Vitamin B12: Our Miracle Supplement

When I was pregnant with my second son, I imagined how easy it will be raising this child. After all, I already had a child, and a boy at that. I’ll be a pro at everything! Changing the diaper quickly without getting sprayed. Save time with two in the bathtub each night.  Hand down the toys and clothes I had saved “just in case” child #2 was a boy. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine he would develop autism. Or, that I’d eventually be sticking that sweet little bum with a syringe filled with methyl-B12 while he innocently slept.  Mom’s are capable of a lot when it comes to the health and well-being of their children. I quickly discovered just how much I am capable of doing for him.

During the beginning stages of our biomedical journey, we discovered from lab tests that my son’s biochemical process that utilizes B12 was deficient.  He desperately needed the methyl donor that methyl-B12 provides to help his body detoxify toxins and chemicals. So, one way to go about providing it is by a shot. We could not give oral B12 supplements, because the body still needs to convert it to the methyl donor via the gut. His gut was not healthy and the biochemical process was “broken”. Giving him methyl-B12 shots in his subcutaneous tissue (on his bum) was the way to go.  Well, my husband would NOT let me practice on him. (I don’t know why?) So that first shot was very nerve-racking. I have a cream that I put on his skin to numb it first, but still had to stick him with a needle! Granted, it’s a syringe that is very small used for insulin injections, but a needle non the less.

Wow! What a payoff I got for the trauma I went through.  My son suffered zero trauma during the shot; he was asleep (and didn’t wake). The next morning after the first B12 shot, my son came downstairs smiling. I was on the couch and he crawled up next to me and wanted to cuddle. He grabbed my face, looked me in the eyes (yes, directly) and said “I love you”.  I know!  Can’t get much better than that, eh? I told my husband, he must be a “responder”.  His reply was “Ah, you think?”.

Vitamin B12 is utilized in almost all our cells in the body and has an important impact on our nervous system, the gastrointestinal system and some biochemical pathways. Dietary sources of it aren’t effective if your gut is not healthy. There are nasal sprays and sublingual tablets, but these are pulsatile in nature.

Dr. Neubrander has done extensive research on the effects of methyl-B12 injections for patients with autism. He has found and states:

“The continuous supply of methyl-B12 that results from the slow leaching effect of subcutaneous injections produces afar greater  response.  The biochemistry implies that there is a transport disorder and/or a metabolic processing disorder that may be overcome if the system is fed in a steady-state and non-pulsatile fashion.”

Laymen terms? The shot in the bum last longer which also is absorbed and utilized at a steady rate than an oral supplement, nasal spray or sublingual tablet.

Methyl-B12 helps kids on the spectrum with executive function, speech and language, socialization and emotion regulation (thus the lovey dovey effect on my son).  Our son’s expressive speech took off and his socialization soared.  He is more cognizant with B12.  My son is a sweet, present and expressive little boy when he has his B12; but suffers with emotion regulation and lack of focus when he doesn’t get it.

In the beginning of our son’s biomedical treatment, I gave him the shot every three days.  I noticed by the third day, the effect was gone and he seemed like he needed more. We just recently started a trial of shots every other day. It’s going really well. He’s staying consistent and we don’t see a drop off in behavior or attention. B12 is a water-soluble vitamin, which means if the levels get too high, it will be washed out in the urine. It’s a safe vitamin to give as needed; and my son needs it every other day. Some kids may only need it once a week or month.

Of all the biomedical treatments we have done for our son, methyl-B12 is da bomb.  The big kahuna.  Our miracle supplement.


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  1. Thank you for your blog… I attend TACA meetings and have support but sometimes it’s nice to be able to find that even out there in cyberspace I’m not alone in our autism journey. My son, Christopher who is 3 1/2 was diagnosed about 2 1/2. After being on the GFCF with much success I knew that we had to see what else we could do. The opportunity arose to meet with a DAN doctor earlier this week. This evening I gave my son (in his sleep just as you did) his first methyl-B12 shot. It was scary but I look forward to what might happens next with him.

    • Congratulations of that first step! I hope your son is a responder to B12. It may take a few weeks to notice it, or in my son’s case, the next day. Glad to hear you’re working with a DAN doctor. Keep it up and I wish you and your son success on your journey.

      • What is the Methyl-B12 injection dose that your son gets every other day? I have a 3 yr old that was diagnosed at 1 1/2. I will make an appmt with a DAN dr this month. How is your son doing now?

      • The dose is dependent on weight. So it increases as he grows, but the protocol is 64.5 mcg/kg. of weight/every 3 days. Here’s a great resource on the subject:

        My son is doing fantastic now! He still receives m-b12 shots twice a week. He seems to be one of the kids that has a genetic disorder in processing and utilizing m-b12 and will need it pretty much for life…maybe, maybe not. We did try to wean him off it but once it was completely out of his system he regressed in social, emotion regulation and speech. It’s such a huge benefit for him to have it and one of the best protocols of biomeds that we’ve done.
        Best wishes in finding a DAN Doctor this month!

  2. I just noticed that I’m on your blogroll! Thanks so much! I’ve been finding all of your articles very useful. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us all.

  3. I just found your blog and will certainly bookmark it. I wanted to pass along that the B12 nasal spray is a viable option for those unwilling or afraid to give the shots. We have seen amazing results with our son, dramatic improvements in speech, much better focus, and ability to quickly shift focus (e.g. responding to being called when watching TV) and he is *much* calmer. We had a methylation panel and OAT ran before we started the treatment and again recently after he had been on the nasal spray for about six months. His methylation cycle is spinning like a pinwheel with big improvements in methionine, glutathione, neurotransmitter levels and mitchondrial markers.

    Although it is a pulsatile form, we give him the spray every morning and don’t see a big difference over the course of the day. Sometimes, I do notice a little slurred speech first thing in the morning before he gets the spray. It disappears within a half hour of being given a new spray. We only see this once in a while, it seems like it occurs if he didn’t get a good spray the day before. Dr. Neubrander has stated that he thinks the nasal spray is an effective treatment for parents who are unwilling to give shots. Although, as you mention above, he thinks shots are the most effective method.

    I had to comment after reading your post as MB12 has been a miracle for us. I would hate for a parent to miss out on what we have seen because they didn’t want to give shots.

    • Jeff, thanks so much for your feedback! I agree with you, that if the nasal spray is a viable option, it’s a good one. Thanks for sharing the results you’ve seen from it. I’m glad to hear that option works out for others. I know the shot is our preferred method right now, but I’m sure someday we won’t be able to do it anymore and might have to go to the nasal spray. Awesome that the labs show improvement as well!

