a Godsend for us, but from everything I’ve read, it’s role is more to allow the neurological system to function normally in a high oxidative stress environment, rather than actually lowering oxidative stress.

    Have you found anything that has caused a significant reduction in your son’s oxidative stress levels?

    • When we treated our son’s heavy metal toxicity with chelation therapy, his oxidative stress was reduced. Heavy metals are stored in most soft tissues, and especially reside in the digestive tract. Together with the diet, chelation, b12, antioxidants, digestive enzymes, epsom salt baths, and treating his gut bacteria, we reduced his oxidative stress. If the gut is impaired by metals, viruses, bacteria or yeast, the oxidative stress can’t come down. My son had high markers of DHPPA which indicates bacteria in the gut. We treated it with a natural antimicrobial called Biocidin and probiotics. Once that was under control, we save great improvements in his bowels. I’d have to say all the biomedical treatments worked synergistically to heal his gut/body and reduce the oxidative stress. Did your son test high in heavy metals or gut bacteria/yeast?

  6. We tested for both metals and dysbiosis. We had porphyrins tested by the French lab, they were mildly elevated.

    Dysbiosis was another story. He had no virtually no good bacteria, very high level of opportunistic and pathogenic bacteria, along with high DHPPA and arbinose. We tried probiotics, biocidin, nystatin, sacromyces boulardii, and other stuff, nothing worked. It turned out that he was not producing digestive enzymes (confirmed via stool tests). He had so much partially digested food in his bowels that the bugs were having a field day. Despite the stuff we were throwing at them, they continued to thrive because they had such a good supply of food.

    We started him on Kirkman’s Maximum Spectrum Enzyme Complete, two with every meal and one with every snack. Within days he went through a terrible die off, diarrhea, slurred speech and “drunken” behavior. After that he was much better, his articulation improved dramatically, his stools are a thing of beauty (sounds bizarre, but it’s true) and his focus is much better. His gut tested clean on the last lab tests. He is still on the enzymes, but I would like to figure out why he doesn’t produce his own digestive enzymes. His pediatrician had him tested for cystic fibrosis as it causes insufficient digestive enzymes. Thank God, it came back negative.

    Regarding metals, we tried OSR. It seemed to cause an immediate jump (within the first few days) in cognition, but nothing after that. Unfortunately, it gave him very pronounced allergic shiners (dark circles). My suspicion is that he may have a borderline iron deficiency from the years of maldigestion as his bloodwork was on the low end of normal for hemoglobin and ferritin. I think the OSR may have been chelating his iron and making things worse. He is off OSR now and we have an appointment scheduled with his DAN for a review and new blood tests. Low iron can cause oxidative stress so that might be a factor.

    As I mentioned earlier, he is on methyl-B12 nasal spray and it has made a tremendous difference. He has been on it for over a year and I would like to stop it if possible. We tried stopping it during the Summer and he became very spacy and started acting strange after about five days. We started it up and he was back to normal almost immediately. That leads me to believe he still has oxidative stress issues we need to get under control. The MB12 allows him to function normally despite the oxidative stress.

    I will be attending the DAN conference science session on Saturday in Long Beach, CA. Dr Jill James and Dr Richard Deth will both be presenting and available for questions. They are two of the pioneers of the ASD-oxidative stress connection. I’ll let you know if I find out anything interesting.

    • What probiotic are you using? Also, have you tried Enhansa yet? My son also can’t go with out his methyl-b12. He gets spacey and his emotion regulation gets affected. My DAN thinks that perhaps he could be one of the few that genetically can’t produce it, so may need help with it for life. I hope not, but am still trying to determine without the expensive genetic test. My son did OSR too and we saw gains but his problem with sulfur based supplements prevented us to continue after slowly ramping it up slowly over 6 mos. We just did new blood work to retest our sons’ iron, vitamin d, and first time test his lipids. Our DAN wants to rule out low cholesterol which has been shown to be a problem in autism. I too am attending the DAN conference on Saturday and am excited to hear the science sessions.

      • We’ve tried a variety of probiotics, Kirkman’s Pro bio gold, super pro bio, our DAN’s private label and Custom Probiotics’ D-Lactate Free. We switched to the last one because Joseph often had a sour milk smell on his breath, a symptom of excess lactic acid. We eventually found he does best without probiotics, as long as he gets his enzymes with every meal. Ensuring he fully digests his food seems to be the remedy to keep his gut healthy. We do use Kirkman’s Yeast-Aid as a preventative measure.

