Everyday Autism Miracles Biomed Mom Question Feb. 26

Shannon Penrod, host of Everyday Autism Miracles on internet radio had a “biomed mom” (me) question on her show this week from a caller in Idaho.

Shannon:  How can I know which biomedical supplements are working?

Joanne:  Well, first of all, I only add or change any supplements/biomeds one at a time. That way you can determine which ones are working or not by charting everything. I chart the date the supplement was started, dosage, the time of day given, and note any behaviors or improvements you see.  You also need to make note of any changes to your child’s schedule, environment, therapies, etc. to make sure that these changes are not affecting certain behaviors or reactions. Then I start looking for things like: are they sleeping better, how are their bowel habits, cognition, social, speech, hyperactivity. Write down everything that happens everyday for a two to four week period.  Then review it and see if the supplement improved or worsened any of your child’s symptoms.

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