  4. Hello, I have a 3 1/2 yr old son that was just diagnosed on the autistic spectrum. I have heard alot about the methyl B12 shots, but wanted to first try the sublingual Btotal liquid supplements. Will I see any improvement with this supplement?

    • You may see something, but keep in mind the “pulsatile” forms of Methyl-B12 therapy are inferior to the subcutaneous injectable route. This is because the goal is to have a continuous, leaching, slow, steady delivery of Methyl-B12 to the system “24/7.” Oral and sublingual are pulsatile. Also, is it sublingual or a liquid? Oral (liquid) can be ineffective if the child’s gut is not healthy. Sublingual is tough for a young child since they may not let it dissolve completely and swallow it, which then becomes oral, the poorest method (oral).

  5. It is sublingual and is a liquid. Regarding my son’s “gut”, I have no idea what that means, as I haven’t had him tested for anything yet or seen by a DAN dr. I have just read countless testimonies to increase amounts of B12 in children on the spectrum, that some improvements in certain behaviors were noticed. I am however calling to make an appt with a DAN dr in my area tomorrow, I do intend to discontinue the bilingual B12 I bought for him, since I am very uncomfortable with what to give him. I am giving him Cod Liver Oil and Vitamin C, but I honestly haven’t seen much improvement. I have heard Methyl B12 injections can make miraculous improvements, depending on the child’s reaction.

    • Working with a DAN dr is one of the best ways to navigate biomedical treatments. They can zero in on what is most important to do first and target specific areas that need addressing. There has been a lot of studies done on children on the autism spectrum and has shown their digestive system (“gut”) is damaged by toxins, oxidative stress, yeast/bacteria. If the gut is not functioning properly, the nutrients from the food and supplements they eat are not absorbed and utilized. Have to get the gut healthy…methyl-B12 shots bypass the gut and work wonders! The first thing I’d do before your DAN appt is “clean up the diet”. Remove artificial ingredients (colors/flavors/preservatives), remove msg and nitrites/sulfites, limit sugar and then think about the GF/CF diet to help improve digestion. Or slowly introduce digestive enzymes. Best of luck on your journey!

  6. Thanks! I have an appt with the DAN dr for next month. I have some questions regarding the diets out there, the GFCF, SCD and BED diets. Will my son have certain blood/urine tests performed in order to detect which diet (if any) will benefit him? Also, do I have to request the Methyl B12 shots, or will the dr usually suggest right away? Thank you for your suggestion of altering his diet, but before I buy GFCF foods, they are PRICEY, I would rather wait. Another key component I discovered today, is most all children (boys) who have autism or are on the spectrum have A bloodtype. I called my pediatricians office today, and my son is A-. I so desperately hope the biomedical treatment and diet change will help my little man. He has so much potential! His speech is getting better, but he still speaks in jargon. He is sometimes in a fog, but otherwise a very intelligent and happy little boy. I just know something is “off” with him. He is getting ST and OT through his school, and until I was introduced to a DAN dr, I thought that was all my son would ever receive. I am so hopeful! Any or all comments, advice or questions are welcomed!! Thanks for listening! Pam

    • You should talk to the DAN about the b12 shots. Most DANs will start with that protocol in the beginning. As for the diet, I get it. The food is pricey, but you can make your own bread and really get him on the veggies and fruits (organic, see my post titled Pesticides Don’t Belong in Our Diet). There is not really a lab you can run to determine if your child will respond to the diets. The reason for the diets is to help his gut start to heal. You can definitely run labs to determine any food allergies and what things should be eliminated from his diet. It’s best to rotate foods so his body doesn’t develop an allergy to one. If you really don’t want to do the diet, digestive enzymes are a good way to go, but they can get pricey too. Read my page on enzymes to find out more. Your son will do well with the treatments, have faith! You are a good mama bear, doing all this for him! Joanne

  7. Thank you Joanne! I will read your info, and I will post with a follow-up after my son’s DAN visit! Great blog, BTW! Pam

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  9. Hello! My son had his first DAN dr visit. Too much to write, so in short he started him on Monolaurin and Vitaspectrum supplements. Is anyone familiar with these products and what if any results may be seen? The DAN dr wants to send my sons urine and blood out for testing, then will recommend the next course of action after the results come back. I’m so overwhelmed.

    • I’ve not had experience with either of these products. I’m confused though, you said your DAN dr wants to send out your sons urine and blood for testing, yet he’s started him on an antiviral supplement. Did he already do some testing to determine he is a viral kid? Google information on the supplements to learn more about them. Here is one link on it:
      If you start to treat viruses in the gut, you need to be careful that yeast doesn’t take over. But since I’m not familiar with Monolaurin and it’s not a prescription med, it’s a supplement, you need to talk to your dr about that. Don’t be overwhelmed, even though that’s easy to get to when you start DAN treatments. Start a journal of treatments you do for your son. List the supplement, day started, dose, time given and any behaviors or physical reactions you he has each day. That way you can talk to your DAN dr about it and see for yourself which ones really are helping him. He may regress as you start new therapies due to viruses/yeast/bacteria die offs in the GI tract. But stay strong and you can do it! Hang in there, for your son.

  10. Thank you for your reply. The Dr started him on the supplements specifically the Monolaurin, because my son had some chest conjestion and stuffy nose. Just by looking at my son, he is very pale and has dark circles under his eyes, the doctor immediately mentioned immunology/allergies. So he wanted to try the supplements given. Strangely enough, it does appear that my son is regressing even within the short amount of time he’s been on the supplements. I don’t know if I’m just super sensitive to watching his every move for differences, but I have heard that a little regression may take place before you see an improvement. Also, I have started him on a GFCF diet within the last day. I took him to his regular pediatrician yesterday to make sure he didn’t have an infection/fluid in the ear, and he said he did not, but he suspected allergies. He was given a prescription for Panonase sp? nasal spray for allergies. Sorry if I’m rambling, I have so much to say and ask, I will and would never give up on my son, it’s just so frustrating doing the process of elimination, I know there’s not a majic pill for ASD, I’m just praying for some improvement in his behavior. Better focus, more words/conversation….

    • Wow, you’re already doing a lot. The gf/cf diet alone is a big undertaking. Your son will go through gluten/casein withdrawals. I started my son on casein free first (removed all dairy) for four weeks then removed the gluten. It’s easier on their system. Plus his dieoff from the monolaurin, you may want to really watch him. Did your DAN dr tell you about charcoal capsules to help with the dieoff? Hang in there, you are bound to see improvement.