        Not sure if you made it to the DAN conference, but Dr. Richard Deth gave a very informative presentation on his finding that casein and gluten peptides interfere with neuron methylation. This was a new take on why the GFCF diet is so effective for our kids. It makes sense as GFCF and Methyl B12 have been the two most effective treatments for our son. Dr. Deth’s work show they both do the same thing; promote neuron phospholipid methylation that has stalled.

        I was fortunate enough to chat with Dr. Deth for about 20 minutes during one of the breaks. I expressed my desire to get Joseph off of methyl B12 eventually. He agreed and said this is probably a good idea. MB12 forces the methylation “switch” (methionine synthase inactivated by oxidative stress) that is stuck in the “OFF” position into the “ON” position. While this is a very good thing, you don’t want the switch permanently stuck in the “ON” position as nature has put the switch there for a reason. The goal should be to eventually achieve proper regulation of the switch.

        As with so much in treating ASD (and other disorders), Dr. Deth thinks the key is increasing neuron intracellular glutathione. He believes this is the heart of the matter and that low glutathione is what causes the switch to get stuck in the “OFF” position in the first place. He suggests supplement N-acetylcysteine (a glutathione precursor that can cross the blood brain barrier), and tapering off the MB12. I’m going to look into it and will probably give it a try sometime in the next few months.

      • Yes, I did make it the conference. I didn’t hear Dr. Deth’s talk, I was listening to another one. My son was not a responder to the gf/cf diet so after one year on it, we phased in digestive enzymes and went off the diet. Had a much better response to the enzymes than the diet. I too don’t want to keep my son on methyl-b12 forever and glad you posted Dr. Deth’s recommendation. I don’t have my notes in front of me right now, but I kept hearing them tout NAC at the conference so it’s sounding like they are loving that glutathione precursor more and more. I’ve heard some negatives about it int he past and that’s why I never tried it. I’ll talk to my DAN doctor about it and get his perspective. It also sounds like OSR will do the same thing, increase the intracellular glutathione. I still have two boxes of it and might just try that again to see how he does without the b12. I really don’t like messing with his b12 because he really seems to need it and does so well with it. I’m curious to know how NAC does for your son. Thanks for the update!

  7. Hi!
    My son turned 4 years old in November and we have been doing Hbot now for approximately 5 months. B12 injections for 3 months, Diet and supplements for 1year and recently, we commenced ABA therapy (approx. 1.5months). With all of the above biomedical treatment, my son has improved but only ever so slightly. His language and comprehension seem to become stagnant.
    I understand that all children respond differently but do the small improvements indicate progress or is he naturally improving slightly with age? I have read several posts on the internet about parents that have seen sudden improvments after commencing a particular treatment/therapy. My son has not shown signifcant improvements. Basically, can slow and steady still win the race….?? Can my son still recover and should we expect little improvement for perhaps the first two years of treatment?

    • It’s difficult to determine what has been causing improvements, only because there are so many elements in play with your son. EVERY child will respond differently and at different times of treatment. B12 injections definitely need to be tried for 6 months based on the doctors that have studied the effectiveness. Some kids respond right away and some months into it. And there are those kids that just aren’t responders to it. ABA therapy will definitely help along with the biomedical treatments. Give the ABA therapy time. That is a slow and steady treatment that you need to be consistent with and it can show results over time. Your son is still young and will benefit from therapy. I believe slow and steady still wins the race, but it will take perseverance and determination from you to believe that you are doing the correct thing for your son. Are you working with a DAN doctor that can determine labs to run on him that may pinpoint other issues?
      Hang in there!

  8. My 2 year old son is showing symptoms of autism i.e delays is language development.It’s inspiring to hear that recovery is possible.What steps can i take to get my son treated?Is the treatment covered by medical aids?

    • Here in the US, treatment is not covered by our health insurance policy. We paid everything we’ve done out of pocket. Find a doctor that can work with you on natural treatments and run labs on your child to determine a biomedical cause for behaviors. I researched a lot and did some with my doctor and some without. You need to do what is best for your child and family. Best wishes on your journey!

  9. Your blog is awesome thanks for your effort and time to share your journey.can you tellme your DAN physician and if he agree to do skyoe appointment. iam from egypt i need a goodphysican

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