My Happy Mother’s Day

A day that brings us such joy to remember our mother’s comforting arms, our first born’s cry and the never ending love and worry you feel for them both.  My son’s have brought me amazing joy, and at times I was amazed at how close I came to throttling them over something that seems meaningless right now. I love my mother. My sons love me. The circle of life continues.

Autism may be part of the circle, but it’s complete and fulfilling.  My heart aches for those mothers with children whose voices have been taken by autism and can’t say the words their mom longs to hear. But they know their child loves them…words are not needed.  My heart is overjoyed by the warm, loving hug and kiss I got this morning from my son with autism. “I love you” and he says it now without prompting…all felt on his own and needed to be said by him and him alone.

Happy Mother’s Day to all those warrior moms out there; fighting to win their son/daughter back from autism’s grasp. Keep up the fight, small victories can be huge in our world.  And what a wonderful world it can be.


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