  11. What is dieoff from the monolaurin mean? No my DAN dr did not mention charcoal capsules…should I mention it to him? : )

    • Here is some info on monolaurin.
      Possible Side Effects:
      Monolaurin is a nontoxic nutritional lipid. It may, however, increase the die off of microorganisms and result in a “Herxheimer Reaction,” a kind of flu, acne, allergic symptom, etc. You need to cut back on the level or even stop for a few days before taking lower levels and then going higher.

      Take Monolaurin in small amounts until you reach your level for optimal health and self healing.
      When traveling by air or ship, you may need to increase your maintenance level.

      Yes, talk to your DAN dr about charcoal capsules. You can purchase them at any drug store/pharmacy and use them to absorb the toxins from die off. But you should not use them within 2 hours of any meal/supplements because it will absorb the nutrients from everything in the stomach.
      Do not take too much, too soon in order to avoid a Herxheimer reaction.(die off reaction)

  12. I contacted my DAN dr, he said to put my son in an epsom salts bath a few times a week in place of the charcoal capsules. This would help with any detox from the monolaurin.

    So this week I”m going to send both his urine and blood out for testing. I’ll be in touch, thank you everyone!

  13. Hi, I have visited many sites about B12 injections and noticed that a lot of parents saw results instantly. My son has just had his 3rd injection, while I have noticed very minor improvements, overall he seems to be regressing. Is it common for children starting B12 to regress prior to showing major improvements? Is the regression just all the toxins/strep exiting the body?

  14. Thank you for replying so promptly. The link you suggested I view, is verfy useful and has managed to answer a lot of my questions. I was shocked to see that M-B12 injections should be trialed for a period no less than 6months. I was under the impression from the stories i have read online that results should appear instantly… however from the site you suggested, it appears very “normal” to also see a delay prior to seeing improvements. I understand and appreciate that trying to minimize my childs autistic behaviours may actually take several years. As it is all about finding the right balance for his body.

  15. hi… my son is only in his second week of MB12 injections. He is experiencing hyperactivity with stimming. He is also taking parex, interfase and costat to help him detoxify. I have noticed a rash surrounding his mouth… can this be regarded as a side effect of the detoxifying process? Or is it an allergy to either of the medications and perhaps should be removed from his programme? How long will his hyperactivity take to diminish?

  16. Thank you for responding.I have checked all my queries with my DAN doctor and appreciate your in put. My sons language appears to be improving with the MB12 injections… although there has been a huge increase in his hyperactivity that previously did not exist. Once his hyperactivity and stimming settles, will his understanding improve? I have not yet been able to find information explaining if any improvements will occurr post his hyperactivity stage?

  17. thank you, thank you, thank you for replying to my posts. I find your responses very helpful. One of the links you suggested I look at (Dr Neubrander’s site) mentions “die-off” period. Are you able to tell me how long the average “die-off” period is expected to last?

    • Not really, every kid handles it different dependent on their toxic load. Methyl-B12 will get the pathway moving that helps them detox anything from chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals, yeast, bacteria, viruses…so it’s hard to know how much of a die-off will happen and for how long. But keep up the shots if your child needs them, you’ll see improvements after any die-off or side affects subside. Best wishes for success!

  18. Hi again!

    My son’s just completed his initial 5 weeks of M-B12 injections and we’re starting to see improvements (thanks for your encouagement!).

    We’ve noticed his tone of voice and pronounciation doesn’t sound ‘normal’ (it varies greatly in pitch and some words/vowels sound elongated). Is this something that will improve over time, so that he will sound just like other children? We are just wondering if you’ve come across this before?

    Will bomedical treament assist in regulating my child’s tone od speech?

    Thanks again for all your help thus far!

    • I personally haven’t come across voice tone issues, but our son had pronunciation problems due to his enlarged tonsils and adenoids. Once they were removed, we put him into speech therapy that helped correct his mouth/motor issues and his pronunciation improved greatly. Biomeds may assist in your child’s tone or speech, but speech therapy is needed if he doesn’t have it already. Methyl0B12 will help any speech therapy because his executive function is assisted to help him attend to the therapy.

    • Sounds like apraxia, when you mention tone. Is it a nasal tone? SDoes the tone of his voice seem even more afected when he is excited?

    • Can you please tell me where I can get b12 injections for my nephew, ideally in the uk but also abroad.

      Many thanks
      Mr Singh

  19. Thanks again for your prompt reply.

    I don’t have an appointment with my DAN doctor for another 4weeks… my concern with my son’s speech may be best demonstrated from the following example. We were at the beach today and my son said “dont touch the birds toes” – this comment was randomly said with no context…. will his language improve to an age appropriate level? In other words, while he is 4years old, he says things that “normal” children wouldn’t say… will his language appear to improve to the level of what can be considred a delay rather than a disability?

    Thanks again for your input, I find it very beneficial.

    • Speech therapy and behavior therapy can help him with this area. Do you have ABA/DTT therapy for him? Anytime my son says something out of context, I ask him what does he mean by that and he can tell me. I then explain to him the proper way to say what he meant and have him repeat it. If he says a word in the incorrect context like “I felled down”, I correct him and tell him it’s “I fell down”. Just keep working with him, model the correct speech for him, get him speech therapy. My son said a lot of things that didn’t make sense when he was 4, now he’s 7 and says and acts appropriate 95% of the time. Have faith!

  20. Thank you! Thank you for creating this site, for answering my posts so promtly and for providing me a touch of reality! I really appreciate your time… thanks again!

  21. Healingautismandadhd: Hello, I read that your child had enlarged tonsils and adenoids. So does my 3yr old son. I have posted on here prior, and have seen a DAN dr. My son is currently on Monolaurin, Sea buddies multivitamin and cod liver oil. Honestly, I have seen little to no improvement. He is talking, but still 80-90% comes out muffled and incorrect annunciation. We took our son to an ENT, and he told us to start with Nasonex for a month, after that, if no change surgery would be the next option. My husband does NOT want the surgery. I am open to it, especially with the great results it could produce in terms of speech. My son also breathes through his mouth, and snores at night all due to the enlarged tonsils and adenoids. This poor child has been to dr to dr to dr, and he still has dark circles under his eyes, can’t talk very well and suffers with breathing through his mouth!!! The only thing we haven’t done is had his blood drawn to detect allergies or any other deficiencies….please, if you have any suggestions or opinions, I am open to anything at this point! I also read a blog online about children with pale faces and dark circles…it says to give your child about 4,000mg of vitamin c with a niacin tablet daily…any comments to that? thank you! Pam

    • Your child could also have seasonal allergies, food allergies or intolerance of phenolic foods and dyes. These can all show up as pale face and dark circles under eyes. Based on my experience, the surgery was absolutely necessary for my son. He never breathed out of his nose, only his mouth. When the ENT went in, he said my son’s nasal passage was 100% blocked by the enlarged adenoids. Have your husband learn about hypoxia and what a lack of oxygen does to a growing child’s brain. I unfortunately didn’t learn about it until after we waited a year to do the surgery. The surgery isn’t uncommon on children over age 3. Never tried 4,000 mg of vitamin C with niacin due to my son’s phenol intolerance. It’s very common for the ENT to do a month’s trial on Nasonex before surgery. But in my opinion, that’s a waste of time, money and unnecessary meds on a small child. It did nothing for my son. The only thing that cured his mouth breathing and sleep apnea was the surgery. I said in my blog that the day we took him home after surgery he could better pronounce words immediately. Just needed a year of speech therapy to correct habits. He speaks fine now. I wish you well with your decision. I know it’s not an easy one to make.

  22. I would love to get my son started on methyl-B12 shots. Does my son need to be seeing a DAN doctor to order these shots? Or is this something I can order online?

    • You do need a prescription from a doctor to get the shots. It’s ordered from a pharmacy. Not sure if anyone online sells them without a scrip. I’d be wary of anyone that did too, they need to be the right dose for the weight of the child, and compounded correctly so the shot doesn’t sting when the B12 goes in. Maybe your pediatrician if you don’t have a DAN near you? Good luck.

  23. Hello all! I haven’t posted in a while, but here is a current update. Just back from my 4yr old ASD son appt with DAN Dr. 2nd visit. Today he recommended NeuroBiogix topical (B12 Cream) and75mg Enhansa. My son is doing well. But needs better focus/attention. His speech is getting better, DAN dr said the above supplements should give very good results with speech articulation and focus. Has anyone used these particular products? Any reviews, good/bad/indifferent? Pls comment! Thanks!

  24. Thanks! Our DAN Dr. recommended the Neurobiologix cream 1st and then 1x every 3 days. Applying it to his thigh and feet (best absorption) wait 1 week then introduce the Enhance at 75mg. I gave my son the topical cream this morning, and he definitely became more hyper than normal, more emotional…but I was told these are good signs, as signs of regression means it’s working! I’m excited to start the Enhansa next week. I hope he will take it mixed in his juice! Is it a strong/unpleasant taste? Any suggestions on how to give it to him with ease?

    • I mixed Enhansa in juice. It has a strong odor and taste, but it is disguised in juice. Just a precaution, I started it low and slow. Starting at 75 mg might cause a die-off reaction and regression. I went with approximately 25 mg a day for a week or so, then slowly increased it over the course of a month. That way his body has time to adjust to the die offs and increased glutathione levels. Also, does your son react to phenols? Mine does, and curcumin is highly phenolic. I had to give him a No Phenol digestive enzyme with every dose. We also gave him Epsom salt baths to help with the detox.

  25. How will I know if he reacts to phenols? DAN dr recommended 75mg, so I want to start with that. I do know about the epsom baths for detox. You mentioned you weren’t familiar with the Neurobiologix cream, Dan Dr said it is the equivalent to B12 injections only a less invasive treatment. Are you familiar with any B12 cream? This stuff cost $54, so we’ll see…don’t get me wrong, I’d pay a million dollars for my child…but it’s only 2oz and all these supplements/treatments are adding up! So far my son takes, 1tsp Cod liver oil, (1) 300mg Monolaurin tablet, (5) Nordic naturals soft gels, the B12 cream, and soon the Enhansa…I imagine the list will grow over time? Very costly. I, like many parents are putting our faith into all these magic pills/powders/products for our children, I just pray it makes a difference in the long run. For me, I have seen great strides in my son. He is very high functioning (ASD). So, it is hard for me to pinpoint if the Cod liver oil, or the Monolaurin, etc contributed to his progress, or if it’s a combination of everything he takes and is doing in school, speech therapy, OT, vision therapy…anyway–my son can talk, feels emotion, and knows how to push my buttons : ) so all is pretty great!

    • I haven’t used a B12 cream. Did you take a look at my page on phenols? It describes the symptoms and your best way to determine if he reacts to them is a trial of elimination then replacement and monitor behaviors. Glad to hear all is pretty great for your son! Keep up the great work…it will pay off for him.

  26. and….forgot to add a daily vitamin of seabuddies : )

  27. i am syed qasim ali from pakistan. here in our country no DAN Doctor is available to consult. i am very thankful of Doctor Jerry Kartzinel and Doctor Neubrander these are the people who give hope and what they have written after reading it i start my journey. My child m ali was diagnosed as autistic child and i was being told that there is no cure as such.this is a medical condition and we have to live with this medical condition through out our life. our child was diagnosed in such a state where he could no say yes or no and could not understand his own name in short he did not know he is above average student of a mainstream school. he is no more autistic child and all this happend because GOD has given us gift of MB12 In start i had given my child local MB12 and when my child reached to his third birthday we observed he is not responding as much as it was before so we imported MB12 from compounding pharmacy trim nutrition florida USA. He again responding to these shoots we also given our child glutathione intramusculer.there was time we wish our child say yes only. than we see he was two word sentances and ecolalia and very short memory than he moved to there word sentances and more echolalia. than after glutathione we saw complex sentances and improved socialization and so on and finally after 4 year of age no echolalia and we see talking in more
    confidently and has answer of every thing. this all goals not achieved only with bio medical and therapies or vitamin suppliments. M Ali’s ABA and RDI was also there to educate him after solving his medical problems. MB12 stimulated his every body function from sleep pattern to understanding and from speech to his immune system. MB12 has cure for autism. me and my wife has discussed his progress with name Recovery in Autism in the following message board of meet up now he is much better than that time thanks GOD.

    syed Qasim Ali

    • Syed Qasim Ali,
      What a wonderful story of hope for other parents! Congratulations on your child’s success and the determination to never give up in helping your child recover from autism.
      Best regards,
      J. Allor

  28. Dear Syed Qasim Ali–

    Your post was very inspirational indeed! The MB12 shots for autistic children have reportedly been a miracle–I’m so pleased to hear your child has responded positively to them. Never giving up on your child is the key, as you stated. You sound like an incredible father! Bless your son!

    Kind Regards to you and your family.


    • Thanks J. Allor & pam. here i would like to say to pam that what I have learnt that Dr Neubrander has not proposed MB12 small amount through Trans dermal or oral way as this way a small amount can be transferred only. Dr Neubrander has said MB12 is not meant for any deficiency and apparently high value of MB12 is used for stimulation. if a child whose B12 test shows no deficiency he still need a high value of concentrated MB12 for gaining results which are needed after this therapy. Methylation process of autistic children is found to be in problem and MB12 is the methyl donor at same time performing many other rolls ranging from more oxygen in brain by improved quality of blood improved communication at cell level, Boosting glutathione and finally there is a theory some autistic children are facing high level of testosterone level i.e. male Harmon and it become hurdle in their learning I had found in a discussion that MB12 can neutralize it (One thing more it is my personal view flaxseed oil which is booster of female Harmon which is typically recommended by DAN can also adjusting the value of high testosterone level) this neutralizing ability is not proven but if you see autism is still a mystery sometime doing right thing unknowingly. If you see HBOT provide more oxygen to brain so it help in regeneration of new blood vessels in brain and in this way help better blood and oxygen to brain. The new stem sell therapy is also used for regeneration of new blood vessels in problematic areas of brain so more oxygen and blood supply can be made possible MB12 is also some way doing the same by improved quality blood to brain which capable of carrying more oxygen to brain so all doing the same thing. But MB12 is also doing many more things most importantly mercury detoxification. So by using different supplements DAN approach is able to tackle autism. One thing more I don’t believe in that DAN approach is rocket science I have used both diluted MB12 with alcohol as preservative and highly concentrated MB12 shoots purchased online from Florida USA only problem with them was that they were carrying alcohol as preservative but they did work as I had given the dose according to Neubrander’s principals of body weight. I have given USA & Italy made glutathione through intramuscular way as I had found I.V. Which is the only treatment consider to be used for autism is not safe there
      Are cases were this sulpher based anti oxidant caused damage to veins as direct exposure to vain can cause problem. So I used Intramuscular way and it worked. Glutathione helped my child in his play and in wearing cloths and hair cut and speaking complex sentences and it killed his eczema completely. His body became toxin free color became fairer. I don’t believe in trans dermal lotion or cream can be a effective way for MB12 or Glutathione.

      Syed Qasim Ali

  29. Hi Syed Qasim Ali,
    Wow, what an inspirational road to recovery for your son! I wish you the very best. Firstly, thank you for sharing your life with us all. We have been giving our son MB12 injections for the past 8months, currently we source the injections from Sydney. However, I too have read that the effect of the injections may vary due to the compounding. Can you please give me the contact details of the pharmacy where you get the MB12 injections from in America? This is my next step.. I hope I come out with a story like you! 😉

  30. we used highly concentrated B-12 injection of trim firm which had effect on our our child for two days after shoot and I had I dea about the dose but had consulted the dose with
    Dr Brent Agin MD CEO of Flurida USA who asked us in detail about the age weight and than recommend us the dose of b-12 injection. vitamin b category are those which are in water soluble and can not stay long at body so toxicity is zero moreover b-12 is a therapy and it is not a way to address the deficiency of b-12 it is a therapy in which high dose of b-12 is given which stimulate the learning and understanding ability of a autistic child. The following link is about highly concentrated b-12 shoot vial and these shoots can be given with 31 gauge insulin syringe. At time of ordering fresh vial should be requested for maximum expiry time. Order a small vial of b-12 MAX and and it will work for 5 months and will expire in 5 months approximately and for dosage consult with Brent Agin MD we had shared our credit card information with them for ordering our injection and found very trustable. Injection was sent to us through UPS Corrier with ice cubes and we received it at Lahore with in four days and
    online tracking is also available. Injection giving way is same as of insulin is given to diabetic patient. Your injection wills also carrying instruction for giving the subcutaneous shoot 31 gauge syringe will save from any possible pain. For ordering and more information contact with director sales miss zoe whose address is given at the site.

    syed qasim ali

  31. Thank you so much for your detailed post. I really appreciate the information!!
    Regards, Sarah

  32. Hi, I noticed nobody has written in a while, hopefully you are still checking this board 🙂 I was wondering is 8 yrs old too old to start these services. My son saw a DAN dr. on October 10, and he is on the B12 injections every few days along with folic acid and lithium. I love reading these success stories and in the same breath am hesitant to have that same hope for my son as he is older and perhaps it seems more severe in that he understands ok, (not great) but has very limited language. He actually talked more at 2, before he regressed, than now. I do notice some changes with the b12, but I have to admit they are the night and day changes some are wirting about. I will keep it up though to see how it goes.

    • It’s never too late to start treating any child biomedically. I see small improvements with every treatment we have tried. The biggest “Wows” were when we chelated and then the B12 shots. It all seems to build upon each treatment and slowly improvements come along. HBOT was done this past summer and I saw some initial improvements at first, then seemed to wane. But each month he is getting better with focus, attention, cognition, language and social skills…which is typical response to HBOT. You won’t see progress immediately on some treatments, but it will build over time and one day you’ll notice that he’s not stimming as much or his language is growing. I’m not one to discount any treatment that is safe and only gives small, baby steps results. It builds a strong foundation for improvements overall…hang in there and don’t worry about starting at age 8.

  33. Thanks for responding…btw, did you do the GFCF diet with your son? Was there a big difference there? I guess I know it’s never too late for anything, but I guess what I was wondering is was the ireversible damage done? gone too far to help at his age? Thanks~

    • Yes, I did the GFCF diet for both my sons. I saw a big difference with my older son when he went off dairy…had an allergy to it. I saw a difference with their gut healing. We did other gut healing measures while on the diet and then used digestive enzymes to wean them back onto gluten and dairy. There is no way to know what the “irreversible damage” is for any child. I have seen so many, including my own come out of the fog, be more present, aware and seek friendships. I didn’t start my son with autism on biomedical treatments until he was 4 1/2 going on 5 yrs. We saw huge gains…don’t let a fear of it’s “too late” stop you from see what your child can overcome with biomedical treatment. I’ve heard parents’ success stories of their teenage or adult child benefit from biomedical treatments.

  34. Hello,
    I have a 5 year son diagnosed with pdd/nos.
    We are trying everything to help him out. His biggist problems are: speech, integration and eye contact.
    In the past we had him on the GFCF diet to no avail. If anything it isolated him even more since we could not have him participate in other children’s birthday parties and other social events.

    Today he has 8 hours of therapy but we know that he needs something else. So we heard of these amazing mb12 stories.
    So we didn’t hesitate and came across a place in florida that does this kind of work. We live in Argentina so my wife just recently flew to Florida with my son to have this done.

    The injections contain phospholipids, glutathione (an intracellular antioxidant), folic acid and vitamin B12.
    And they have him on the GfCf diet. The Dr. said that we should see results in 2 weeks and bigger results after the 1st month.
    Up to now he has had only one shot. My wife dowsn’t see any results yet but I hope to share some good news with you all soon. We are going to defeat autism, I know it’s just a matter of time.


    • Hi Steven,

      That’s great that you had the means to get your son treatment in Florida. Methyl-B12 really can help a lot of kids on the spectrum. It helps my son tremendously. You should get just the m-B12 shots prescribed for your son so your wife can take them back to Argentina so you can keep him on the m-B12 once this treatment he is undergoing is complete in Florida. Just a note, when I had my sons on GFCF diet, I let them go to birthday parties and I’d bring their own snacks and even a GFCF cupcake to eat. I’d bake them and freeze the cupcake in the freezer, then whip up a small amount of GFCF frosting and plan ahead. It’s doable, just takes a lot of planning and work on behalf of the parents. Keep up the great work helping your son and you will be able to defeat autism!

      • Hi Joanne,

        Thanks for getting back to me.
        Thomas (my son) is starting to have some tantrums because of the new diet. (I can’t blame him)
        Are your kids still on the diet? OR is the diet a temporary thing?
        How soon did you notice a change. (when using b12)

        Thanks Joanne!!!


      • My sons are no longer GFCF. We stayed on the diet for a year and then I weaned them onto gluten and casein using digestive enzymes. They stayed on the digestive enzymes for about a year and now no longer need them. It truly depends on the child’s need of the diet. If your son has issues with yeast, he may need it for a while until at least you can get the yeast under control. My post on B12 talks about how soon we saw a change….the next day for my son. But all kids respond differently. I’ve had parent share that it took 6 weeks or even months see a difference, while other saw it immediately.

      • Hi Joanne,
        Again thanks for taking the time to write back.
        I’m so glad to hear that you kids are off the diet. I was talking to my wife (who is currently in Florida for my son’s treatment) yesterday and she was telling me that she can’t take him to the supermarket anymore because he wants to grab everything he can’t eat so he starts getting these tantrums.
        I think taking to a supermarket is torture, but his mood swings are becoming more apparent as this diet starts to settle in. What I don’t understand is that his DR. has him on the GFCF diet but is allowing some items such as “sour cream” and all types of nuts except for peanuts. His DR. is more concerned about his sugar intake more than anything else. He also went on to say that we needed to “Reduce” his Gluten not to eliminate it. Well we opted to remove it completely just to make sure.
        In addition to the diet, Thomas is taking some disgusting pills which are antioxidants as well. Up to now he is on his 4th day and we are still yet to see any positive change. He’s going to receive his 2nd dose of b12 on Thursday. As parents we are so worried that he won’t respond to the b12. The DR. did say however that we would see some changes within 2 weeks. (I pray that he’s right).
        How are you children today? Were they able to speak prior to the B12? (and are they speaking today?)
        Do you think they can live a “normal” life in today’s society?

        Thank you so much Joanne!!!!


      • Steven,

        Your son’s tantrums might be yeast related. If your doctor has reduced gluten and sugar, I’m wondering if he’s tested positive for having yeast in his gut. Yeast feeds on sugars and gluten coverts to sugar in the body. You’re son could be going through some “die-off” from yeast/bacteria in the gut since the start of the new diet. Give your son time to adjust to the diet and B12 shots. It’s going to take time, perhaps weeks or months. My son is doing awesome today. He had language before b12 shots, just a delay in expressive and receptive language. I do believe they can live a “normal” life in today’s society. What you are doing for your son now as he is young is going to make that possible. My son is a completely different kid today than 4 years ago when started him on biomedical interventions. Huge improvements! Keep up the faith, stay strong and never give up hope. Your son can only improve over time.

      • Hi Joanne,

        I just wanted to keep those readers up to date on my son’s progress with B12.
        Ok, after his 2nd shot we started to notice change.
        It’s very hard to explain but to put it in a nutshell, my son (Thomas) is more “connected”.
        His eye contact has clearly improved.
        My wife was talking to his DR. the other day, and she (the DR) is very confident that he will speak. She said that we needed to be patient.
        Thomas is going to have 2 shots a week starting this week. Up to now it’s been 1 shot per week.
        How many shots are your kids getting per week? How much is too much?

        Thanks for reading.


      • Thank you for updating us on your son’s progress. My son started with a shot twice a week. I now give him a shot every 2 days or 3 at most. He does so much better with every other day. When he doesn’t get it, by the end of day 3, he shows signs of emotion dis-regulaton, no eye contact, expressive speech gets slower in the processing speed and can’t find the right words he wants to say. Your doctor will know the best dosage, but a lot of studies have shown great results with shots every 2-3 days.
        Best wishes,

  35. Hi Joanne,
    Sorry to bother you again on the same subject, but I could really use some advice.
    My 5 year is on his 5th week of Glutathione / MB12.
    His progress has been very good. For example he JUMPS into a swimming pool, uses the bathroom, eye contact is much better and can now draw circles. (Before he could only draw lines.
    However, yesterday we had a day from hell. Major tantrums, not just normal tantrums but abnormal tantrums. For example: He was looking at my wife and pulled his pants down and urinated on the floor, spitting on the floor while laughing. Simply uncontrollable. What’s going on?
    Just a side note: His Glutathione / MB12 is through an IV and now started have an additional shot on his rear per week. (with only mb12).
    Is this normal? We are seriously considering pulling the plug on the this therapy. If we have to weather the storm, we’ll do it, but we need to know if this is just a temporary thing.
    Thanks Joanne,


    • That’s awesome about his progress! Sorry to hear about his behavior…but that’s not unusual. Regression can happen during any therapy, but especially when the body is detoxifying. Glutathione and M-B12 gets that methylation cycle spinning and his body starts to detoxify all those nasties…and he may be struggling with clearing them out of his system. Sometimes a charcoal capsule can help mop up all those toxins. Be sure to give it 2 hours away from any food or supplements. Something that helps my son greatly are the Espom Salt baths. Really calming and helps with detoxification. I wrote a post about it on my blog. Something else to consider is maybe yeast flare up? Has he been tested for yeast? Those behaviors can be from anything but I’ve heard yeast to cause it too.

      Please don’t stop the treatment! Two steps forward and one step back is the norm…keep up the great work! Your son will get better.

  36. please i live in england ive read alot about the toxin in autisic children my son has autisum hardly any speech, hes never had this test for toxins in his body who would i need to speak to about this, i would love to have my child speak, please help im desprate for advise

  37. Hi Joanne,
    I am the mother of a 3 ½ year old son. He was diagnosed with autism in October of last year. We have been diligently working with a DAN doctor since November of last year. His first test results of course showed yeast issues and we decided to go the natural route at first. I am concerned that we have not seen enough changes and that we are moving way too slow with this particular DAN doctor. His yeast issues keep popping up and I have wanted to try the Nystatin route. Do you have any opinions on really yeasty kids. We are currently on Klaire’s Vita spectrum, COQ10, Interfase, Biocidin, Therabiotic Complete, S. Boulardii, Enhansa. We also tried the sublingual B12 tabs with no gains. For the past five weeks we have been giving B12 Shots subcutaneous in the bum with no real results. My question about the B12 shots are: My DAN is not a M.D. she is a Chiropractor; therefore, she can not prescribe B12 shots and I had to order them from Trim Nutrition. The label says it is 10,000 mcg (10ml) concentration (I guess). It also says give injection of 0.1 to 0.25ml subcutaneous 1-2 times weekly. However, the injection needles say a range of 5-25 cc’s. I have been giving 10cc’s in the butt every three days. I am concerned that this has not been enough and the concentration is not correct. Any help on how to get the right concentration would be greatly appreciated. I am seriously thinking about changing DAN’s, even though my DAN is a great woman. In addition, to all of this we just took our second set of test urine and stool for Great Plains. I am looking forward to what the results will read. I also just made an appointment with Angelica Lemke for the homeopathic route. Any , any suggestions about the B12!!Help!

    • Since your DAN cannot prescribe meds or b12, I’d switch. Sometimes you need something stronger for yeast like Diflucan (which is better than Nystatin but you have to watch the liver enzymes). In the meantime, have you tried grapefruit seed extract? What you are currently trying are very effective natural treatments, so perhaps he needs a course of Diflucan. And, the B12 dosage is not correct. I’ve included a link to my favorite resource on B12 shots by Dr. James Neubrander. He explains the entire process, positive/negative results, dosage, and it’s very important to get your MB12 from a compounding pharmacy based on your child’s weight. I can’t tell if the dose you’re giving your son is accurate because I don’t know his weight, nor can I convert the mcg/ml to CCs. I give my son that weighs 60+ lbs. 8 CCs in a shot that is compounded. My DAN and all DANs follow the Neubrander protocol of 64.5 mcg/kg/every 3 days (64.5 mcg per kg of body weight). Another thing to consider is you may not see results only after five weeks. You need to give it a good 6 months…but first, you need to get the dose correct and from a compounding pharmacy. Best wishes on your journey in recovering your son from autism!

  38. Hi Joanne,

    There is a writting in your article:

    ” we discovered from lab tests that my son’s biochemical process that utilizes B12 was deficient”.

    May I know what test you have done for your kids and how we know if our kids is B12 deficient. I’m a mother of 6 years old autism boy. We have done B12 shots for our son from last summer and looks like it’s difficult to judge if there is much benefit from it. But i do noticed he looks more hyper and stimming after B12 shots.Thanks so much for your help!


  39. My son is currently be assessed for autism, so i’ve been researching like crazy on what we can do for him if he is diagnosed as autistic. As soon as I suspected autism, I put him straight onto the GFCF diet and I have started to see results less hyper, more speech. I am interested in B12 shots as i’ve seen loys of positive info regarding them but I was wondering how long you have to do them for?

    • B12 shots need to be given for at least 6 months to try to see if your child is a responder. My son still gets them because he has a genetic issue with his methylation and conversion of B12 in his body (laymen terms). I’m thinking he’s a lifer for B12 supps/shots…but not every child is; some improve after a few years and no longer require them. But hands down, after chelation, it’s the BEST thing we every did for our son!

      • Hi, we have given our son B12 injections for a couple of years but have now stopped as we have just started (6 months ago) chelation. I would love to read a little more on what your son experienced with chelation – are you using cream or IV? How long have you been chelating for? Generally, how did your son respond?

      • My first question is why would you stop the B12 shots during chelation? Methyl-B12 will help his detoxification and aid the chelation. We used IV chelation with CA-EDTA. My son could not use any sulfur-based chelators so DMPS or DMSA due to allergic reaction to them. CA-EDTA primarily targets lead, but we found through labs that he excreted antimony, nickel, mercury and other toxins. We only did this protocol until his labs came back normal for the toxins, which took about 9 months of a twice/month IV treatment. The last 3 months we did it only once/month. My son responded wonderfully! He was more cognizant of his surroundings, social interactions soared and his stimming was reduced greatly. Language also improved.

      • Hi, we stopped B12 as per our DAN doctor. We are following Dr Buttur’s chelation protocol. We are using DMSA – which is a very slow chelating process. As we live in Australia there is very limited doctors that use chelation. Dr Buttar lives in America and only consults patients that he physically sees. Our DAN doctor is using his protocol to assist in the chelation process with our son. It is reassuring to hear you speak highly of B12 and chelation.

      • Ask your DAN doctor why he stopped the B12 shots during chelation, I’m not familiar with Dr. Buttur’s chelation protocol, but it doesn’t make any sense to me that he would stop something that helps the detoxification process to produce glutathione which is the body’s main antioxidant for detoxing. Chelation needs detox support.

  40. My partner and I absolutely love your blog and find nearly all of your
    post’s to be exactly what I’m looking for.
    can you offer guest writers to write content for you personally?
    I wouldn’t mind creating a post or elaborating on many of the subjects you write concerning here. Again, awesome blog!

  41. Hi everybody,

    My 5 yo boy start the chelation with buttar’s cream with gluthation in it for 2 months ago. Then our doctor start the mb12 shot 1 month ago. The progress 1 month after chelation was good, my son start imaginary play, more eye contact, and more expressive language/words. however, after the mb12 shot for 1 month, I saw regression, his voice tone get lower, he seemed only whispering his words, I am afraid that he will lose his words gradually, but his vocal stimming still persists, is this because the mb12, or dye off period? Could anybody give any suggestion about this? shall we increase the mb12 shot 3x/week? it was 2 shot/week. The gluthation was on cream and oral capsul.

  42. please can you recommend a DAN Dr for me to use i want to give my 4yrs old son the b12 shots

  43. My 3 year old daughter was evaluated 6 months ago and was considered to be “borderline” PDD-NOS. We were GFCF for about 8 months but did not see many beneficial changes. We started the following supplements a few months ago which have been wonderful for her language, focus, energy levels and socialization.

    L theanine 1 cap twice daily
    L carnitine 1/2 cap twice daily
    L carnosine 1 cap twice daily
    DMG 1ml twice daily in drink

    Our DAN prescribed the B12 shots from Lee Silsby but I will be the first to admit that I am terrified to inject something into my sweet, little daughter! Since she has responded so well to the supplements, I thought we would try the sublingual B12 first. Did you ever use those with your son? If so, I would love to know what brand and how much you gave him.

    Thanks for any information you can share. You blog is wonderful!


    • I hear ya! I was scared to start MB-12 shots on my son…but like my blog post states, it was soooooo worth it! Dr. Neubrander has parent videos and instructions on how to do the shot, also use numbing cream (can get prescription from DAN doc) Here’s the website for Dr. Neurbrander

      I have tried sublingual b12 but can’t say I can see a discernible difference in my son on those. I do have the mb12 nasal spray (prescription from DAN doctor done at a compounding pharmacy) for the weeks I can’t seem to get the shot in my son and it’s better than the sublingual tablets. Try the shots…you can do it!!! It’s so much more effective and her language will soar as well as cognition, and social skills. Best wishes!

      • Thanks so much for your quick and thoughtful reply!! I’d love to give you a quick description of my daughter. She is very verbal…uses language in a variety of settings. 4-5 word utterances. She receives Speech services for mild language issues (grammar, pronoun usage, pragmatics). She has some difficulty maintaining eye contact. It is fleeting, but it is there. She’ll initiate with eye contact but then stop looking at you. I’m wondering if she is “appropriate” for the shots. Our DAN prescribed them, but in all honesty, he has only seen her ONE TIME over the course of 7 months and I don’t feel like he really knows her abilities (as well as disabilities). After reading what I wrote, it sounds like I am thinking of every excuse in the book NOT to give her the shots but in all honesty, I do wonder if it is completely necessary.

        As far as her social skills, she watches others kids and consistently plays next to them (she attends a typically developing preschool 2 mornings a week), she just is not initiating play with them yet. I wonder if it is in part due to her delayed language. She doesn’t have the language to start a conversation with a peer.

        When you gave your son the sublingual b12, what dosage did you give him and what brand? Our DAN said the same thing about them not being too effective, but my feeling is that they can’t hurt, right??

        Thank you so much for your thoughts and opinions. It is so helpful and reassuring.

      • Your daughter’s behaviors sound like she could be helped by mb12 shots. The speech (same issues as your daughter’s), social play, eye contact were all things my son exhibited. The mb12 shots worked on him pretty quickly, but sometimes it takes weeks/months before parents see results. I think your DAN doctor knew enough about her behaviors to understand how the mb12 will help her…and remember, it’s an essential vitamin her body needs to perform certain functions in her brain and to help her detoxify toxins in her body. The mb12 won’t harm her since it’s a water soluble vitamin and if her body doesn’t use it, she will eliminate it in her urine…I’d try it if I were you. To compare the effectiveness of the sub-lingual tablets vs. the shots, let’s say your vision is blurry and you need glasses. The sublingual tablet is like putting on a pair of glasses that make your vision go to from 20/50 to 20/40. The mb12 shots is like putting on a pair of glasses that takes your vision from 20/50 to 20/20. Really no comparison. My DAN doctor orders the sublinguals I have used before and they are ProThera B12-Folate. This company only sells to doctors.

        It’s hard to know what is the best step to take, but honestly, mb12 shots is one protocol every parent with a child on the spectrum should try, in my opinion. Best wishes on your decision!

      • how can i start my son on the b12 shot i need it badly , his 4yrs and non verbal i need to do something fast for him . please can someone help me

      • Mb12 shots must be prescribed by a doctor and the prescription filled by a compounding pharmacy. Here is a source that lists DAN doctors:

      • Hello Ms. healingautismandadhd:
        My name is Ramona and I read all the messages posted on this conversation thread on healing autism and adhd board today january 25, 2013. My only child is 8 years old and he is autistic, or PDD rather. And we have been doing the methyl-b12 Shots for the last 3 years under the guidance of a D.A.N. physician in South Florida. It is the ONE intervention that has made a difference. I do get sad knowing that if I stop giving the shot he regresses within a 2 week window. I tried to wean him off last Christmas break and he regressed to self-talk, pacing and his hand-stims and just became more foggy/absent.

        My question is: I want to try the NASAL SPRAY Methyl B12. I have seen many advertised online like the “New Beginnings nasal methyl B12” that I can buy without a prescription.

        Do I really need a prescription for the Nasal Spray MB-12. ?
        If so, my DAN doctors knows little about this option? I really want to try it if this nasal spray options exists, as a backup to weeks when he fights me not to get the shot….Please let me know how to obtain it? God bless you and your loved ones….respectfuly, Ramona H. in South Florida.

      • I have tried the nasal b12 spray as a back up option on my son too. It’s prescribed by his DAN doctor.I find that the sprayer get clogged, it has to stay refrigerated and you have to let it get to room temp for it to spray properly. We end up wasting a lot with test sprays and the last 1/8 of the bottle never gets used due to the spray/pump not reaching it. I’m giving up on it and just sticking with the shots.

    • hi mimi please where can i buy the L theanine , L carnitine and L carnosine for my son , please let me know where i can buy them and also what brand is better to use

  44. Hello! We “lost” our son to ASD at about a year of age. It has taken years to bring him back to us, but slowly he is returning to his former healthy self. Non-verbal, no eye contact, no attention span, cognitively challenged, no waving, no reach up to be held, no interactions, stimming, not playing appropriately with toys. picky eater, etc. and so on. He currently receives speech therapy 5 days a week, ABA therapy 3 times per week, OT once per week. He will be home schooled at six years of age and attend a center for ABA 5 days per week. He is on the GFCF, as well as NO bananas (phenols) which he was addicted to. Takes several vitamins per day including SNT, DMG w/ P5P, Cod Liver Oil, Vit. C, Liquid Iron supplements due to anemia, Probiotics, Enzymes, and D3 drops. He has a severe yeast overgrowth in his gut from antibiotics when he was a baby. The die off has been DIFFICULT, much like a drug addict coming off of crack cocaine I imagine. But, we trudge on. He is seeing a Biomedical Dr. in Iowa who started him on MB12 shots. My husband and I give them every 3 days, and are likely going to be giving them every 2 days soon. It was hard at 1st, but it gets EASIER. What have we noticed through these treatments? Especially through the injections: speech is SLOWLY picking up. eye contact and social skills have come around ten fold. He is engaging, affectionate, and his cognition is WOWing his therapists. He plays with his cars, trucks, toys and shows imagination! He scored in the 90% on his therapy work this past week. We have a LONG way to go, but I am here to encourage other parents, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER give up!

  45. […] There are tales of children with severe autism who temporarily improve after b12 shots. Like these (read down to the comments for the “me too”s) […]

  46. I didn’t read thru all off the responses, however, I have found great success with methyl B-12 patches. Buy them on amazon, NO SHOTS! $20!

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